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So whats the point of this discord ?

Ok great everything makes more senese now ok kwl

Was just making sure that this is whats happening

Ok kwl who is developing the mod ?

Ok kwl just wanting to find out more aboit it then

Are you going to introduce new maps ?

Are you adding layers or entire new maps ?

Ahh ok it sounds kwl letme know how it goes along ?

Have ypu watched the forgotten weapons video about the R4 R5 and R6 if not its a good video to explain the basic difference between the sa version and the real galil

Ok cool will you be keeping the bipods ?

Or adding at a later stage aswell ?

Yeah but the Lm 5's did

Yes they are but i was just saying that most of them had the bipods

Seeing as some of them were converted R4's

But yeah the models are looking really really good

Well seeing as its basically an akm I'll think they'll do pretty good

Ahh wait brainfart i was thinking of the 5.56 ak

Don't know what its called tho just now the ruskys had one

Yeah that one lol

Ooh i really can't wait

Are there gonna be a R4 lmg like the RPK ? With the 50 round mags ?

Ok cool is there going to be a specific way to select that mag ?

And are you going to implement an R1 ? Seeing as they also saw service before the R4 was adopted ?

Cool cool im looking forward to the mod more and more

No rush get it done good and proper we will all wait patiently πŸ‘Œ

looking very nice

i will also contribute

looks more like the real thing

either way it all looks very nice my man

You and me both

Looks like something from rural Lesotho

But not that bad

Ahh ok so these will only be scattered about?

Aahh ok and will they be widely spaced between settlement to settlement? But nothing extreme?

Ahh ok wicked yeah cause 1 to 1 scale will be impossible

Ueah nah dont worry i have no knowledge of map making other that building weird shit age of empires and stuff

And Building your own little maps to do skermishes on for wow

looking very nice

nee ons gan nou braai ;p

You thinks it's big enough?

Nah m8 i understand the struggle

I use a 40Γ—60 pad so im not really one to judge

Ohh and we thought it was bad enough back then just learning about genetalia

The truth has been told

Dont think thats how it works

Yeah while we can

I agree vf looks like a better option but the leader is to aggressive

Yeah but they aren't as good as they seem

Biltong and macaroni pot

Those are all run of the mill game animals nothing special

And taking an .458 Will be overkill for everything but the buffalo

I used to but lost intrest

Yeah its the same as what ww3 was where it died down but picked up again now and again

Haven't played since earlier in july

Played number one but did not really want to Play to number two looks to complexπŸ˜‚

Well ill see when i get back maybe ill get it then

Yeah there is a place in Lynnwood called R21 Trucks they sell them cheap and they sell unimogs

When buy one of them do you really expect good milage?

And then getting out with flipflops

100 bucks at a time

Now you are speaking my language

That would be amazing

As dit neti heeltyd gebeur het nie

Ah sorry to hear about the loss goodluck to you and the family

77 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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