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@Asatru Artist - MD I think they attack those rights constantly because they are the most important...

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Also they think we are a Democracy... Puhleez

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Republic for the win

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Muh democracy is a litmus test for marxism

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fascinating interview. I love it. it gave me some pointers to use with my friends. "to think that Arabs and Asians will assimilate the say way as Swedes and Germans and Italians, is completely ignoring American history."

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Can someone give me the image file for this?

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I can't do it on mobile

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Someone on desktop save it and resend it as an image please

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I would love to just have a conversation with Mr. Taylor; he has brought to the table arguments that I never would have thought of. truly an intellectual chad!

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@Gerald Cunningham I met him. Great guy.

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Still keep his business card in my wallet

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@Gerald Cunningham I can neither confirm nor deny that Mr. Taylor will be at our next national conference (literally, I don't know) but he was at the last one - and will likely show up again in the future.

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God, I'm jealous @Jacob

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That would be really awesome if he did! @Deleted User

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Go to as many events as possible and you can meet many great men

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I've met Jared Taylor, Greg Johnson, Mike Enoch, and James Allsup

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Greg and James multiple times

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@Grayson So I take you are a LDS? That's pretty cool, my dad and his family are from Utah and he was raised as a LDS .

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I imagine it's going to get much more difficult as the movement grows

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We're lucky to be here early

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She was quiet attractive too

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Shae and Olivia brought me home. They shall forever be friends of my house

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NPR is literally shilling for Canada vis-a-visa NAFTA now. I love how, all of a sudden, every bugman and catlady's an economist.

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Our boy, Jimmy Allsup, makin' Lil' Ben his b#tch:

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I especially enjoyed the noobie-friendly "left, fake right sandwich" meme 😎

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Howdy, gents

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Honestly the way NPR operates is so weird. They put out some stuff I actually like, but how did a publicly funded service ever become so comfortable with being so obvious in their left wing bias? You'd think they'd at least pretend

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@Ben Rainsford - OH It's public-funded, of course. Look at our schools

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Martin put a ring on it 😍

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Eyoo! Hopefully this encourages Lauren Southern to date some GI Chad.

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As opposed to just beta-orbiting them?