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2018-08-28 04:26:39 UTC  

He didn't mention us thank god, or i'd really be salty

2018-08-28 04:27:06 UTC  

Patrick I'd really encourage you to go on the Killstream if you get a chance. Very friendly to our ideas

2018-08-28 04:27:12 UTC  

@Reinhard Wolff He said he's no longer a white nationalist and does not support a white ethnostate

2018-08-28 04:27:53 UTC  

Can you imagine if red ice or one of the other huge channels had a 180 😯

2018-08-28 04:27:55 UTC  

In the old video he said he still supports white identity

2018-08-28 04:28:02 UTC  

@Distracted Not to mention said we are 'cucking' by standing up for the white race. a white race that doesn't claim us. 'It would be like going to India and saying your Indian and telling them your standing up for their rights and future, they'd look at you like your whites do to white nationalists now'

2018-08-28 04:28:08 UTC  

In two days he went from ethnostate with some exceptions, to jk fam

2018-08-28 04:28:41 UTC  

Being white nationalists is 'the easy way out'. He actually said that.

2018-08-28 04:29:12 UTC  

Someone tell him to blink twice if he’s being told to say this

2018-08-28 04:29:19 UTC  


2018-08-28 04:29:22 UTC  

How on Earth is standing up for your people cucking? Says the guy who identifies as a CivNat now...

2018-08-28 04:30:35 UTC  

I really don't understand. It's like he missed the point of white nationalism entirely, after being one for so long. He essentially used the 'I'm not Christian because of Christians argument'. Which is a strange one to use.

2018-08-28 04:30:59 UTC  

It's not really a requirement to believe in "the ethnostate" to fight for a better world for our people.

2018-08-28 04:31:11 UTC  

I'll be honest, some of the ethnostate talk can get a little bizarre.

2018-08-28 04:31:13 UTC  

His whole argument is that if Janet Housewife in suburbia isn’t completely aware of/awake to your movement, it’s not worth having at all. Which is silly

2018-08-28 04:31:33 UTC  

People talking about carving up the states and giving them to different groups. Does that sound at all feasible?

2018-08-28 04:31:40 UTC  

Maybe within a few hundred years if nothing changes.

2018-08-28 04:31:51 UTC  

@Reinhard Wolff I agree with you, however the punching right is not necessary. I'd argue I'm one of the most moderate ethnocentric person you can imagine, but I'd encourage you to listen to how he talks about the movement as a whole.

2018-08-28 04:32:02 UTC  

I'm going to listen to it on my drive tomorrow.

2018-08-28 04:32:07 UTC  

@Reinhard Wolff I laughed out loud when Richard Spencer got into ethnostates ~in space~

2018-08-28 04:32:37 UTC  

Just build an ethnostate in space, you un-Faustian idiot!

2018-08-28 04:32:59 UTC  

You heard it here first folks we’re putting an IE flag on Mars

2018-08-28 04:33:04 UTC  

@Reinhard Wolff Good. Some of us it is a bit hard to listen to/cringy at times. I have no problem highlighting problems with the phrasing we use to identify ourselves or others, but it went beyond that. Either way, I'll be interested to hear your perspective and I'm willing to soften my criticisms.

2018-08-28 04:34:20 UTC  

His defection is disappointing, but it changes nothing. Some of his videos are good, and I'm sure he'll continue to produce interesting content even if he OD'd on the black pill

2018-08-28 04:34:26 UTC  

If you can't have your ethnostate on Earth, there are plenty of other planets that will allow it, can't get much freer markets than uninhabited planets

2018-08-28 04:34:36 UTC  

The ethnostate is fun to dream about. But I'm more concerned with my 2 year old not getting Bantu'd by the natives we're importing. Additionally, we just found out we're having another boy today.

2018-08-28 04:34:55 UTC  

Bantu'd 😂

2018-08-28 04:35:05 UTC  

It's probably a fair criticism. Ryan is a sharp guy but he's always come across as a bit bitter and petulant.

2018-08-28 04:35:13 UTC  

Congrats! @JC

2018-08-28 04:35:13 UTC  

He's always been cool to me, though.

2018-08-28 04:35:17 UTC  

@Reinhard Wolff Perfect characterization

2018-08-28 04:35:32 UTC  

@Reinhard Wolff I didn't get the idea you were the type of person he has a problem with

2018-08-28 04:35:39 UTC  

@Distracted thank you!

2018-08-28 04:36:13 UTC  

I think we can, at the very least, convince Trump supporters why preserving America's historic demographics is needed and not at all extreme.

2018-08-28 04:36:26 UTC  

But obviously there's room for the exploration of more esoteric ideas.

2018-08-28 04:36:58 UTC  

My personal experiences of trying to explain my ideas recently have not exactly been met with open arms

2018-08-28 04:37:03 UTC  

We need people telling the full, uncensored truth, but we also need people watering it down for normie consumption.

2018-08-28 04:37:19 UTC  

It's amazing to me that college professors will travel to the heart of the amazon to preserve some tribe that still hasn't found out how to write, but will openly advocate genocide against whites. The cognitive dissonance is mind blowing.

2018-08-28 04:37:44 UTC  

What happened? @EverlastingTuck

2018-08-28 04:38:39 UTC  

Well one of my buddy’s girlfriends was not about the conversation at all, outside of that my friends have been interested to talk but at arms length really

2018-08-28 04:38:42 UTC  

@JaredMI Your brain on neoliberalism