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2021-01-09 06:13:19 UTC  

They did not punish existing S.Networks, BUT they ordered all to comply with EBS rules

2021-01-09 06:13:28 UTC  

That is what happened in brief

2021-01-09 06:13:40 UTC  

They sent out contract confirmation yesterday and today said they wouldn't follow Trumps stance on the issue(230)

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2021-01-09 06:40:51 UTC  

Section 230 won't be revoked by FCC, but all parties are required per announcment to comply with EBS announcments

2021-01-09 06:41:47 UTC  

More or less what Trump said. Section 230 no longer matters. He doesn't need it, he intends on speaking directly to the American people in a way that bypasses Social Media, MSM and everything else

2021-01-09 06:42:14 UTC  

"Americans will speak in a LOUD VOICE, and will never be silenced again."

2021-01-09 06:43:02 UTC  

He is going to show EVERYTHING, and the voice of the people...was the election, what was silenced? The vote, not just our 1st amendment being dismantled

2021-01-09 06:44:09 UTC  

Of coarse we know "The governing class" are guilty of alot more and serve even more powerful people. But Trump has kept the focus on the Dem/Gop Governing class, and off Soros, Gates and the Great Reset agenda

2021-01-09 06:44:42 UTC  

Sticking with the enemy people see, before showing the puppeteers

2021-01-09 11:28:58 UTC  

Getting a proton email, free version is ok or need to get the paid one? Thanks

2021-01-09 12:35:49 UTC  

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2021-01-09 12:37:36 UTC  

So the above video was sent to me, apparently this is in Utah. Red mask or blue mask indicates vaccination status and your restrictions based upon that status. Anyone in Utah or have friends in Utah seen this?

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2021-01-09 12:40:07 UTC  

Free version is fine

2021-01-09 12:47:44 UTC

2021-01-09 12:53:33 UTC  

That’s from the video I posted a few minutes ago.

2021-01-09 12:54:15 UTC  

No coincidence that blue/dem is vaccinated I’m sure

2021-01-09 12:55:30 UTC  

Lol I know I couldn’t get the video to play on my phone but that’s what I had from the other day

2021-01-09 12:56:22 UTC  

I remember someone posting on Twitter that there is a UN compound that has taken over a building in Salt Lake City and they say they don’t have to comply with US laws. Wonder if this is a byproduct of that?

2021-01-09 13:01:23 UTC  

Hey guys. I’ve just got out of Hospital, so if this is a dumb question, I apologise, but what can I do to make changes to my footprint on SM? I have a Gab account, but do I need a Parler one too? I am guessing a Proton mail account is a different email variety. I’m sorry if this has been covered. The last few days have been a blur, and I know I’m a tiny account but I’ve lost 50-60 followers overnight on Twitter. I’m keeping the faith though.

2021-01-09 13:03:18 UTC  

Apple is removing Parler if they don’t comply with their censorship rules. @msduncan9 thanks I didn’t know where this was at.

2021-01-09 13:06:35 UTC  

Think it’s about 12 hours too late for Parler, it got pulled. WeGo social , Guilded app (recommended by rabitt here). Can still do Twitter just watch yourself there which is hard to say seeing as we’re in America but yeah..

2021-01-09 13:08:21 UTC  

Hope ur OK @Kenn ! Protein is encrypted so its secure.

2021-01-09 13:13:16 UTC  

America First is also posted in q drops

2021-01-09 13:14:36 UTC  

So this was posted on Gab by NeonRevolt fwiw...

2021-01-09 13:14:43 UTC

2021-01-09 13:32:26 UTC  

Yesterday all of the trending tags that I saw were not the usual memes or Americans typical bashes. Even the most liberal people I have seen weren't posting like they normally do. I think there's way more than just bots at play

2021-01-09 13:33:51 UTC  

Hate using this site but looks like red blue mask is false

2021-01-09 13:35:44 UTC  

Parler most likely only work on browser as Apple will remove it, already removed from google play store. Alternatives: gab / / guilded

2021-01-09 13:37:28 UTC  

Can’t believe how nasty people are on Ashli Twitter profile

2021-01-09 13:37:40 UTC  

That’s what we’re up against :/

2021-01-09 13:39:04 UTC  

I don’t buy snopes anymore after hearing who their checkers are, maybe it’s changed maybe not. But lots of disinformation out there for sure

2021-01-09 13:47:20 UTC  

Ok, so the UN compound in SLC was a temporary one as they took over the Salt Palace for a few days for a UN conference. For those few days that was UN territory and US laws and rights didn’t exist. Agenda 2030 was talked about obviously among other things. Here’s a link for the event that took place in 2019..

2021-01-09 14:13:00 UTC  

You can still go to and sign up there I think. It’s the mobile apps that were pulled for sure.

2021-01-09 14:16:01 UTC  

I will say though parler is not a great platform and will be massively targeted and since big talking heads promoted it since november there are million and millions of trolls and bots. Same deal a twit. You see a post for Gen flynn click on first 5 comments are nasty.

2021-01-09 14:33:52 UTC  

Correct online still ok

2021-01-09 14:35:48 UTC  

whit paler blocking people why not push this playform?