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SABW: Operation Savannah is a mod that seeks to bring the South African Border War 1966-1989 to SQUAD.

The South African Border War refers to the conflict that took place from 1966 to 1989 primarily in southern Angola and northern  South-West Africa (now Namibia) between South Africa on one side and the South-West Africa People's Organisation (SWAPO) and its allies on the other.

The factions involved will be - SADF and UNITA vs SWAPO and FAPLA.

Maps will include specific locations in Angola and South West Africa (now Namibia).

Howzit everyone if you have questions feel free to ask here.

@Boomninja the Squad SDK is required for modding Squad

Satisfied with these so far. Yellow has been altered to match the gold of the Squad logo.


Work in progress of the Vektor R4


Recruitment poster


@Dr. NUGGETS I have and am using it as a point of reference while modeling. Thank goodness for that video of his because it is making it far easier to get things right. Albeit I am only making the R4 modifications afterwards as I am currently modeling the standard Galil since the first batch of R4's were identical to it. I will then make the later R4 variant with the polymer handguard and other modifications unique to the R4 and R5.

Won't be making the R6 as it was not issued to the SADF and SANDF AFAIK.

For the R4 yes

R5 doesn't have a bipod

LM 5's are single shot civilian versions I believe?

I'll look into it. Wouldn't be a problem keeping the bipods on the R5's

Cheers man. I'm keen to see it in Squad I wonder how they will perform against the AK's and M4's

Lower calibre though so less recoil than the AKM

AK74 is in 5.56

No scopes for any of the factions though so that's going to be very interesting

Kind of like a bridge between Post Scriptum and Squad.

Shorter engagement distances etc

Thick bush is also going to be a factor.

50 Round mags for the R4 will be available. But only one per rifleman as was standard in the SADF from what I've heard.

There would have to be ja. Will see how that will work when the time comes

Although troops on patrol would use the 50 round mag first because it wouldn't fit in their battlejackets unlike the 32 round mags

Yes R1 will be made but the FN FAL is already in Squad and will be using that as a placeholder til I model the R1

I'll probably have the R1 ready before the character models though so no worries

@Stom Cool man, I forgot about the PSSH having both stick and drum mags.

@kingdmb Yes I do plan on using satellite images for real world locations like Cuito Cuanavale, Cassinga, Tumpo, Lomba river etc

@Kooijpolloi Awesome bru does he have an R4 or R5 without rails on it as well? Otherwise no worries just take pics 😉

I'd like pics of the iron sights as well aiming down so I can get the sight picture as accurate as I can get it. Try to get all angles

Awesome that'll do. Take as many pics as you can bud would help me out a lot

@Kooijpolloi My mother loving man!

Thanks so much

Crude boxout of the Eland 90 at the moment. Working on multiple models at the same time ✌🏻 I'll be streaming my modeling sessions soon after Christmas so you guys can pop in and watch every now and then and see the hours it takes to get things accurate 😱


I'm modeling the Eland 90 with an interior as all SADF vehicles will have one albeit simplistic not as detailed as the real thing since that would take forever

Thanks man. No need to take years, all it needs is a few months to about 1 year provided I put the effort in. The trick is to stay motivated 😋

Most of the FAPLA and SWAPO stuff is in thank goodness. So it's mainly the SADF stuff to do.

FAPLA and SWAPO stuff being AK's, BTR's, BRDM's etc that are already in Squad

Nah those are the ones done by OWI

May have to do some of them though like the T-34'85 as that doesn't seem to be coming to Squad that I know of along with the PT-76, BTR-152 and others though the SADF stuff is the priority since its so unique whereas a BTR-80 could pass for a BTR-60 at least as a placeholder so not too bothered with them at the moment.

Just pray it comes out 😂

So many mods get left in limbo for a variety of reasons. Although I'm far more passionate about this than any other mod... Patriotism helps

@Boomninja The South African way 😋

Thanks again Kooij those pictures are a god send

Don't know it? Did I miss something? 😅

So sexy! Paint me like one of your French Panhards 😘


Awesome! The only one I've seen in person was at the Military history museum in Joburg

Oh sweet good catch

My pics taken at the museum in 2015


Live nearby? Ninja?

