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Your opinion is bad and you should feel bad.

No idea the guy built it

Yessir, got this picture from Instagram. There's a video of it if you want the name of the page


I'll be honest I wish I had both these trucks

If I had a couple million I'd overthrow the SA government and just take one

I will overthrow the government of Tentpro

You know what I want more than any truck?

R-series > AR platform

Hard to come by here

When I was younger I saw one of those pump action R4s, never saw another one.

ARs are boring though

I've been looking at a Zastava. Can y'all own AKs in SA?

Everything's legal when you're in the woods.

Or the bush for you South Africans

Browns > All other uniforms

I gathered from the anchor on their sleeves

At least tell me that's not a real AK and is just some airsoft toy, it'll make me feel better.

I've been trying to get a set of browns from a guy in SA but he's having trouble getting pants in my size. Thinking of just buying the bush jacket, shirt, and hat (even though I'm not really a fan of the hat) if he can't find the right size pants.

Probably expensive for a helmet, but I love the look. Also that int'l shipping is expensive, at least that's what I've heard. Something about SA mail service incompetence.

My end goal is to have something like this, without twigs on the helmets

Good site, high prices and high shipping. I think it might be ultimately cheaper to buy from a South African.

So I've been told. I'll also have to be careful with sizing because if I recall don't y'all use a different sizing system than the US does?

Then yeah I'll need to adjust for that. At least you drive on the correct side of the road, can't have too much Brit influence.

We'll need to fix that

Vote ANC and you won't have a car to drive on the wrong side of the road

Let me guess, ANC win?

I wish the Cape Party wasn't so small, personally

Malema is the reincarnation of Jesus

Just trust him, you'll be *fine*

Just checking to see if I could spell it right

Do you see the country getting more stable or less stable?

And will the be a boogaloo or not?

So every once in a while y'all have a mini boogaloo. Sounds like fun!

Are there many people moving out of the country or are most sticking it out?

I mean in terms of quality of life the US seems a lot better but I've heard really good things about the country in terms of the outdoors.

And something called a braai which is only lightly defined by google. Still can't find a definitive answer as to what that is.

Shame I'll never get to try it, don't think there's any South Africans in California. I don't think there's any good people in California

There's probably a few somewhere but none I know.
There's Rhodies and South Africans everywhere.

I can't seem to find a definition for 'moered', help me out on that one

Man that looks fun as hell, why can't we have any cool food related traditions like that

Shame such a beautiful country is run by people like that. I'm glad we have some nice parks here in the US.

Just move here already, I don't see much hope for SA.

I don't know, these illegals don't seem to need citizenship. They just waltz right in

Any one in particular?

I really like Boer War stuff, I want to go to that museum now

I wonder how long it'll be before Border War stuff is considered racist and banned

What's the story on that Thompson?

Question, where exactly is Limpopo?

My cousin's going on a hunting trip there, what kind of stuff lives there?

Must be something because he's taking a large gun with him

I don't think people are usually deserving of a .458 Win Mag

I mean people don't usually need a .458 to put down, animals might

Just checked his email he sent me, apparently wildebeest too

From his email:
Cape Buffalo
Black Wildebeest
Blue Wildebeest

With a company called Dinkwe Safaris

If I recall he wanted to get one of those heads mounted, don't recall which one though

This ain't his first rodeo.

Yep, he does all his African hunts in SA

He wanted to do it in Kenya but their laws suck apparently

He's not sure if he'll have the money to go again after this trip, he retires in five years. He wanted to finish his African hunts with the 5 he most wanted to get.

He works at a print shop so he's not a rich man, he's been saving for years.

He's got a hell of a gun collection, but he's left handed so I can't shoot most of his bolt-action hunting rifles.

What animal is this?

Those are some badass horns

I shoot right handed, but this guy puts left handed stocks on all his hunting rifles (you can see it in one of the pictures), so you can't hold the rifle correctly if you're right handed

Is it true that Malema is secretly a gay communist furry, or is that just a lie spread by the alt-right

He certainly seems like a commie.

Wasn't Mandela in the communist party?

If I didn't need to buy a new computer I'd hop on a plane and head out to SA to see the place, all the pictures I've seen look great and I've been told that if you stick to the touristy areas or with friends you'll be fine.

Looks like that was a fun hunt!

Aren't you the guy who posts all those cool pictures to reddit?

Thank you for the additions to my Bush Wars folder

I'm up to ~68 pictures, always looking for more

Awesome stuff, thank you!

Maybe Dana could ID that vehicle?

They were all marksmen by default

I'm assuming all of the above pictures are from SA and not Rhodesia, right? Just for folder sorting

Looks like something from Mad Max

This is not South African

Just a cool armored car

Hey Springbok, would you perchance have any pictures of the AWB in their camo uniform? Can't find many good pictures and when I do they're dressed in boomer attire.

Looks like the Tank Encyclopedia illustrations

Pinterest doesn't have anything, unfortunately. Thanks for the suggestion though!

Weird, it didn't show up when I searched for the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging

I think this guy could force the ANC out by sitting on them

I've got an original Angolan flag coming in soon, except mine is the one they still use today

Indeed! I'm glad HAH could hook me up with it

High Adventure History, he makes a lot of Rhodesian themed patches (as well as others), and he sells various flags and military bits he finds

He selects which patches he sells via polls on his Instagram

Galveston, Texas.
In November he's going to have an all-Rhodesian patch poll in honor of UDI

I believe his last patch was that blue Congo one

No idea, he tends to just get a hold of things, he's definitely worth adding on Instagram if you like cool stuff.

