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The first episode of Janet’s sequel to ‘Fall of the Cabal’ is out...interesting start. She says it’s not about Q or Trump, but about who the Cabal are and how they came to exist. History I never knew before in this detail. A must watch though!

Yes, it’s on her Bitchute channel. I accessed it from her Twitter account..

Interesting theory about Astana in Kazakhstan, China’s one child program, and how Hunter’s laptop now leads them to Astana possibly now that he’s been found to have dealings in Kazakhstan. If you haven’t heard of, or seen, Astana go look. Unmistakably the shining city for the NWO.

Interesting thing about the debate...Biden may be technically correct when he says he’s never been paid a dime by a foreign country. Because there has always been a middle man, Hunter. Foreign country has paid Hunter, not Joe. So he probably thinks, like most in DC, that this is the way around it and he can say that and get away with it from his point of view. Pelosi probably says same thing, but has she had money funneled via a middle man as well? More than likely all those ‘key contacts’ have, but an arms length deal keeps it off the official books and eliminates need for FARA?

Below is interesting if true. Monkeywerx has verified that ‘sniffer’ helicopter is up and running a lot over DC.

Necessary for this evening

Anyone else think a Trump win ultimately leads to some leaders of other countries being taken down? NZ, Aus, etc...some really bad lockdown stuff happening now

Pelosi is more of a threat than Biden imo

Big exec from Huawei dies suddenly and the Chinese yuan tanking right now...think they know something?

If Q and Patriots were really in control, now would be a good time to act like it

Anyone able to verify if this is legit? Came from Joe M over on Parler...

I’m convinced the watermark thing is legit. But kinda surprising DHS would come out right now and admit it was a sting operation. But certainly think it was..

The ballots have to be transmitting some signal. How else do ballots just happened to be found in creek beds or in dumpsters or the other odd places they’ve been found.

So NY Post is reporting that Putin says he’ll be stepping down next year due to health concerns?? Anyone have that on their 2020 bingo card?

“Our election is more embarrassing than Ilhan Omar’s wedding album” ...gotta love Mini AOC

What if Kanye West actually won a state and they just can’t bear to let any one know that? 🤣

Qrabbit, you’re a good digger so maybe you can verify this...but if the 14th amendment states only a natural born citizen can be VP or President, and Kamala isn’t natural born (born in US yes, to parents in country legally but not US citizens) then doesn’t that make the Biden/Harris ticket constitutionally invalid? If she’s not a natural born citizen doesn’t someone within Trump’s circle have to know this? And if they do, I would think this is a major card yet to be played before SCOTUS...just don’t see how this can be overlooked if it’s verifiably true.

Good digger, knew it lol

Still not buying it’s the real/original Biden we’re seeing these days..

Don’t think it’ll happen as they’re so focused on election and time deadline to file suits for election fraud, etc...but an interesting turn would to be unseal a major indictment against a major figure even if it isn’t involving the election. Turn the psy-op around and start to plant another seed of doubt into normies’ heads and make them start to wonder.

Go Qrabbit, go Qrabbit!!

The 12th Amendment I think may decide this. As evil as she is, HRC knew what she was saying when telling Biden to not concede under any circumstances. Trump certainly won’t, and if the courts don’t clean this up or resolve it the on to the House rules via 12th Amendment. The Constitution is a tricky web. I’ve learned more about it in past six months than I did in all my years of schooling 🤣

This is a great explanation of what’s going on right now...

DURHAM...someone brought up the fact that Sydney Powell is from Durham, NC. And she’s out front of the evidence that is supposedly coming out. So is the q post about John Durham or Sydney Powell? Time will tell...

Anyone have the clips of Biden talking about his extensive voter fraud operation and where he says he doesn’t need your votes now but once he’s in office?

Belated thank you to those who provided the videos I was looking for, cheers!

Qrabbit tweeted the video of Trudeau telling everyone what’s coming. But someone leaked the details of the actual plan in an email. It’s someone who evidently is part of the meetings but wanted the info leaked. If you haven’t seen this it’s frightening...

