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Howdy fellas

2018-02-22 02:21:01 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

2018-02-22 02:22:34 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

Excellent, thank you

2018-02-25 01:48:29 UTC [Literature Club #language]  

Thomas Jefferson studied Gaelic

2018-02-25 01:48:44 UTC [Literature Club #language]  

He never achieved much proficiency with it, however

2018-02-25 01:53:05 UTC [Literature Club #language]  

Oh yeah he was by far the most multi-lingual President we’ve ever had

2018-02-25 01:53:20 UTC [Literature Club #language]  

He could speak English, Latin, French, and Italian

2018-02-25 01:53:29 UTC [Literature Club #language]  

He could read Spanish and Greek

2018-02-25 01:53:49 UTC [Literature Club #language]  

And he dabbled in Gaelic, Welsh, and Arabic

2018-02-27 16:46:28 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

Do y’all think Ian Smith’s β€œThe Great Betrayal” would be a good read?

2018-03-02 01:44:09 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

What are the best/most inspirational biographies y’all have ever read? @here

2018-03-02 02:01:47 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

Thank you, friends

12 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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