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Do you have a readable copy?

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I don't

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Guy I work with: "Man one of the guys on my fantasy football league is doing great. I hate that he raped a girl last year tho. He got out with no jail time. The NFL has a serious problem with that. That's why I hate rich people so much."

I not sure what part of this makes me more upset.

The bugman fantasy football he won't shut up about.

The neoliberal attitude of accepting rapist if they play a game well they can bet on.

The fact he forces himself to ignore the reality of NFL crime.

The hate of social classes as a simple reflex without understanding of underlying issue.

There is so much I hate about everything this guy says.

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At least you don’t work with teachers

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ok there we are

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gang gang!!

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This really says a lot about our society.

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I'm not sure how that political cartoon benefits from her being drawn so, uh, provocatively.

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Is MTV still a thing?

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No TDS podcast today? not seeing it

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Greetings, fellow Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cosplay enthusiasts.

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@Deleted User Are you on twitter?

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@ChippedStones Pics or it didn't happen... 🐢

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Just finished watching the Ann Coulter video posted earlier, laughed so hard at the "The Warsaw ghetto, it's a mess". Something about the impression and comparison lol

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I was wondering how you found that and I saw it like two minutes later on my timeline under the same username

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Another free edit job done by media matters.

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Fuck Howard Zinn

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You Can’t Be Neutral On A Moving Train?

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We read it in my education class at university

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It was my favorite book of the class

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Because he is correct

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And now I am employing his tactics

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The one I read was basically about his political activism as a teacher

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i saw this in a barber shop today:

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Not that bad

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Dude working in the public school system will expose you to straight cancer

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This is minor

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the barber saw me snap a picture and said: "isn't that cool?" so i said, well it depends on your point of view i guess. so he proceeded to tell me that several people have complained and asked him to remove it ! i gotta find out who those people are !!!!

2018-09-25 01:45:42 UTC  

the fact that several people disagreed with the message of that poster and complained to him is very encouraging to me.

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Evening I.E. <:deye:359010025223618570>👍 . Just got back from the gym and achieved some major gains.💪

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@hbutzer0511 let's see.... show us

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I ate an onion today

you could say I'm somewhat of a power lifter myself

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Be encouraged, all. We are higher agency people than our opponents on the cultural Marxist side. They are louder than we are because they are enabled to be. They lack the drive to self-betterment, they lack the drive to create secure places and families. And frankly, they are not very curious or intellectually rigorous. Tomorrow belongs to us.