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As we rebuild this foundation one luxury we do have is hindsight. We can see what elements allowed great civilizations to rise, and we can see how they collapsed without them. In my opinion one of these vital elements is the nuclear family. The family unit is a microcosm of its greater society, and this is apparent when we compare the American family in its current state to that of the 1950’s. Though often highly romanticized, I am hard pressed to think of a more iconic image of classical Americana than the 1950’s nuclear family. At a time in our history when a family could be supported by a single blue collar income, traditions were upheld, communities were tight knit, and the nation still had a European American supermajority, the nuclear family reflected this. Those who lived through this era recall it fondly, and for those of us who have only experienced it in old films and Norman Rockwell paintings, it seems almost too good to be true. In the current year, now that these values have been eroded away, the modern family is a telltale sign of how far we have fallen as a people. While your average leftist might call this progress, we realize that this is nothing more than a sad and sickening race towards the bottom, and it will not end well for any of us.

Our movement is based on truth and the natural order. In western civilization, the nuclear family is the natural order, and it is a key foundational element that all western nations have built upon. Whether you believe the United States can be saved and rebuilt, or that we must create something new in its place, we cannot deny that the traditional family unit will play a key part in this effort.

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Excellent composition, dude. Very good point. Anti-fragility and identity require community.

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I very much believe that since IE has this idea of community at its core we will do great things in the future

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agreed. "Normalize the Radicals to radicalize the normals."

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Ooo I like that one

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Full disclosure I didn't make that up

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I heard it on "Helicopter Mom" lol

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Hey guys, I wrote a rough draft for a speech on immigration. If anyone would like to review it, please DM me.

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@Grossly Incandescent I was just thinking about your speech when I was driving home yesterday. The nuclear family really is one of the lynchpins of civilization.

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Just wrote this article, feedback appreciated

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@Jacob I really liked it, it's a factual grounding in how these ethnic enclaves take root in european societies.

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@Grossly Incandescent good speech, accurate. Also enjoyed the articulation

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Like I mentioned in the general thread, I’ve got some good experience in publishing and would be happy to help anyone with the costs, editing, etc of putting their own book together. Feel free to reach out any time

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@everyone ^^^^

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@Alexander Pechorin if you’re looking to hire, I’d like to get back into publishing myself and help out

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Now that’d be interesting. A small publishing house.

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😎 been thinking of this for a while

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@Gumbo - AZ @Alexander Pechorin there's an idea that comes up a lot, an IE publication *The Identitarian*. If you guys are skilled and willing then talk with @Reinhard Wolff .

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definitely. I've created both a print newspaper and magazine. will reach out thanks