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making south african shit for squad

I would like to do mapping, dont know how to tho lol

YOu guys might want to get in touch with the french mod guys, think they are working on a Puma model

I did a course in GIS in uni

if that means anything lol

@Dr. NUGGETS lm5 doesn not have and never had a bipod

I can try to get some pics today of my uncles gun

He has a modernised r5 as well with rails and shit as well as a bxp

@Springbok R4 is without rails stock standard

I hope you can use this

Got pics of that bxp as well for you

Theres one in a suburb in irene as well

Late version master race

Fuck that carry handle kak

Im supplying pics where i can

@Springbok my dear sir please remove that artrocious carey handle kak from my beautiful R4 😁 😁

One thing though

Most SADF infantry never used the casspir

Only buffel for army

Only after angola did infantry start using the casspir extensively

Talked to an ex tiffie about it

They werent even allowed to repair or work on casspirs

Only noddys ratels and buffels

Tiffie is a mechanic

A soultiffie is a priest

Not the army ones

He said the shittest job on a ratel was changing the diffs

Yeah on the KwΓͺvoΓ«ls

Ja good luck man 😁

Jirr did you sleep lol

Im trying to get a job so i can get some fuckin internet again

Standard buffel is the open engine compartment

Rhino upgrade is the enclosed engine and better driver compartment

Mk2 is The moffel

Since having a roof is mof

Was marketed for export

Think a couple were devved in the 80s

But by then the mamba was a thing anyway

You gonna dev the mamba lol

Not operationally no

Was used in the troubles in the early 90s

Yeah i get that

@Springbok ill get you reference pics for a origional legit bush hat

Looks a bit different to that one

@Springbok lol no that ones good your model just looks a bit weird the top part is what bugs me

Yah but with a more square top

The current hats are like that

Just pattern 2000

Depends on your head probably lolπŸ˜‚

My dads hat doesnt fit me for shit way too small

Hmm i dunno i do know they fade alot when washed

Medium should be the best size

Damn i really like pattern 2000 camo

Yeh till the ouman comes and gives you a poesklapπŸ˜‚

Yeh just the camo and uniforms

And the gripens πŸ‘Œ

I love how they just took the late cheetahs camo and said lets slap that on a gripen lol

I watch airahow and demos on youtube

Nah lol im talking the real camo not the demo camo

That thing melts in the sky

If only squad had jets lol

Old camo is nice but they did a study late 80s that showed its not really necesary

So they went US style but gave it a two tone to break up the shape

Helis are in dev atm

On squad vanilaa

You might be able to make a deal with the french mod for the pumas

Hahaha luckily not a lot of round surfaces

Battle royale 🀒

Lol pretty much true for everyone except the big 3

Jirrr stefan thats a beast

Where good game design goes to die

I know a few oomies who need to watch that and take a good long look at themselves

I request tactical braai on all my casspirs plz😁



Ill sponsor tjops lol

Know a oom who was a tiffie at Ondangwa

He is a boilermaker by trade and he built a spitbraai in the workshop for his unit once 😁 😁

@kappa007 I will teach you the way of the braai

And its fuckin amazing

R5 doesnt have bipod or bipod lugs btw

Cool cool 😁

Special forces

R4 was issued to everyone else

I mean it folds up it pretty compact

Pilots mostly had pistols

85 all the combat units had R4

Im sitting with my dad and a pal if i should ask them any questions?

Unimogs are early war, after 86 only SF in mozam used mogs

You could maybe just use the buffel

Snotneus was only issued to fighting units as far as they know

My dad only used it when they were attached to 62 mech

They applied snotneus to all GLs

And it was issued after 83-84 as well

They started using more MAGs per unit as well

More mortars as well

@Springbok carry handle 🀒 🀒 🀒 🀒

Ill take your word for it 😁

You can see it in his eyes

You okes are doing gods work

Lol its a parts kit built on a vw beetle engine

Literally a beach buggy

See lots of them in the western cape in holiday season

Lol id rather have a jakkals

🀒 🀒 🀒 🀒 🀒 🀒 🀒 🀒 🀒 🀒 🀒 🀒 🀒 🀒 🀒 🀒 🀒 🀒 🀒 🀒 🀒 🀒 🀒 🀒

Thank fuck the licenses were only like 2 years

Hahahahha yeah

Your model is looking great tho you need any more pics let me know

Dont really know how you can ever balance it tho

Then 4 continuous

But yeah i mean they are going to add commander called arty

So maybe unusable asset that just shoots on command?

Playing arty is pretty boring πŸ˜‚

Never used on a G6

Happened to a battery og G5 once

Yes G 5 i met a guy who was in that battery

I know my history 😁

Lol now that i want to drive around

Taking my pet G5 for a stroll


Ive seen them in action a few times

4 artys training field i can see from our farm

They practiced a lot the past 2 months

I know a oomie whose father helped dev the chassis for the G6

And my great uncle worked at the forging plant where they made the barrels

G6 is fuckin huge tho

Why the G7 was invented

Yeah light weight 105mm

With range more than most nations 155

I dunno those things are fucking hefty booms

Weight reduction

Whole thing is airliftable

Only like 17 tons?

Can tow that with a v8 land cruiser πŸ˜‚

Jas i want that MGL

How are you going to model the collimator sight?

The solid white dot thing

You use both eyes open so you super impose the white dot on the target

Ill try to find ine

Fuck im fast πŸ˜‚

Nope not really

Hmmmm you may be right

I have no idea about the sight picture tho

You might want to call milkor lol

Maybe they will help

Armson occluded eye gun sight

The shooter aims with both eyes open and the post is superimposed onto the target, both being in focus. The OEG on the Y2 is designed as an aid to range estimation, the post being equal to the height of a man at 200 metres. It is also fitted with tritium illumination for low light operation which has a life of at least ten years. The range quadrant is graduated in 25 m increments.

Thats what i can find out maybe email armson?

Differences are mostly chamber size and barrel length

The sand bags should be a brown colour other than that its looking great

Bit close range

Cool looks very nice i like the bags

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