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7:13 ET anyone received a link for the #CnnTapes?

Thanks thank you! Iโ€™m celebrating here!

I suggest planning moderators

This will get very busy for sure and users on Reddit love spamming

What other channels do is setup a channel for #random >> all allowed and another more moderated

Then the spammers have an outlet to mess around

What a day, hearings were ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ and then CNN tapes

How long do you guys think till James o keefe account goes down

I started blocking every single ad on Twitter and now Iโ€™m getting an ad every 2 posts

Whatโ€™s your take on the CIA/Frankfurt/servers story?

Random current thought. Today social media gets censored. Imagine tomorrow itโ€™s your Cel phone. Someone somewhere decided YOU will have no or restricted access to the network. What if you had previously been blocked from using social?

Your current communication options are extremely limited and your last thread itโ€™s hanging by the decision a private company with no requirement to accountability will be the one deciding when you get cut off completely.

So zukkerberg is a dirty character funnelling $ to pay in exchange for votes ah ok

How long till the coalitions for in body RFD?

The deep state exists because some individuals got so exceptionally rich they had already owned 1/10/50 companies and made 10/100 million or billions. Once they reached that point the true power of how money corrupts people kicks in. At that point they feel so powerful they think THEIR ideas of what the world and life should be like is THE truth and only way e wry Iโ€™ve rose should live.

When you have the ability to say โ€œIโ€™ll be donating 90% of my wealthโ€ and still end up with billions, which are still invested and making continuous returns, your perception of reality completely changes.

Gotta post here cause Twitter will auto boot for sure

The country needing all the support and GEO doing backdeals all over the place when they are most needed. After the win I feel a new party will emerge.

Today has blown a clausterfck for president trump pretty much Georgia was good

GOP stabbing him in the beck at every turn. Word is deep state/ wants to end this now they pushed more $ down the pipe

Just stopped to share how frustrated and concerned about how we will be locked out of everywhere soon

Time to cancel YouTube premium account :/

A lot of military movements but couldnโ€™t that just be fit the vaccine distribution?

Diamond and Silk know it as well

You guys believe that theory that weโ€™re just not ready for aliens?

40 page reply was just crazy as well.

SCOTUS putting the PA suit aside

Corruption has always abc will always be there

No system will be perfect while itโ€™s executed by people unfortunately

Whatโ€™s going on with the big lawsuit thereโ€™s supposed to be a response today by 10pm correct?

I hope SCOTUS families have protection. Intimidation and threats are not unusual dealings with mobsters and drug dealers. What keeps them from making threats?

Loving that YouTube show ^^ Ann Vandersteel

Itโ€™s so weird, thereโ€™s barely any discussion or analysis about what the SCOTUS decision could be. All I see is focus on who is joining the suit. Is there any good account to follow with decent legal analysis of what the outcome could be that anyone could recommend?

Iโ€™m in ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ and looks like our prime minister has been training Chinese troops for a while

Not sure if you guys had seen that one

I canโ€™t say trump here will get my head cut off

Is it supposed to be one person?

You guys know what that โ€œNew Nevadaโ€ โ€œNew Californiaโ€ is about?

Not sure how fast that would be updated?

The swamp is much bigger than we all thought

I guess itโ€™s time you take that advice and step away from social media Iโ€™m fuming

Question for you guys. If this really ended up on civil war hoe many people would actually go outside and fight?

Saw recently that in the civil war only 2% fought?

A clean election would have to happen

Every time the haters respond to trump or anyone else they just reply with the dumbest things โ€œhahaโ€ โ€œloserโ€ โ€œRudy fartedโ€

Really THIS ^^ is what we would be fighting against?

Are you guys sure? That video seems like a lot more that what it should have been

Germany stats whist after something like that?

Yeah but I mean witnesses etc

This is Maduro giving his top elections official the sword of Simon bolivar after the US sanctioned her

They have been using Smartmatic/dominion for more than 20 years

20 years ago Hugo Chavez took over most of the powers and now they control all of them

Democracy was lost as itโ€™s happening in the US

They too shut down voting in the middle of the night

Everything is at stake this CANNOT be allowed to move any further

No worries few but big events easy to catch up

Man weโ€™re being pushed into a corner

Facebook itโ€™s a no go zone

Twitter tightening up things daily weโ€™re going to end up chatting on HAM radio soon

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