Welcome Bfreitas!

I know it is..agenda 2030

If any of you follow Monkey Werx then you know. If not, he says on a normal day there are roughly 250 military aircraft up and going at any one time. After the kraken comment by Powell, he says that their have been over 1,000 military aircraft operating at same time. This includes specific planes he says are known for rendition flights that have been landing at black sites and also Gitmo. Also, he pointed out that a Learjet owned by Libyan Airlines suddenly appeared at Gitmo and flew to Miami. But there was no flight log of it ever arriving at Gitmo. He thinks this it was a secret flight of that Libyan arrested a bit ago for human trafficking and that Libya wanted him gone so he’s at Gitmo now. That’s unconfirmed, but seems logical.

I get the feeling that the recent actions at the Pentagon and ECW statements about the special forces new command structure are a piece being moved into place as a failsafe. I think Trump will ultimately win out in the courts. But I also think that should all else fail, we will see the military step in like they were ready to do in 2016. If military supports Trump then there truly is nothing that can stop what’s coming. The military being positioned across the country under the guise of vaccine administering, puts them in a position to strike quickly and decisively in the important spots. I think the 10,000 troop unit is still in DC and still active duty as they all are. Add the fact that the US is still under a declared state of war and Trump’s EO still has us under a 2018 declared national emergency for foreign interference. If the rest of the country need to finally have it showed to them in this manner, then let it come. Without the control of the US military to do their bidding as they have in the past, the cabal would be powerless to stop anything as long as the military is loyal to Trump.

Is the Flynn being pardoned story accurate? If true, this means the gag order on him is lifted correct?

Ok, lol, it’s true via Trump tweet. Military doing military things incoming...

Figure Trump has had enough of Flynn’s hands being tied and knows what’s coming and needed him fully active to engage. Public had seen enough to know Flynn is innocent regardless.

Think all the court wranglings and lawsuits are necessary for the optics and protocols and helps people who may not be awake start to figure things out. But seeing how we’re still under a war declaration and national emergency declaration, Q is military intelligence, Q says military is only way, latest moves with spec ops/ECW and the Pentagon...I think we need to brace that the military will be taking action regardless what the courts say. Think all this election stuff showed the true support for Trump and the military which gives him the mandate to finish things off.

Yeah, if Trump and the Alliance have things positioned properly, which they say they do, nothing can stop them.

Even as odd as it is to think and say, the Supreme Court couldn’t stop it. @Nikiek2020 is correct, our world is about to change. Everything that we thought America to be will change, but for the better in the long run.

If you’ve served this country at any point, you’ll never be considered useless!

Has anyone seen report that Meghan Markle had a miscarriage?

Is this old news? Says it happened in July..

Guessing it was reported about this when it happened? But she just wrote an op-ed on her story just now.


Question for any of you that are Supreme Court experts..

Can a SC justice be investigated and removed? Or are they untouchable in a sense? Seems obvious that Roberts is compromised, possibly in a few ways. Has a justice ever been removed/replaced via this avenue? Or is the only way going to be that he’s offered a ‘Rommel’ death like McCain, etc?

Thanks Qrabbitt

If the DS wanted to get caught for election fraud, it seems that they made it so obvious that they actually wanted to get caught. And it’s not like they’re going to say ok, you got us on the vote counting so now we’ll surrender. Sadly, if Trump and the Alliance are going to pull this off, I don’t see how the Insurrection Act isn’t declared and the military go to work. Too many pieces seem to point in that direction. Don’t think it can be done any other way.

Anyone have an idea on the real reason behind Biden’s boot? Someone who’s sprained an ankle, let alone fracture their foot, knows you’d be limping boot or no boot. Biden shows no sign of that. And the ankle monitor makes no sense...he thinks along with many others he’s the next president. Of all the people in the world you’d need to monitor their whereabouts or flight risk issue, he’s probably the last person that’s going to just try to disappear. Everyone on his side won’t be convinced it’s anything but a fracture. Patriots know he’s done and that’s likely not the original Biden anyway. So just wearing it for show doesn’t seem likely. So does anyone have a theory on why he’s actually wearing one that seems logical?

