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There's a lot of old movement drama in there but there's a lot of good info as well. That's probably the best history of the movement you'll find because it was written by someone in the movement (probably Harold Covington but he has denied it). There's a lot of books out there that were written by people that are biased against white nationalism too.

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Help me sneak in some books that promote our views

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good idea, thanks

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Thomas Sowell, The Quest for Cosmic Justice @Jacob

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@Gaius Mucius Scaevola A good source on the late Dr. William Pierce & the National Alliance is Fame of a Dead Man's Deeds by Robert Griffin. You should be able to find it in pdf form in the /pol/ reading list packet that is traveling around.

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Is Robert Griffin the guy who wrote The Creature From Jekyll Island?

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@Deleted User Different guy. Robert Griffin is a professor from a Vermont college who decided to investigate the racial feelings of working class whites. He also wrote an excellent books called One Sheaf, One Vine which is the only book to my knowledge which discusses the racial feelings of everyday white people.

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@Deleted User I've actually got the audiobook of that

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I was gonna read it once I finished reading Hunter

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If we've already read Why We Fight do we've to reread it? I'm in the middle of another book

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Just contribute if something jumps out at you. Im reading two books at the moment myself. @StrawberryArmada

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You're all set, @Deleted User

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Was it ever determined by leadership if we are able to post books critical of authoritarianism as well as democracy?

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So long as they don't promote violence and aren't in violation of IE's national server rules.

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@CarletonJ Activism fireside isn’t until Thursday. Coordinators have a chat this evening at 9 EST this evening however.

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@Conway - OK thanks for that haha. We had a miscommunication.

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What time would work best for everyone? Anywhere between 8-10 will be fine for me.

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Thumbs up for:

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10 EST

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Wait, what happened to 9?

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Coordinators chat

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I was just voting for that one haha

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Ooh. No worries

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@Deleted User Vote with the emoji, you animal