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Figured this would be of relevance

The seige of jadotville

A few hundred underequipped UN soldiers against several thousand african militia and french mercenaries

Its amazing the UN guys managed to all return home, alive

They were low on ammo, had ww2 era reserve equipment, while under mortar barrage and even being strafed by a training jet

No medals, no compensation

Hell, even threatened em with courtmartial

The commanding officer resigned and never served again after that

The french foreign legion?

Sheesh, i thought they were just mercs

Would be awesome if this mod could have a point on a map that aims to recreate that UN base

Maybe even a few reference easter eggs too

That would be a great tribute to that battle

Hoping on to check it out in a bit

And thats why you NEVER buy into anything stating its a free gift card

21 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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