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2018-11-08 03:24:19 UTC  

And family is milling about. No talking from me tonight.

2018-11-08 03:24:27 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Yahway(spelling) is the demiurge

2018-11-08 03:24:51 UTC  

The left is so dumb: they're trying to paint Jim Acosta as a victim for getting his hard pass (WH pass) revoked--while at the same time threatening Tucker...

2018-11-08 03:24:55 UTC  

I am sure I will talk too much in Denver, lol

2018-11-08 03:25:00 UTC  

The left is smrat

2018-11-08 03:25:04 UTC  

Do they even consistent?

2018-11-08 03:25:22 UTC  

"Demiurge" has the implication of false god, the one that committed the coup and rules the crap reality

2018-11-08 03:25:31 UTC  

I'm not gnostic myself, please don't mistake me

2018-11-08 03:25:37 UTC  

Wait, this Megatron?

2018-11-08 03:25:48 UTC  


2018-11-08 03:25:57 UTC  

And how much more dumb can the left be to go after a media personality *with his own show*, who can do stories on this harassment every single night?

2018-11-08 03:26:09 UTC  

\*Blocks your path\*

2018-11-08 03:26:39 UTC  

@Flint cant wait for tomorrows tucker episode !

2018-11-08 03:26:52 UTC  

Yes, apparently the Demiurge manifests sometiems as a Lion-headed snake. SPoopy

2018-11-08 03:26:53 UTC  

Oh this Metatron

2018-11-08 03:27:19 UTC  

Did everyone catch Trump vs Acosta?

2018-11-08 03:27:27 UTC  

The left tries to meme Trump as escalating violence against journalists *while actually threatening a journalist*

2018-11-08 03:27:28 UTC  

Most of us did, John.

2018-11-08 03:27:38 UTC  

Yep, that woman beater?

2018-11-08 03:27:40 UTC  

Good stuff

2018-11-08 03:27:43 UTC  

It was quite a sight to behold.

2018-11-08 03:27:55 UTC  


2018-11-08 03:28:05 UTC  

Acosta can't be a SCOTUS judge anymore, that was totally sexual assualt

2018-11-08 03:28:11 UTC  


2018-11-08 03:28:20 UTC  

I am incredibly offended about it, honestly. hashtagmetoo

2018-11-08 03:28:31 UTC  

I'm back on vc very based

2018-11-08 03:28:33 UTC  

He really is a prick

2018-11-08 03:28:39 UTC  


2018-11-08 03:29:07 UTC  

Acosta the accoster. He is no gentleman.

2018-11-08 03:29:09 UTC  

Only so many times reporters can use question time to grand stand their political activism

2018-11-08 03:29:19 UTC  

"Acosta" lol

2018-11-08 03:29:25 UTC

2018-11-08 03:29:25 UTC  

Jim the Acosta

2018-11-08 03:29:28 UTC  

Dude, it was like 60 degrees here today

2018-11-08 03:29:47 UTC  

My god, look at how his hand is ravaging her inner elbow.

2018-11-08 03:29:54 UTC  

He truly isn't a reporter, he's a political activist

2018-11-08 03:29:57 UTC  

its in his name wow

2018-11-08 03:30:12 UTC  

Meme Jim the Acosta everywhere

2018-11-08 03:30:12 UTC  

Jim isn't a real journalist, hes a monster

2018-11-08 03:30:16 UTC  

Acosta?? I hardly knew her