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I pray we are. I am an np.i do cv testing all day.

It's real. But thankfully I'm not seeing the severe cases

My youngest had fusion for scoliosis 2 years ago. T3 to l3

I post them incessantly. I'm sure i drive people nuts

So do you have to sign in and out on this platform

I really am looking into trey. I think ms thirteen ties somewhere

I will. Send me anything you guys find on him

Ok. So I'm seeing where general kelly an obama guy that later worked for Trump is now lashing out at trump. He was a part of.. it employered by
DC capital. Which merged with caliburn. Caliburn was involved in Texas kids in cages.
Also a part of dc capital group is....
Owl cyber defense

Incidentally Nancy pukosi pelosi was eager to work with gen Kelly when trump announced he was hiring him

Also. 40000 foot. 40000 is considered the summit.
Summit is the name of super computer

Alice in wonderland. Each computer that holds info is named after the seven dwarfs

Maybe owl is the keystone? To hack into? The back channel?

I'm rambling. That's my ADHD sorry

When they said they wouldn't go 40000 feet again i think they meant they got one shot

Yes. There are many that speak of the owl

Dc capital and caliburn are eorking on digital health and currency

If you go to the site. It has some videos

Qrabbitt. I'll share anything i find here. And you all are more than welcome to piece together and fill gaps.

Trey gowdy got pretty close on something i think that's why he isn't running and why his wife has so many alias and no social media

Why do you think the fbi held the tapes? Why did they let the impeachment proceed?

Do you think it was an entrapment kind of thing

So the part to trust wray? Did that mean to trust that he was corrupt?

He and Mueller are pretty tight

Yeah. I posted one of muller and barr from way back as well

I don't trust him. But it's hard to trust anyone

Crazyleo absolutely!! Carlyle group very bad

I'm still looking for links to keystone.

I think trump keeps enemies close

I watched that plot against the president movie. I'm now convinced Nunez is on the team

Totally amazing. Schiff is a dick

They took it off you can buy 14 dollars rent 5

They make q inferences "movie" actor

Thank you for sharing everything!!

Anyone find anything on the maxwell drops

I saw some of them. Flight logs.

Lol. Totally missed. My. My curiosity builds

Wow. When and where did this appear

I feel the same about my children

I'll be praying for you tomorrow. As I have been.

If you guys haven't watched Trumps speech last month to the UN you need to. All the people denying trafficking. He flat said it at the UN address

Ok. Hubby said he heard on radio dems plan to' drop bombs on Sunday about trump. Anyone heard anything

Agreed. Just wondered if anyone heard anything. Hubby doesn't interweb

151 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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