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2017-12-08 02:56:08 UTC  


2017-12-08 03:02:30 UTC  

Second :(

2017-12-08 03:05:32 UTC  

If you're not 14th your last

2017-12-08 03:19:54 UTC  

5 is the new 14

2017-12-08 03:23:52 UTC  

14 movemens for an 8x8.

2017-12-08 20:52:59 UTC  

Right Wing Death Squat

2017-12-09 20:01:15 UTC  

Which day is best day?

2017-12-09 20:02:02 UTC  

Tyr's Day

2017-12-09 20:18:12 UTC  


2017-12-09 20:55:13 UTC  

Hey guys - anyone know any great exercises (besides incline bench) for the perfect ASSCHEST?

2017-12-09 20:56:42 UTC  

I know an article you might enjoy. Standby...

2017-12-09 20:57:48 UTC  

@ᛉ ᛋcylfing ᛉ Bam. there you go. Now go get your pecs all sexy like

2017-12-09 20:59:23 UTC  

Thanks man!

2017-12-10 16:59:59 UTC  

@Zyklonius B Gassem-LA ^^^^ lel got em.

2017-12-10 17:01:20 UTC  

@Deleted User fuck that stings

2017-12-10 17:02:56 UTC  

I had a hearty laugh about that one.

2017-12-11 02:19:19 UTC  

Alright so this is the second time in a row that I’ve gone to the gym and it feels as if either a vein or a ligament is pinching in my left elbow

2017-12-11 02:20:32 UTC  

Does anyone know what this might be and how do I fix it

2017-12-11 03:56:07 UTC  

Is it during a specific exercise?

2017-12-11 04:46:52 UTC  

Anything that curls my bicep, and only at full curl

2017-12-11 05:09:51 UTC  

Might be good to just not do that for a week and see how it feels at that point