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2018-11-08 03:51:02 UTC  

The husky makes the baby cry and the baby activates the husky.

2018-11-08 03:51:19 UTC  

Nothing wrong with some general nationalist songs but I feel an American song would just solidify we're an American organization, national anthem is all well and good for sure but some marching song or something would be e 🅱 ic

2018-11-08 03:51:29 UTC  

She also howls while the family sleeps.

2018-11-08 03:51:42 UTC  

It would be nice to sing "Here's to you", by Ennio Morricone, to victims of illegal immigrants - at a rally or something.

2018-11-08 03:52:03 UTC  

i have a playlist on my amazon music account called Bad Goys

2018-11-08 03:52:26 UTC  

American implicitly white songs....european

2018-11-08 03:54:19 UTC  

@Volkmom sorry, my device died. No, mostly German/Scottish. I went to those countries primarily for their rich Orthodox Christian history.

2018-11-08 03:55:53 UTC  

Much more fitting to play at a leftist rally for illegals

2018-11-08 03:56:19 UTC  

Lovely, Virgil.

2018-11-08 03:56:32 UTC  

Ennio Morricone is truly an incredibly composer.

2018-11-08 03:58:28 UTC  

Since we’re all sharing pics of our dogs...

2018-11-08 03:59:41 UTC  

@Selma My favorite composition from him

2018-11-08 04:00:13 UTC  

Oh John Atlas, your dog MUST evolve from Eevee. Truly a beautiful and majestic creature.

2018-11-08 04:00:45 UTC  

Thank you, Virgil. I'm giving this a listen.

2018-11-08 04:01:26 UTC  

Has anyone looked at that Jake tapper tweet. I didn’t realize how many people now hate the SPLC.

2018-11-08 04:01:40 UTC  

Gives me a nice feeling.

2018-11-08 04:02:17 UTC  

Could use a link

2018-11-08 04:02:38 UTC  

Okay this is gorgeous, Virgil. Sincerely, thank you.

2018-11-08 04:02:40 UTC  

@Selma tfw no Bug/Steel/Dragon/Fighting/Ground/Poison Eevee-lution.

2018-11-08 04:02:44 UTC  

@Nerv - VA Feels good man.

2018-11-08 04:03:49 UTC  

Geez, the Dem's are getting all spoopy on us...

2018-11-08 04:04:03 UTC  

(From LA Times article)

2018-11-08 04:04:23 UTC  

@Selma Eevee? Is that a Norse God that I’m unfamiliar with?

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2018-11-08 04:05:03 UTC  

>tfw cat person.

2018-11-08 04:05:12 UTC  

Virgil, at 4:22 or so, the song becomes amazing.

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2018-11-08 04:05:21 UTC  

(love dogs too, btw, just don't have one...)

2018-11-08 04:05:21 UTC  

tfw ur cat is adorable

2018-11-08 04:06:14 UTC  

Second dog

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He's a good boy.

2018-11-08 04:07:02 UTC  

>good boi

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Don't bad talk my pupper.

2018-11-08 04:07:46 UTC  

I joke, he's adorable! he dindu nuffin!

2018-11-08 04:07:55 UTC