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Ive used discord for inter office communication before. But never to hang with a group of patriots ive never met!

While im not as active in the digital digging some of you do I am very active in sharing what you and others find with anyone who will listen and encourage them to watch and learn what they can!

Im very convincing too having been a car salesman for many many years people trust me. ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

QRabbit has the best profile pics of any one on the Interwebs.

Although the little gaming remote is a close second.

I posted that pic of the eyeball similar to your pic Ivan

Hello everyone. I am literally just a regular person living in the peoples republic of Massachusetts. I am a licensed drone pilot and photographer and can and will help anyone in the group with photoshop requests for memes or anything of that sort. I also own a small garment decoration company and can make your creations come to life on items@ranging from socks to mugs to hats etc.

Yes i love memes too.

My favorite form of communication is memes

From this to this

Whats mine is yours! Its your discord we are just living in it!

I applaud these folks in Mi hearings but the legislature there is certainly not as friendly as Arizona.

Its clear that they want this over they know whats coming.

This is only a show trial to wake up the people. The lack of awareness for how elections are held in their own districts and counties etc is a crime in itself.

Did anyone elses twitter just go down?

Ok so the Barr thing is a Headline grab for most people who wont read the whole article. He didnt say they were not looking nor did he say they wouldnt. This is a preemptive strike to start forming the narrative for all the MS media outlets to spin for 24 hours. Then they can bury the whistleblower stories with that AP headline.

Welcome Caliii. My brothers are both electricians. One owns the business the other runs the field. Great thing to learn a trade like that going into the next wave of building and design! Good luck with that!

If anyone wants to feel more patriotic after watching lin wood today here is a little independence day video birds eye view!

That was our neighborhood fuck you fireworks to governor baker in a state where fireworks are illegal.

Ya i can do that. If you share it.

Thanks rabbit

I cant watch the davinci code.

Also same for Matt Damon, Ben Affleck not sure about the pedo thing but they sure love telling us how to think.

Ya nah. Thats where the movie loses me. Its hollywoods trick of proving Jesus was mortal and human.

It is good to maintain a spiritual connection to God.

@Qrabitt isnt that the worst. You wanna watch a movie but one the of actors like say Robert Deniro is in it. Like the irishman. I wont watch that garbage.

@MiQaelArQAngel thats way above my pay grade. ๐Ÿคช

We are all weird. Thats why we are here. If we werent we would be watching CNN

Its amazing when you give up control of your mind to Jesus Christ and can hear the gospels for the first time the way he intended them to be heard. Most people cannot.

Do you follow this youtube channel?

Hopefully its not a bomb from Eric Fartwell

Ya i saw that yesterday. Gotta watch it soon.

Anybody know who that vincentcrypt guy is? Hes funny as hell

I live in Mass. right near the old Otis Air National Guard Base. Which has been renamed to Joint Base Cape Cod. Ive lived here for over 20 years and the base has been off limits to anyone since 2001. I know people that work there but never knew this was there. base has been super active huge planes and helicopters etc flying out of there daily.

Oh no kidding. Small world. We meet on here.

Ive never seen c16 fly out of there in all my years living like 2 miles from it.

Yes and its amazing how many sheeple dont see it.

Ive talked to a few people from the base and they have told me with absoluted certainty that they cant tell me anything and they dont know but something is up for sure.

Seems like the base out here does some serious intel.

I think the canada training story was cover.

Thats one of his most cryptic tweets ever

Nice! I hear ya. Try being stuck with three kids and wife for 14 days to slow the spread.

I have some friends from up in your area. They moved out quick everyone trying to get to the burbs.

I saw people today on the canal alone walking outside wearing masks.

Charlie parker wouldnt allow it. Hes like a young Joe Biden.

As i like to say if yours works so good why do i need to wear one.

Men have def been programmed to be more fem. do you watch jordan peterson at all?

Should look him up on youtube or whereever. He does a great job of explaining the lefts insistence that makes need to be wimpy.

Sorry to hear that. Our prayers are with you and your grandfather.

#lightenup the mood a little.

Take a break from the grind and enjoy

How is every body doing today

Not much other than Veritas dropped some assange audio from 2011. Worth a listen. There was a hearing on Capital hill. So goes with out saying that nothing will come from that.

Things are getting a little overwhelming on tweeters. Too many peeps tweeting the same thing. Like i think i got 25 notifications that Veritas dropped the assange audio. Crazy that people have this stuff.

Trump needs to lock someone up soon.

But it would also be cool to see a predawn raid on Jeb Bush so we could hear trump call him low energy Jeb for a week

Anybody catch the new Vid i cut up yesterday

I made some slick neck gaiters this year with Bane on them.

Did someone post this in here yet

I beg rabbit to share my videos so people actually see them lol.

Ya ill try it. I just screen grab the vid and piece in my drone vids and audio i use is royalty free with subscription to vid app.

Corrupt politicians would be easy you could just put a picture of the Capital Building on loop.

That list was mint. There is 4000 or so ccp in Massachusetts. Most of them at the outlet mall in wrentham

Or Sound of Silence with hunter biden and all the news labels floating around him.

January for the report? Intentional leak...? Increase the Panic level

Lol. Only fridays. Thats Christine wallace

Lol. I met steven tyler years ago. He used to come in to the verizon store i worked in. I help him set up his old flip phone lol.

Thats the best. Like going to a celtics game in the 90s

Friday isnt the deadline for the public. Just the pres

Cant watch any news channel right now. Even newsmax. Oan maybe. But def no fox no Newsmax

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