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I'm sorry to hear this. If only my rage could be channelled into some enforcement entity to right this shit once and for all.

Is that the corsair liquid cooler?

My buddy just installed that model and its superb. Looks excellent and obviously whisper quiet.

I will personally donate money towards having an in-game braai.

bonus point if you can add braai sout and tongs to your plate carrier.

Oh man this is looking great!

I just audibly cheered seeing your braai salt model!

The muzzle blast is a bit weird eh?

Looks like you're shooting spiderwebs

Sounds awesome! Around what time?

Yeah - I'm saving for a house..... not a ship πŸ˜„

Question - I downloaded the patch (~11 gigs) then immediately after was hit with a 16.5 gig download. Did this happen to anyone else?

That's super cool

Love this game

bit Janky from time to time, but overall really great escape

oh last I played was about 2 months ago

yeah i just downloaded the update - can't wait to check it out

Guys - what are the buttflaps on SANDF uniforms?

Makes sense! I thought it was extra thermal protection or to keep it from riding up while prone

It's a curious addition though - don't know that I've seen it on other uniforms

Yeah they're STF

Nice reference photos

I have seen them with the butt flap as well though

Yeah that makes sense, those I saw were a M2 browning crew that I believe were indeed parabats

How possible would it be for us to get more "casual" character models

That's the one thing that's miffed me a bit about squad - I want to play with a plate carrier over my t-shirt and trainers on lol

Springbok - I'll donate to the mod if you ever feel like setting something up

help with your overhead costs

Have you all played Hell Let Loose?

I'm interested in it, but worried it's going to share the same fate as Post Scriptum and not have high-pop servers

Forgive me if you all have already seen or are aware of it

A small knysna outfit uses a buffel on the fireline. This is their new kit - the last one didn't fare so well

Thanks for the perspective, that helps a lot

Yeah - it is interesting.

IMO the buffel was a contributing factor to the fatality. Military surplus gives you added confidence which encourages you to take risks you may otherwise not have. Similar to American Football vs. Rugby. Football players hit way harder because they think the helmet protects them, but in the end they have way more cases of brain damage.

In the above instance, these fellows went into a plantation without any backup. Probably thought the water and vehicle were enough protection. RIP to the poor fellow and I'm not saying I could have done it any better myself in the heat of the moment. Just think it's interesting.

A bit late to the squad chat, but my latest peeve is the amount of L R spam leaning I'm seeing. I ran into at least 6 players this weekend that would lean back and forth super quick whenever I shot at them. In some instance they managed to kill me :/

Eish, that's terrible news. Hang in there brother and reach out to us anytime you need to

64 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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