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Eland-90 and Ratel-90 gunner optics

Hope this one helps with the turret ring. 😉

FYI: The metal grid around the light at the top was for the preproduction Ratel. A couple, 20 I think, was delivered like that to the army for testing and evaluation. First production batch had it removed and moved lower down.

Ja. Seems to be a standard thing in the SA army. Mk-1 = preproduction and Mk-2 = production onwards. That is a deduction not a fact.

That hump thing on top I think is close formation lights? Driving at night without lights?

Cool. The Mk-1 were evaluated in the actual war, so...

The hatch top left are the hatches to the engine compartment. I have includes and interior shot also.
Hope this helps?

@Springbok Any modeling progress?

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Oryx body is also longer than a Puma but shorter than a Super Puma.

Hybrid helicopter at time stamp 2:43

Two things. Here is the fix for the collection.

And here is the fix for any object inside the collection that still is not showing up.

@Springbok Alternatives
1. Either use them as Empties like you could before, if you are using them as reference images to model over. This allows for great control of size, positioning and display options.

2. Use them in the newly added Camera Background feature, if you are aligning a camera to an existing photo, matching perspectives, for later compositing a 3D scene over existing footage.

3. Import them as planes using the Import Images as Planes addon like in previous versions

How about option 2?

PS. you are using 2.8.1 right?

Installer still sys 2.80

Neve mind. 2.8.1 is next beta. Sorry

2.8 is much much much better. Stick with it, you won't look back

You have to do it at some point anyway

I add my references into a collection called "References" and just turn that on and off as needed, but each to his own. You do what works for you.

You are going shift-A and then add reference image right?

With permission:
Guys, if you're interested have a look at my first game on steam. Wishlist if you can.

In-game the images are random. One of 8. Some are white, some not, some are male, some not.

I have 20 years of C# experience and hate C++ with a passion. UE4 visual scripting is only usable for prototyping or small games

The performance sucks once your game gets to a certain size. I tried UE4 for about a year and a half before I switched

@Bartender To be honest I don’t know what the min requirements are. I had to take a stab in the dark.

I’ll have a look thanks.

Got it. Thank you

@Bartender I have updated the system requirements. Thanks for the input.

48 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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