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2018-10-13 05:09:38 UTC  

I though early morning / dawn. Fewest college kids up. lol

2018-10-13 05:09:45 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN I recommend morning or late afternoon, and wearing a hat. Act and dress like a student, walk like your ambling to class or killing time between classes. Put up your materials calmly and confidently like theyre totally normal and boring. Most people are NPCs with zero situational awareness.

2018-10-13 05:09:52 UTC  

lol I was also nervous when I first joined IE

2018-10-13 05:10:29 UTC  

It's honestly funny to see the new guys talking about putting up posters like it's some kind of secret agent activity

2018-10-13 05:10:38 UTC  

I do live near a Penn State campus though so I feel that'd be some good media attention "Neo-nazis at Penn State"

2018-10-13 05:10:49 UTC  

I'm just very memorable (6'9")

2018-10-13 05:11:17 UTC  

It IS a secret agent activity

2018-10-13 05:11:24 UTC  


2018-10-13 05:11:25 UTC  

I did buy a dedicated flyer outfit (new grey t-shirt, grey zip-hoodie, no-logo camo ball cap)

2018-10-13 05:11:25 UTC  

If you are accosted, calmly walk off campus. If they become violent, trust in your ability to outrun libtards.

2018-10-13 05:11:37 UTC  

@Jacob I'm just nervous about activism as a whole, I wouldn't go at night, just using as an example of even more aninomity but still having nerves about it

2018-10-13 05:11:56 UTC  

@TylerHess Around here there's no Antifa, but Jamal does ostensibly have to get to morning practice.

2018-10-13 05:12:10 UTC  

I've put up stickers at my own college during the day alone

2018-10-13 05:12:16 UTC  

I would not recommend that though

2018-10-13 05:12:17 UTC  

But local Tyrones probably don't know I.E.

2018-10-13 05:12:25 UTC  

unless you've been in this for a while

2018-10-13 05:12:41 UTC  

'It's a classical book club'

2018-10-13 05:13:02 UTC  

Yeah, I wasn't even considering my own uni. The considered area is a closer community college.

2018-10-13 05:13:24 UTC  

It’s pretty unlikely to be caught in the act by people you know

2018-10-13 05:13:30 UTC  

I once postered with a friend and he would pick a target, run up, and run away

2018-10-13 05:13:36 UTC  

That's how *not* to do it tbh

2018-10-13 05:13:46 UTC  

though it seemed reasonable at the time

2018-10-13 05:13:50 UTC  

Draws way too much attention

2018-10-13 05:13:50 UTC  

literally just act normal

2018-10-13 05:14:09 UTC  


2018-10-13 05:14:33 UTC  

*checking maps to make sure I don't flyer near diversity center by accident*

2018-10-13 05:15:04 UTC  

Need IE posters with Koba on it so we can just say its a lost dog ad

2018-10-13 05:15:08 UTC  

I had some Mexican guy actually become really afraid when he saw what we were putting up, which was silly because we had politely given him help in locating his lost car seconds earlier.

2018-10-13 05:15:43 UTC  

Videos and pictures of IE members tend to not spread far. If it happens, continue acting normal, don’t cause a scene that would increase engagement on the internet

2018-10-13 05:17:02 UTC  

Plus if they get scared for whatever reason they won’t act in a level headed manner, and are unlikely to take pictures of you anyway

2018-10-13 05:18:20 UTC  

I guess I'm particularly spooked of that one target. My mom was high up in that large town / small city's school district. Boomer women gossip.
I think I'll just resolve to hit the higher reward / lower risk two universities Tuesday and/or Thursday.

2018-10-13 05:19:00 UTC  

Yeah, I'm not a confrontational guy. I'm more likely to run than fight (although I know one shouldn't run either)

2018-10-13 05:19:04 UTC  

a great rule to live by when postering is to look like a normal well adjusted person

2018-10-13 05:24:09 UTC  

I'm pretty stoic externally. And I am quite plain other than my height. I think I will try to just have a chapter mate tag along my first time.

2018-10-13 05:24:23 UTC  

@fgtveassassin got you covered

2018-10-13 05:28:09 UTC  

I really like the term “diversity tax” Allsup used in his latest video

2018-10-13 05:46:58 UTC  

The meme that keeps on giving.

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2018-10-13 05:51:28 UTC  

I'm reading it backwards to spite you