Lawsuits and SCOTUS are necessary steps for many reasons. But it’s always been said this is a military intelligence operation and the military is the only way. Insurrection Act + military action are the only option to truly defeat the enemy. Will it happen in time?

Waiting for this SCOTUS decision is basically waiting for the military go signal. Their decision will kick off events that we’d never thought we’d see in our lifetimes, but here we are. Pray for everyone...

War it is, and may it be the last war in the battle for American sovereignty

If he enacted NESARA then that would call for all new elections for every office within 120 days I think it is

If Charlie Ward is correct about the 17 other countries helping us, and Russia is one of them, then we have overwhelmingly air superiority. It would be over before it began for anyone trying over US airspace

The actual footage of the Frankfurt raid is something else, that was way more intense than people realize

From the look of the tracers it was a one way shooting gallery but know we lost those 5 soldiers

There is video...I’ll post it here, hang on...

The server farm was underground I believe. So what you’re seeing is the bombardment of the entrance of which part of was above ground

Don’t know if intel is legit, but some are saying the F16 was brought down by the Chinese using high energy weapon, cut it in half. And the verified earthquake in Maine next to the Canadian border was a US bomb that took out 50k Chinese troops in an underground bunker. Like I said, unsure about the veracity of that, but the F16 and the earthquake are real. Earthquake in Maine on Canada border?? That doesn’t seem plausible

Interesting thing about the SCOTUS ruling is that they denied on standing and then referred the ruling to pertain to Article III...Article III deals with treasonous actions. Maybe means SCOTUS said to Trump you can go ahead and deal with this by other remedies

Anyone have the video clips of Joan Rivers comments on Obama and his speech at a military gathering where he says Michael?

Thanks rabbitt!

Hey @Qrabitt , those tweets by Patrick Byrne are kinda sobering and not great news...

He said Cippalone was the leaker, or hinted that he was. Find it hard to believe Trump is deemed to be too nice though. But don’t think Byrne would be lying about what’s going on

$10,000,000 to Pakistan for their ‘gender programs’

This sounds like it’s a challenge right up your alley @Qrabitt. Though some names are pretty self explanatory...

I wonder if the Clinton ‘Live Art’ exemption which is one of their covers for human trafficking is part of the reason the Smithsonian gets so much?

The defense bill is going be passed over Trump’s veto...anybody know if it still contains the verbiage that blocks Trump from enacting the Insurrection Act if he had plans to do so?

That was the omnibus spending bill. The defense bill they’re overriding is different

Currency revaluation, QFS, gold backed currency

Just saw this, who knows if true but interesting theory...

Does it really matter right now that Pelosi was elected speaker? She has to be one of the main people to go down when the arrests and tribunals start yes?

I still think that’s her on the security camera from Epstein’s Island

Anyone else see this? Had someone send it to me, and these things usually are suspect but just an fyi if any of you use WhatsApp...

They are going to start circulating a video on WhatsApp that shows how the Covid19 curve is flattening in Argentina. The file is called "Argentina is doing it", do not open it or see it, it hacks your phone in 10 seconds and it cannot be stopped in any way. Pass the information on to your family and friends.
Now they also said it on CNN

Be careful”

But if he got us out of the USA corporation then it’s a completely new form of government yes? The two party system belongs to the USA Corp that was created I think...

Hundreds of millions are awake and not going to forget or forgive what’s happened.

The people who are the most confident that Patriots are in control and Trump will serve another term are people like Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, Robert O’Neill, etc. and I’m sure there are lots of others. But the ones who seem to have direct access to military intelligence sources seem to be the most confident that things are going to be ok. If they’re that positive I see no reason to not be seeing they know way more than most from all appearances.

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