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2018-11-14 19:01:36 UTC  


2018-11-14 19:01:53 UTC  

That would bring even boomer conservatives to the streets

2018-11-14 19:01:57 UTC  

Trump ahould either pass a law capping at nine or add to twelve himself.

2018-11-14 19:02:00 UTC  

I'm glad Fox is showing their hand. Let's get Tucker to leave and boycott the network

2018-11-14 19:02:03 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN don't worry, we have the III%s <:teehee:381917632359563264>

2018-11-14 19:02:05 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MNdoes trump get to appoint them? That could be ok on theory

2018-11-14 19:02:09 UTC  

Or are we there to hand them food stamps ??

2018-11-14 19:02:11 UTC  

We’re all gonna make it brah 👌🏻

2018-11-14 19:02:15 UTC  

Trump should either pass a law capping at nine or add to twelve himself.

2018-11-14 19:02:25 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN They scream about "muh democracy is in crisis" then openly say they want to stack the courts to force their will on the people. <:really:453005408064241674>

2018-11-14 19:02:40 UTC  

tfw you're disillusioned about Ingraham and @missliterallywho shatters your constructed reality. This is Tomi Lahren all over again.

2018-11-14 19:02:55 UTC  

Muh *kritarchy* in crisis

2018-11-14 19:02:57 UTC  

@missliterallywho What's worse, I've actually seen her put the brakes on Tucker, forcing him onto the back foot in the name of what's "good for all races..."

2018-11-14 19:03:08 UTC  

"Threat to our democracy" that cheese line makes me cringe.

2018-11-14 19:03:11 UTC  

jk I remember her back pedaling or apologizing about something and I was done then

2018-11-14 19:03:36 UTC  

Like Bolsonaro’s massive margin of victory in Brazil was a threat to Democracy. Because ya know he said mean things about fags. “Our Democracy = GloboHomo”

2018-11-14 19:03:46 UTC  

Ingraham adopted a literal squatamalan

2018-11-14 19:04:05 UTC  

tfw @missliterallywho makes you google words.... stop playing with my mind

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2018-11-14 19:04:08 UTC  

"constitutional crisis"

2018-11-14 19:04:12 UTC  

Our democracy. Who's democracy are we really talking about?

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2018-11-14 19:04:23 UTC  

@missliterallywho Yeah... 😑

2018-11-14 19:04:30 UTC  

We know who. No point saying it.

2018-11-14 19:04:32 UTC  

What does this "democracy" represent?

2018-11-14 19:04:45 UTC  

@William Russell tfw paycucking makes me look smart

2018-11-14 19:04:53 UTC  

So the rest of you don't have to Google for @missliterallywho's big brain stuff:

2018-11-14 19:04:56 UTC  

It sure doesn't seem to want to listen to the majority of people.

2018-11-14 19:05:02 UTC  

@Grayson actually they don't seem to get arrested immediately. I saw a video on FOX where they come over the fence and then when border patrol comes over they climb back to the other side

2018-11-14 19:05:12 UTC  

*thanks Ethnarch!*

2018-11-14 19:05:12 UTC  

perception is everythaannng

2018-11-14 19:05:15 UTC  

democracy = my way or the highway; now get out of the way whitey

2018-11-14 19:05:23 UTC  

Reminder that all cable news be the same

2018-11-14 19:05:42 UTC  

top of drudge right now

2018-11-14 19:05:52 UTC  

IE camping trip to the border when?

2018-11-14 19:06:06 UTC  

@missliterallywho Okies discovered on the way to DtR that Ethnarch, while big brained and seemingly a nice guy, is even more soothing than sleep music

2018-11-14 19:06:33 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN lmao dude has a Carl Sagan-tier nap time voice

2018-11-14 19:06:34 UTC  

McCarthy is the new minority leader in the house

2018-11-14 19:06:41 UTC  

He sounds like Jared Taylor without the accent and 40 years younger

2018-11-14 19:06:44 UTC  

He's from Cali