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*Southern* California...

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*Los Angeles*...

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@Flint yeah crazy it's almost like the top 2% of the earners in this country are trying to create a soft Serfdom

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At least real Feudalism had some sense of community

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They're gonna get got by the commies if they keep it up.

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They wonder why so many debt laden students are reading about the Oct Revolution

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I only care because the 1% is going to convince the poor whites to defend them from the commies

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I wonder why the Far Right is so Authoritarian? Is it because of the fact that so many people came from Libertarianism, and it's a Reactionary move? Is it because of Moldbug's early influence?

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@Deleted User You're well read on early movement thinkers, right?

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Fascism is Capitalism on it's death bed, they say

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NRx guys?

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I don't know how true that is, but it's true enough to look into

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I think the authoritarianism in me comes from knowing that people on their own don't do what is beneficial to the whole.

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Yeah, kinda but I'm heading to sleep @John O -

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sleep tite

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I reject GMT pretty hard @Nemets

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There's absolutely some truth in it

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I gotta go too

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lel nice

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Same, tbh

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I need to go to bed

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Real west coast hours

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Before I pass out, who would do better? Nigeria with Alexander the Great as president, or Germany with Justin Trudeau?

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@Flint one day I will escape this cursed place.

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One day we will have reconquest of SoCal

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@TylerHess I see we have a pipe dreamer lol

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I started reading Guillame Faye and they insist reconquest is necessary for ideology on their side of the pond

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Reconquest might take several generations but it gives us a long term goal to fight for

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Keep in mind that our enemies have acquired our lands with ease, and when people acquire things easily their maintenance is difficult, while he who acquires with great trouble finds that what he attained is easy to keep, for all difficulty was dealt with in the ascent

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Step one: Make white babies.
Step two: move to SoCal and boycott Mexican food, buy only from Americans
Step three: vote white
Step four: report all crime to the police, no matter how small
Step five: enjoy the manifestation of your destiny

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Step 6: use water as leverage against Mexico like OPEC used oil against us until they take every single invader back

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You see the whole "Move to California" part is where you lost me. I like to be /comfy/ out here in the Midwest 🤠

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We will alter the deal, pray that we do not alter it further