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Your dad isn’t wrong

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Was talking with coworker. She said she disagreed with girls being in Boy Scouts, I said “yeah girls and boys just have too many biological differences” and she looked at me and asked, “are you trying to say women are weak?”

What in tarnation

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The amount of conditioning people have for the egalitarian mindset is ridiculous.

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By Queen Ann’s skinny thighs I think she was right this whole time about there being a Yuge number of illegals in this country.

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Impressive they could get a 95% CI for this kind of broad measurement.

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But ofc the study was done by Kaplan and Feinstein.

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Thats the worst part about being Jwoke is I can never read an academic study with out noticing.

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I know they always underestimate these kinds of things to ensure some sense of safety, but of course anyone with an idea of how insecure our borders are would know that’s not the case

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Haven’t we been told the same 11 million number since 2007 or something

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Intergalactic space vampires, okay have a platform.

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Anti Immigrant rhetoric and getting really pissed at the big noses from time to time. Aaand youre done.

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It's a witch Hunt at this point

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I'm surprised they haven't started going after the smaller channels now that they've completely wiped AJ from every major platform, including payment processor now.

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This sets a precedent to cut off *anyone* they want simply because of wrong think. When does this bleed down to normie land and banks/restaurants/grocery stores stop servicing political dissidents?

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@Grossly Incandescent Haven't seen this before, thanks. Gave my morning a boost!

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@Undercover Academic - IL have you seen the movie Idiocracy?

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@Grossly Incandescent I just moved yesterday and I am in that exact same mindset

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Lmao 😂 holy shit

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I’ve never seen it

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I’m watching it this weekend

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Lol @Reinhard Wolff you’re gonna get us banned from there

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We should make Cracker Barrel meetups a thing. Like post it as activism

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Their food is SO BAD FOR YOUR BODY, but so good for the soul.....

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Ironic cracker barrel activism would be hilarious

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A pic of us from behind as we all walk into Cracker Barrel and Patrick is holding the door open for us as he does the 👌 and wears a MAGA hat.

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Our movement has roots there