Nice man, I miss SA golf. There is only one golf course here in Europe where I am currently and you've got to pay 14000 rand just to get a "green card" to play on the course otherwise you're limited to the driving range.

I'm supposed to come back next year but we'll see.

Current WIP of the Vektor R4 (early Galil version with wooden grip and carry handle) The standard R4 that Kooij posted reference material of will be made as well which will be easy as the changes aren't major. I'm including both the early Galil variant and the later standard R4 variant for variety along with the R5 for crewmen kits.


I agree the Vektor R4 with the polymer grip and no carry handle looks far better

@Kokkewiet Waiting for Modding 2.0 though since if we start importing content into the SDK it may all break when 2.0 releases. Just getting models ready in the meantime.

Hi guys. Sorry been awfully quiet for so long.

Just a recap of the models currently in progress. Keep in mind I'm the sole modeler at the moment so progress is awfully slow. I am trying to build up a team but it is quite difficult finding experienced modelers to help work on the mod.

As you guys have seen before the Buffel is the closest model to being completed but I'm kind of stuck on it at the moment due to the complexity of it. With the exposed engine compartment and so on. So I've decided to move on to the Eland 90 and Casspir since they seem like far easier challenges for me.


@Kooijpolloi 😝 There will be the proper R4 version without the carry handle don't worry.

Hey man, I was the same once. If you're keen to learn how to model then I suggest you watch as many modeling tutorials out there. As that is what I did when I first got started and slowly but surely learned the workflow. It took me awhile though, but everyone learns at different paces.

Little bit of progress on the Casspir today.


You can now use custom SABW flag emojis <:SABWIcon:555822341947392011>

@Kooijpolloi Ah didn't know that. Although there are images of troops maybe Koevoet? In nutria uniforms sitting on a Casspir here

Ah alright. No worries there as I'll be including Koevoet as well

Ja I know. Didn't know that the tiffies weren't allowed to work on the Casspirs

I can imagine! I've been reading Eye of the Firestorm by Roland de Vries. (thick ass book) and he mentions the Tiffies on numerous occasions

The Kwêvoël is going to be an absolute monster to model... I'm leaving it for last 😬

Thanks! I'll need it.

@Kooijpolloi Looks like 101 Battalion used Casspirs as seen here

Incoming update on the Casspir in two mikes

I model late at night. No distractions that way.... As my PC is in the lounge at the moment. Am going to move my PC into my bedroom soon

And also getting a new PC so I can finally move on from this potato.

Agh shame man. Good luck with that china.

@Boomninja Yes there will be.

@Boomninja You wanted to see whether weapons would be mounted on the Casspir? Well here is a taste. This is the M2a1 which'll be on there along with the M1919, FN MAG and a few others. Luckily I don't have to model most of them as they are already in Squad. Although the m1919 is in Post Scriptum... Not sure if I can use that in a Squad mod otherwise I'll just model my own m1919.

The shield will of course change as that is a modern version not seen on the Casspir


Never heard of it 😬

Ah ok. Oh it's that Sci Fi mod right?

Keen to see these two girls riding alongside each other in the bushveld soon.


The Buffel makes me cry though... Why... did they design her with an exposed engine... Modeling engines is not easy!

That's why in the mod I want players to be able to drive over enemies and kill them that way

As it was a tactic used in the Border War. Would be silly not to have that option to just squash any sneaky guys trying to do that.

Buffel engine...


That's a Rhino IIRC?

The chances of getting up to a Buffel to stab its engine is unlikely unless the crew have the situational awareness equivalent to a sloth.

It is vulnerable to small arms fire though...

I can see enemy players zoning in on the engine at least from certain angles. There is an armour plate covering the right side

Ja true. I will have to optimize the model a lot. The engine won't be as detailed as it is in reality. But the general shape will be as accurate as I can get it

As for RPG's they often caused through and through effects on the hull of the Buffel due to how thin the armour is

I'm certain that would piss off a lot of players though if they shoot the rear cabin only for it to kill one troop and exit the other side

Well it's pretty much a box at the moment

You can see parts of it in the Buffel image

open the original and zoom in

Alright will do a render quick

Ja but it wasn't standard in the war as per reference the majority of the Buffels had the exposed engine so that will be the more common variant in the mod

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