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I don't want to leave any behind

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@Balgias war, then give the Boers the entire country. <:teehee:381917632359563264>

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I agree with everything you're saying Jacob but we don't live in an all other things being equal type situation. We live in a state of emergency

2018-10-17 03:16:23 UTC  

thats the spirit

2018-10-17 03:16:26 UTC  

wait, we can flash confederate flags during actions?

2018-10-17 03:16:35 UTC  

I'm not saying that to fed post. I mean, a military operation to save the Boers, targeting the South African government, not civilians.

2018-10-17 03:16:58 UTC  

@Jean-Baptiste Confederate flags should be allowed, shorts beneath the knees shouldn't

2018-10-17 03:17:06 UTC  

@Ald These problems aren't going to help us in a state of emergency

2018-10-17 03:17:07 UTC  

the civies would end up in the crossfire as hostile props of their socialist-marxist gov't

2018-10-17 03:17:12 UTC  

kind of like in blackhawk down iirc

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are we sure that is wise, Steve?

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YouTube’s back up, anyone know why it went down?

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Steve King 2024?

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jelly donuts in the server room

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We ultimately look at what would reduce suffering the most

2018-10-17 03:18:20 UTC  

The Boers earned that land, they have the right to defend it

2018-10-17 03:18:31 UTC  

We all know Steve King is literally dog whistling with "western civilization".

2018-10-17 03:18:43 UTC  

Western Civilization = white civilization.

2018-10-17 03:19:06 UTC  

@Patrick I thought we weren't suppposed to LARP, and yet you advocate Rhodesian Short Shorts. Sad!

2018-10-17 03:19:17 UTC  

Well when you're dealing with certain situations sometimes Pinochet posting becomes the only solution

2018-10-17 03:19:17 UTC  

He's the man, but uh Faith is a bit loopy.

2018-10-17 03:19:19 UTC  

Imo pivoting soon to European Civilization would be wise, closes the door more thoroughly on ambiguity as to who Western people are

2018-10-17 03:19:38 UTC  

@Balgias Not in here it isn't.

2018-10-17 03:19:39 UTC  

Faith is about the furthest right journo I know of.

2018-10-17 03:19:46 UTC  

Hmm. Big brained centrist take on Confederate Flag posting. Only in Dixie states.

2018-10-17 03:19:52 UTC  

Yeah not in here we're largely not boers at all

2018-10-17 03:20:00 UTC  

@Deleted User Steve King has already retweeted Aunt Lana twice.

2018-10-17 03:20:06 UTC  

I hope South Africa is resolved in as peaceful a manner as possible, but if it comes to the point where military force is needed to stop what is happening, I wouldn't mind a scenario where there is some sort of military intervention by the US. Done in a way that minimizes casualties, of course.

2018-10-17 03:20:11 UTC  

Aunt Lana?

2018-10-17 03:20:18 UTC  

Red Ice

2018-10-17 03:20:19 UTC  

Lana Lokteff, of Red Ice

2018-10-17 03:20:22 UTC  

come on man!

2018-10-17 03:20:24 UTC  

Ok, right.

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Is this Bolsanaro guy in Brazil as good as they say he is?

2018-10-17 03:20:54 UTC  

Never heard her referred to at "Aunt Lana" before 😬

2018-10-17 03:21:03 UTC  

He's " ok "

2018-10-17 03:21:05 UTC  

oh, speaking of politicians, there's an interesting article I was going to link