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2018-08-31 20:56:48 UTC  

Xurious's version is the intro to strike and mike

2018-08-31 21:03:42 UTC  

Hopefully we'll have our own Hasbara in coming years

2018-08-31 21:07:55 UTC  

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

2018-08-31 21:13:23 UTC  

pfffft boomer tag me

2018-08-31 21:13:37 UTC  

_shakes cane_ You whipper snappers!

2018-08-31 21:17:51 UTC  

@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL Are you enjoying a nice dinner before hitting the hay around 6:30?

2018-08-31 21:19:14 UTC  

Whoah hold on there sonny, @Fox. I haven't been to bed by 6:30 for about 35 years...when I was 5 years old. Now I'm in bed by 6!

2018-08-31 21:20:06 UTC  

Got to get that rest! That lawn isn't going to mow itself!

2018-08-31 21:21:09 UTC  

Back when I was a kid I would just walk into that yard, give that lawn a good, firm hand shake and say "sir, I'd like to mow this lawn."

2018-08-31 21:21:25 UTC  

Boom! 80k a year just like that.

2018-08-31 21:52:22 UTC  

@Commissar No, the intro to Strike and Mike is Evil Morty's Theme

2018-08-31 22:10:55 UTC  

_Overheard at work today while building and installing an entirely new metal and glass storefront for a gas station_: "[Governor] Rick Scott banned the phrase 'climate change' in the entire state of Florida. Can you believe that? How can the government limit free speech like that? Why am I not allowed to say those 2 words together? I'm afraid the cops might show up and arrest me for saying it just now. Really afraid."
(Spoken by a gas station attendant with massive gauges in his earlobes, tats covering himself from chin to visible parts of neck, arms, etc.... to a customer at the register)

2018-08-31 22:31:14 UTC  

Gauged ears r ghey

2018-08-31 22:33:56 UTC  

They're disgusting. Men shouldn't have earrings to begin with either

2018-08-31 22:38:21 UTC  

We may need to look into getting a non-Youtube source for our race realism 101 vid in redpills because it got taken down from Youtube and is unavailable.

2018-08-31 22:39:01 UTC  

Also having an archive on Discord for our action vids would make it easier to share since our account got put in some limbo state.

2018-08-31 22:40:30 UTC  

Would it be possible to use Gab for our red-pill channel?

2018-08-31 22:41:20 UTC  

Anyone else see that the FBI arrested those 5 illegal muslims with the training compound?

2018-08-31 22:41:36 UTC  

Arrested them again?

2018-08-31 22:42:27 UTC  

Sheriff's dept arrested them first i believe and then they got off.
I wonder if the FBI is restoring it's tarnished reputation

2018-08-31 22:46:01 UTC  

This is certainly a good way to get back in the good graces of President Blumpf

2018-08-31 23:00:42 UTC  

Looks like things are about to get nastier in the Donbass:

2018-08-31 23:00:47 UTC  

Leader of self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic killed in E. Ukraine blast

2018-08-31 23:07:06 UTC  

How is I.E today?

I hope you guys got your gym session in, and did some reading 💪

2018-08-31 23:09:46 UTC  

So is it a good idea to put some I.E business cards in some books at the library? Along with flyering a campus?

2018-08-31 23:11:48 UTC  

I would argue in the affirmative

2018-08-31 23:13:34 UTC  

So, anyone know the latest with Russia calling out the CIA for transferring chem weapons via that British PMC group?

2018-08-31 23:14:26 UTC  

As I understand it, Russia just put a giant amount of ships to sea in the Med Sea?

2018-08-31 23:20:20 UTC  

The situation so far is:
Last remaining ISIS are in Idlib, Syria.
The J-globalists don't want to see their proxy destroyed.
J-globalists need a pretext to strike Syrians.
Brit MI6 >>>Brit PMC smuggle chems in for false flag.
Russia finds out, tells world about incoming ff.
US says "lol wut?"
Russia sends 10 ships down into the Mediterranean Sea.

2018-08-31 23:20:53 UTC  


2018-08-31 23:23:25 UTC  

Love seeing guys come in daily in receiving. Great work to our interview guys

2018-08-31 23:23:36 UTC  

I believe US and RUS diplomats met and discussed this @Flint

2018-08-31 23:24:10 UTC  

I could be mistaken though

2018-08-31 23:26:09 UTC  

What was the conclusion?

2018-08-31 23:53:16 UTC  
2018-08-31 23:56:17 UTC  

@Jacob have you listened recently?

2018-08-31 23:57:05 UTC  

@Flint I'll have to do some digging, but I'm optomistic.
Then again you're talking to the guy who believes a USA/RUS super-alliance will happen after 2024...

2018-09-01 00:37:50 UTC  

@Goose you need to redpill me on that goy

2018-09-01 00:38:44 UTC  

God Emperor will until the world under one Catholic Monarch. t @Goose

2018-09-01 00:39:11 UTC  

Nrx posting is so 2014