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"I am very tolerant, I am lactose tolerant." -Richard Spencer

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I do resonate with the excessive moralizing

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Redice was the gateway for me

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Rachel Maddow brought me here

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I would be willing to forgive Spencer for having tried to undermine us if he would just find a project, stick to it and carry it through to completion. As far as I can tell he doesn't produce anything these days. The best part of was Interregnum and Greg Conte, not even him.

2018-08-26 06:01:14 UTC  

@TylerHess Agreed the only time I would ever listen to an podcast was when only Greg and the French guy were on.

2018-08-26 06:01:27 UTC  

Guys you want to hear Jared Taylor’s pick up line to me wife at the national conference. It’s classy

2018-08-26 06:01:33 UTC  

Spencer brought me in but I've found far better irl activism in IE and better intellectual podcasts in Counter Currents, both of which lack his condescending attitude.

2018-08-26 06:01:52 UTC  

He's the best

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@TylerHess I'm at the exact same point and I imagine most other people here are too.

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I enjoy everything he does even though he's mostly inactive

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@William Russell let's hear it!

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Spencer that is

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thanks for sharing

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My wife went to take a picture with him “no Mr. Taylor. This side is my good side” “Darling I don’t believe you have a bad side” she brings it up occasionally lol

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That's no line dude

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I just have to say that I'm glad that i joined I/E and will do my best to make sure other do the same

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Well it’s not a Richard Spencer line @elizabethchristine

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I consider Spencer, in spite of his flaws, to be the leading intellectual of the broader movement

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@William Russell That's slick as hell

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He's alright

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I haven't heard any better commentary

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Are his ideas really all that brilliant though? For the most part he just seems to be repackaging talking points that white nationalists have been using for decades.

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Or analysis

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Listen to Greg Johnson

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@William Russell did you have to go pick her up the next morning? Or they just stayed in same hotel?

2018-08-26 06:06:53 UTC  

I like Greg Johnson

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Estate in space broseph

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@Virgil lol same wavelength

2018-08-26 06:07:04 UTC  

Greg is pretty good.

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@Virgil seriously?

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@elizabethchristine every heard about Jared Taylor or Greg Johnson ?

2018-08-26 06:07:30 UTC  

Sweater guy?

2018-08-26 06:07:34 UTC  

Uncle Jared!

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@Freki G.-TX We went straight over to Sam Dickson he made up for Taylor’s charm lol

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Nahh he is pretty cool too really

2018-08-26 06:08:01 UTC  

Just not as smooth