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@warmaster2143 if I wanna be part of the development can I use epic games squad development kit or not

cant wait for the mod. take all the time you need to make this great

Trust me we all are super motivated and backing you to the fullest

how do they look if you have some pics?

I know this mod is gonna be amazing. im never leaving my pc when this comes out

Dont have too

We all will burn down EVERY single building till we get that mod in😎

Dont you know it

haha no you didnt

I take it you live in bloem

if you can see the board behind it. ot says TEMPE which is located in bloem.

well i see it alot lol

Actually yea i play golf there on weekends

But yea i live in bloem

thats super bad damn

i think you should come back😜

will we have guns on top or not

its arc trooper mod. its like the movie arc troopers

but the first time AI was put into squad

yea thats the name i forgot it

that looks nice

id believe that lol

i have seen some of the buffels with closed engines so that would help too if it can be closed

when its cloced

well doesnt matter cause they were fast af for troop deployment

so rhino upgrade is the way to go

then i guess we'r running the basterds over

it looks good thb

hell yea. But you should give our guys aids just to make it more real

oh im not political

looks awesome cant wait to see it when its all done and ready for use.

If you want the cover that comes over the helmet I have one

If you turn the helmet around wouldn't that be easier then to look at?

So we planing to make cheetha to?

Hey we might be getting heli's since there are mods for it so its likely

looks good for a beginning model

like irl pics or google pics

should i put the pics in references?

luckily i have a hella lot

i got the new make too

lol you gonna drive far

ps we are actually

we gonna test it now?

yea its awesome

trust me its worth the wait

and this just gave me the best idea for a speech next week lol

i dont remember the oryx looking like that but oky

oh oky from that side of the photo i cant see

shouldn't it still be brown since its still border timeline or was it that colour

oh yea i see now

that was just luck for the enemy

its gonna be like rising storm vietnam when we have to land somewhere

i know some of the places was wide open so maybe that could help but that leads to the guys being sitting ducks

exactly so im thinking a Alouette goes in first with a fire team to clear the LZ somewhat for the Pumas/Oryxes

we'll have to test everthing ones we get there

its staring into my soul

i believe in you and hey maybe you can just remove the gloves then

nice well you are doing hella good work so i believe its gonna look good no matter what

we believe in you πŸ˜‚

skee mask for the win

id still use the hell out of it

yea thats good lol

but good place holders though

remove the kneepads and you've got a soldier

damn but when you get zbrush

damn i wonder if that grenade on that gun will work

oh oky it would be interesting to see

lucifer are you making a mod?

Is it a squad mod

So your the one making that star wars mod ?

Nice ive played it the first day it go releast and its amazing. Your doing damn good work

As a huge fan of star wars I can see this mod going far

Can't wait to see

If you having a test id love to join sometime

you got 10 i got 32hours

and its still going up

yea i know but im getting fibre end of the week so all godd

well im getting a 10mb line

if i go that high ima pay about R 10 000

@warmaster2143 oky so to fix it you need to delete your easy anti cheat it fixed it for me

i dont know it made me go in so im happy

lol 2 or 3 more weeks

yea would make everything easyier

but i guess its gona be hella big if it all comes out at ones

@warmaster2143 if the mod was updated just send me the new one

Luckily we don't have to go throw that

Now that looks bad

The nose just looks bad. Like a mix between an MRAP and a Ford Explorer 2016

Whats the page name

Lol. Surprise

Oky so lets start a go fund me

We also have some at tempe just standing here I could litterly take a bolt cutter and take one

They are in good condition actually. The seets might need to be fixed and a new battry but either than that its good. Oh and ofcourse paint

Just buy an AR15 or one of the new ones

Well some guy tried to sell me one when I went for my learners for my car so yea lol

Luckily election is over

Vote EFF and get yourself a peace of land

Id drink to that

Nah they maid stupid mistakes

Vf is actually like a brake off from the AWB. My history teacher is apart of there council thingy

Don't believe so because of what they did to that teacher at hit that girl after she hit her. At moment they are making empty promises but we'll see what happens we have 4 years to make up our minds now

Stability is debatable because it gets better then someone fucks up then its war and hell. Then after burning a couple of weels the feel better and everything goes back to normal so its hard to say

And with a braai you need a braaibrooitjie to really experience it

Just walk down the street and scream some afrikaans words trust me. If you get moered thats probably a south African

Moered means that you get hit with fists

You need charcoal with a pot. Wood is kak for it

Basically alot of meat and vegetables

I made a biltong pot a week ago and damn that was the best thing ever

Try biltong with bacon and a cheese sauce

In the US you call it man vs wild in south Africa we call it camping

Yea there are some parks in the US I really wanna visit

Well that is the plan for next year but like the job I wanna do is gonna be hard since I need citizenship

Which takes 5 years to get

Well I wanna join the FD so

Fire department

Basically the top of south Africa bordering Zimbabwe

Nothing really just people

Lol normally thats what you take when going hunting

Some nice meat on that yea

Well atleast whatever he's hunting he's gonna get a good peace of meat

Anyone works I guess

Oh hes gonna get some blood and guts πŸ˜‚

Did he do it in SA

Go to Tanzania. My uncle handles the hunting part there

Hey a job is a job

Lol. Atleast he has something to look at

I shoot right and im right handed

Dis kak om so mooi ding te skiet

Yea. Shit happens

The animals need to die naturally.

Some say the also die naturally from a bullet

But like I don't hunt for sport. I hunt cause its my family's tradition to hunt

And cause biltong is lekke

Funny but I have no idea

The anc and eff are communist so yea

A capitalist country making a communist party

Yea. To mosselbaai we go

A week or 2 at the beach or in the mountains will do me good

Just get someone that knows the erea

messed around a bit and made this

i started at 11 and just finnished

its Bloemfontein's fire truck skin

yea and i do my own stuff


i've watched it like 3 times and still think the irish goverment is assholes for just abandoning them

but yea if you can stand against the most decorated member of the frence legean then you deserve medals

at the end of the movie its says who he was

because its a border war mod i think its only gonna have the south african stuff

cause its already in

Oooh this is gonna be great

dont believe so


we've done 2 tests and im glad to say that most of the things work very well

rooikat engine

@everyone If anybody at some point get sent this message, DONT CLICK IT! it is a scam that will get your steam account hacked and completely wiped!

🎁1 free steam gift for you! Go to https: //xga mes-free. fun/ and take what you want!🎁

I made the link unclickable incase someone accidentally clicks it.

sorry for the ping

but my account just got hacked and i lost it

yea dont press it

i lost everything and steams to useless to help

seems like Apex is for you then cause no one has a mic lol

its oky im pretty good at it lol

but it has its bugs and stuff that make me wanna burn my pc

Lets just hope they play better this weekend

I have a bet going with one of my friends cause he supports England. If we win I get his flag ect. I already won a Japanese flag so lets hope

I lose my flag then

Yes lol. They should leave the kicks or just kick when they are in shit and have no way out then we'll be set

But the faf and Beard love photo is better

Lol yea id love to see faf drilling that guy into the ground but sadly it didn't happen

Yea lol fine by me lol. Im just glad we playing England and not the all blacks

But yea I really have high hopes. More hopes than this mitric exam lol

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