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Hi guys, thanks for having me.

This is the White House 2020 Christmas Ornament.

I took a screenshot so I don't

Good, I keep missing everyone hoping on.

So I've watched Trumps press conference like 10 times. His wording in some parts is very similar to his executive order dealing with fraud.

I don't think it was for us, but a warning to them.

The one about forfeiting income, etc

I keep trying to follow it's

I follow several religious news sources and I was encouraged by one bc the woman was already asked by Trump to be at his inauguration

Yep that's the one. The wording is almost identical

I liked Woods marching around the wall of Jericho tweet

I see MSM is already attacking his martial law comments

I can't believe how many comments during the live hearings of people calling it fake still

Paid actors they are saying. Its crazy

Paid actors that are blacklisted or getting beat up I guess..smh

They declassed more Wednesday

I feel like that's a love /hate

I hope these two come into play soon

Oh I know Bannon is on his side he is just very theatrical

Assange was on what appeared to be a ship before his tweet was removed a couple weeks ago, so hopefully his name coming up again is a sign.

So have we actually seen anything from Trumps 3 main law suits presented yet or just the shared from small suits.

Kemp switched his tone real fast to Save himself

I think these people forget that they represent us. Their personal opinions are not laws

I wanna hear about Biden/China

Honestly I don't know bc they want Depop.

They obviously have no shame bio weapons, fires. I'm honestly afraid of them still

If your going to spend years planning a world invasion I'm sure planning for a revolt was prepped for.

I think the fact that not a damn one is manly helps

True but we already know they have done weapon deals on the sly...

I know nothing worth having comes easy but the thought of lives lost still breaks my heart

Mkulta can't deprogram no matter what truth is told

Did you watch that last operation warp speed conference? That dr/scientist did that weird eye thing.

Sorry I'm tired my mind isn't cooperating. He has been at the last two. He is in civilian clothes. Some people call it reptilian. I don't know what it is but they did some weird

I didn't want to post a twitter here

I don't trust him off vibes

I was just reading about Gates trying to block the sun earlier today.

I was thinking he was trying to block the light flares and Awakening

I honestly thought some bottom pole workers would have come forward with fear already of punishment

Do we know what Ratcliffe is up to? Isn't it important what his intelligence briefing is?

That's what I'm referring to. He has been in the shadows.

I guess it's a good thing all eyes are off of him.

CCP has been attacking our Rep Senators on Twitter.

I read that. They aren't wasting anytime.

Straight up called Blackburn a #B#$ today.

I can see their panic a little more visible now at least.

Yeah it's frustrating but neccessary I guess. Expose all corrupt.

Lindsey is the guy that gets me.

I'm trying to find out what "hammer" references. Can anyone help?

Does Trumps new executive order on the 10th possibly put someone else in his place?

Can Barr act as special council to Durham now?

@Buffalo17 that's why I always questioned his motives.

225 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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