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@Zyzz if you look in the European history section, you will find a few books there about Rhodesia. Specifically The Great Betrayal & When The Crocodile Eats The Sun

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@Deleted User and @CarletonJ Thank you both!

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Of course!

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I've been adding books to Metapeida to help grow the platform. @Zyzz has been helping out too. If anyone else is interested, it would be great to have an army of people updating the platform. Books are probably the easiest thing to create pages for. If anyone is interested, let me know.

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Here are some examples

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They are ones I have done myself.

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@Deleted User Nice work! You're a solid writer!

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That is pretty much all copy and paste

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Although I do think it would be good if someone wanted to go the extra mile and actually write a review of the books they worked on.

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@Zyzz Hey :) These books all had fantastic reviews.

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I have a mega link with a ton of right wing books in PDF form if anyone wants it.

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@Deleted User That would be epic! Please send.

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I'll DM it.

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Do y’all think Ian Smith’s “The Great Betrayal” would be a good read?

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Opinion on the John Birch Society?

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@SamanthaM Anything associated with William F Buckley automatically gets demerits in my book. I don't know too much about the JBS, though

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@John O - That's fair. Is it true he was connected to the CIA?

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I never heard that, but the guy is a deep state-excusing freak. The Far-Leftists have an excellent term: C.H.U.D.

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Describes Globalists, Deep State, etc

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Brilliant. Gonna have to start using that

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@Jacob had the good idea to change our name and server picture to try to avoid the discord purge. This channel took me quite some time to build, but if it gets deleted, I'll remake it and somehow get you guys the link.

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@CarletonJ I'm everyone. What do you want?

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Lol smartass

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Yes, my posterior is most definitely the most intellectually gifted region of my body. Your point?

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Lmao😂 as my hubby would say - "Better than being dumbass" lol😉😆

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My dad used to say, "I'd rather be a smartass than a dumb shit". My dad is cooler than you, because he taught me the best lame jokes.