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2018-10-20 17:52:50 UTC  

@NateDahl76 The Wikipedia page on immigration has a lot of bad information that can be refuted fairly easily.

For example, it says immigration is a net benefit to the federal budget. It doesn't mention that when you add up federal, state, and local, immigration is a $50 billion drain.

It cites statistics saying immigration is a net benefit on wages. It doesn't mention that immigrants lower wages for workers they directly compete with, while the benefits largely go to the employers.

It makes it sound like immigration is the most wonderful thing ever, but I could change that.

The idea is for me to make a bunch of edits, and, when liberals inevitably remove them, have you guys jump in, revert them, and gang up on them in the talk page.

2018-10-20 17:53:29 UTC  

How big is the Wikipedia team?

2018-10-20 17:55:10 UTC  

Participation ebbs and flows. I don't know how monumental of a task this will be, but it shouldn't be too hard to drum up support with some time put in and the support of leadership. We could make a PSA on fireside or something about the importance of shoring up wiki.

2018-10-20 17:57:47 UTC  

We could make a massive difference. Wikipedia is the default go to source when people don't know something, so if we turned got some facts in that make immigration look bad, we could genuinely interfluence public opinion.

2018-10-20 17:58:27 UTC  

It shouldn't be too big of a task. I do a lot of research on immigration in my free time and I'll do the editing, I just need a group of guys to back me up.

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@Selma Bulbasaur is my favorite! Antifa is basically Team Rocket irl

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It's the only bulbasaur I had in my Pokémon folder, but you've got good taste in starters.

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Can someone with nickname editting privileges change my state tag to MT?

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👍 thanks!

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I have an interview for a political job coming up. Anyone know any good inside sources for political news? I can't say my main news source is Fash the Nation.

Scotus Blog is an example of the sources I'm looking for. If anyone has political experience please DM me.

2018-10-20 18:06:55 UTC  

Strike and Mike

2018-10-20 18:08:30 UTC  

@Logan One America News is pretty good to say as something you keep on in your house. OANN is like FOX News lite.

2018-10-20 18:08:49 UTC  

Dude just tell them you get all your political opinions fed to you by Jacob - WA on Discord @Logan

2018-10-20 18:09:03 UTC  

@Logan I would have said the Cato Institute a decade ago before they went off the deep end

2018-10-20 18:09:20 UTC  

God, Cato is horrible

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What exactly are they looking for? To make sure you read big brained stuff?

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Is Ann Coulter's blog too 'extreme'?

2018-10-20 18:11:13 UTC  

@Logan Babe just look at Jazzhands' Twitter and see who he's following and retweeting

2018-10-20 18:15:22 UTC  

@Logan There's the Federalist Society too. Sadly I just clicked one of their articles about taxes and then the original source and it took me to the Jewish Policy Center of all places.

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ive finally got it off lads

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Who put it on that tight?

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@Deleted User idk its a factory model straight from honda so I would assume the dealership

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would make sense with how tight the oil drainage bolt was too

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@TylerHess I want to hold off on Ann and Buchanan until I detect all Jews

2018-10-20 18:39:18 UTC  

Can you guys name controversial membership organizations for me? Trying to prove a point to wiki admins

2018-10-20 18:40:29 UTC  

Why because they list us as a "neo nazi white supremacist" organization?

2018-10-20 18:40:53 UTC  

No because I want to see how they word the “membership” section specifically

2018-10-20 18:41:15 UTC  

Going to take a very minor issue to the talk page to annoy these guys into submission

2018-10-20 18:41:29 UTC  

@NateDahl76 Church of creativity is controversial.

2018-10-20 18:41:46 UTC  

Can be on the left or the right

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Nation of Islam

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League of the South.

2018-10-20 18:42:22 UTC  

Weather Underground

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College Republicans