True. I know he ships patches internationally all the time so those can't be too bad cost-wise

πŸ…± oerlikon 20mm

Anybody who pronounces 'Z' as 'Zed' and not 'Zee' is a monster that must be put down

The British and Kangaroo people do it too

One one side, there are countries that use the metric system. On the other side, is the country that's put a man on the moon.

And invented the internet

And the car as we know it

Without US aid the Soviets would've crumpled and eventually the British.

Going from 24% of the world to an island the size of Michigan

It'll be glorious! Between this and the Armscor mod I'm so hyped!

Long as you don't bite off more than you can chew, I'll be happy with anything related to either war. Shame they're so forgotten in the west.

Really? Why's that?

Is ArmA running on an old-ass engine, or was that a different game I'm thinking of?

I have no such pictures in my collection either. Maybe ask Dana?

Oh yeah he served later on, but he's still the best person to ask that I know of

I believe he was in in the '90s

You gotta do what you gotta do...

Serious question, wouldn't shorts be a problem as they'd let your leg get all scratched up, or is that just a problem I've had in my particular environment?

Why did the Rhodesians wear them, then? Cost effectiveness?

Now imagine doing it IRL when some commies need some hate dropped on them from the next ZIP code over

I've got pictures of a G6-*35* power pack, nothing on the 45.

That's before it's razed to the ground for hiding FAPLA troops

Is this the M87? If so this is actually my favorite military helmet

How well were they liked by the people who had to wear them?

Makes sense. It's a shame really, I just don't like the aesthetics of the bush hat.

Never seen that picture but I have to agree with you

Yeah, I prefer the '80s look.
Also thanks to you and the Armscor discord my South African photo archive has tripled

Not familiar with that vehicle, looks like something from Mad Max. What is it?

Somehow I've never heard of this before, thanks for the picture!

Unsung pulled it off, right?

Oh shit right forgot what server I was on

Is SQUAD more prone to lag with environments than ArmA?

What are good specs to run it at a somewhat consistent framerate? I recently got a new PC and I think it'll be up to the challenge

Is there a way to tell the difference between a Rhodie Alouette and a South African one?

Oh yes, I believe I saw that as an entry in HAH's last patch poll

I prefer the Rhodesian one personally

I think they're all good, but something about a lion & tusk on green is really nice.

That said, I prefer Oryx > Alouette

Fireforce Ventures, these popped up as 'coming soon'.

Those prices may be in Canadian Dollars

They all are, no matter where you go. Might also check Kommandostore?

And they will be more expensive as they're not in SA

FFV is Canadian, KS is American if I recall.
I was talking to a guy in SA about getting me a set of 80s gear, but due to SA's outrageous shipping costs that cost more than the items themselves that fell through on his request.

I thought SA pulled support after Operation Eland?

At least, that's what Wikipedia says, and they've *never* been wrong, *ever*

Hey @Springbok, do you perchance have any pictures of the interior of a *Rhodesian* de Havilland Vampire?

Wait they do? Are they relatively cheap? I don't care if they're knock-offs, they'd make good airsoft kit

What are they called?

What did they have IRL?

Was that a no on Vampire pictures?

See ya, talk later

Of course, much appreciated. I just wanted to know if you had any, no rush.

Is the country as big of a shithole as it seems

The Great Betrayal is an overpriced book too.

Someone warn Ethiopia!

I do not, I've heard it's a multiplayer game and my internet isn't that great.

I see you've added some text and changed the top right icon thing

So what exactly was the goal here? Still looks like a dead terr.

Wow, that sounds really cool. Now we just need the Joburg slums or a Brazilian Favela.

I'd prefer the SADF if I'm being honest. Sorry but I just can't stand S2000.

Do you do airsoft or is that a random picture you found?

And yeah it looks better there.

Hey, nothing wrong with that!

Still putting funds towards my South Africa nutria retrieval trip.
Huh, I think a similar law exists in Canada. It's stupid there but you never know when people might impersonate the SANDF.

It looks really cool, maybe when I move in a few years my internet will be good enough to play it. Of course by then most folks will have moved on to other games.

What is the main difference between ArmA 3 and SQUAD? Been looking at either buying Squad or getting the ArmA 3 cold war dlc.

I didn't know that, thanks! Yeah, the one problem I had with ArmA 3 is that a lot of the singleplayer missions are super clunky, and you can easily fail the mission early on when a squad lead dies and everything breaks, but of course they never tell you that.

God I loved Far Cry 2

Nope, they'd get too much flak because it's not white people or random arabs being killed, and that's racist in the media's eyes.

Probably, but after the media got on them for not saying 'white man bad' in Far Cry 5 I can tell you there's no way they'd risk the media crucifying them on a return to Africa.

We can all think that but no corporation would risk losing even a dollar over it.

Less than six months until a family member of mine is going on Safari in Limpopo!

Looking real good

Are there any good pictures of the Stormjaers? Can't seem to find any on Pinterest or Google Images

Fuck Apex. Worst game I've played in a while

Fick das Spiel und die Entwickler, die es gemacht haben!

Imagine SQUAD but it's in real life and in South Africa and we're deposing the government and throwing the ANC out of Helicopters

Boomer Infantryman

Note the fudd rifle

South African navy never gets any love...

Wasn't that guy on the left white before?

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