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Hey, ty for having me

Be careful later, maybe in afew days of the Dem/Deepstate Mirage attempt. With the fraud. but relax it won't work, Trump wins

Plus we have "The Plan" and the EBS, Quantum stuff

Nothing can stop whats coming

They will attempt insurrection, but it will be the undoing of the deep state, the last cry of a dying beast.

Oh and hello btw, first post in here

That happened in PA as well

Trump playing things by the book for now. He has plenty of evidence for sedition on a massive scale. I think things will change if it goes to the Supreme Court and the insurrectionists ignore it

Ignoring a Supreme Court order is a big deal

On the 9th I beleive the case for the SC to order a recount in all mentioned states is going on

The software is actually tampered with, Hammer and Scorecard, evidence building, Trump knows about it

Trump will finish this before then, probably NOT with long counting and election chaos while the media and others continually pump the lie that biden won. Thats my take anyway

The sayings "Nothing can Stop what is coming" and "Its gonna be biblical" come to mind

Yes, thats what I was saying curt, Hammer and Scorecard

Actually the SC is supposed to order a recount of ALL the states in question, but I don't believe that will be Trump's killing stroke or how he will win

All of this is a coup and they repeatingly break the law and ignore even a Supreme Court judge

So if the Supreme Court itself entirely rules in Trump's favor, and they ignore it...

As I've said I believe this ends with the QEmergency broadcast system and blackout of all other signals, along with mass arrests under the Insurrection and Sedition Acts. To save the Republic and stop the Great Reset.

They will probably be presented with all the evidence collected of the fraud as well, which will determine the decision further no?

curt's explanation was very good. Its just his writing style nothing wrong with caps Leo

curt do you think when all the evidence is presented from Rudy and others of the various fraud methods discovered, the Supreme Court may rule more on the lines of 2?

The question is with the Anti-Trump camp's response

What will they do if Trump is revealed to be the winner

they buried themselves by rejecting the lawsuit is that what you mean Ivan?

They are monitoring for that sort of thing though, already found alot off examples of such. Also, they(Trump's team) have ways of check the validity of ballots, I was reading about it

Trump's team has planned for this and has access to a lot of tech that nobody else has. Keep that in mind

Yes but Trump has access to Military R&D and classified stuff we can't even begin to imagine. They are always ahead techwise and Trump is always 3 steps ahead. 4d chess

Right now based on my own knowledge I see three ways this plays out

1. Trump gets SC ruling, Dems ignore, SC and President recognize this as sedition, military used, mass arrests, but under cover of Quantum Based EBS to show the people the truth and silence the MSM and S.media(all other communication as well.

2. Trump uses the Supreme Court, wins, they count, Trump is shown as the correct winner, Dems have rioting, attempted violent coup. Trump uses insurrection act

I'm just listing possibilities

Thats why you blackout all communications

Stop them from knowing wth is going on

Trump probably would use that time to round up Soros and Gates etc as well, Zuckerberg too

They have been finding ALOT of Trump ballots

This post reminded me that Trump actually had ALOT of Democrats voting for him

Many Dems went to his rallies

Trump is shattering the Red=GOP only idea

I think they will go with all the thousands of examples of fraud as evidence that they know is obvious. More and more people reporting it too

Rudy said they have OVERWHELMING evidence of fraud and he has a great case

He'lll probably go to the Supreme Court with it

Yeah so many of them are just RINOs

Not going to speculate on what Trump will do after all this but IF any of the members of Congress are guilty and involved in this somehow, they too should be prosucuted

If the recount shows any of them lost yeah

Omar was found to have cheated big time too

In reality 30 states had irregularities

yeah not surprised she would cheat

Yeah, every election that was stolen was reversed

That would include california btw

Yeah, people were saying they had tons of people even in blue areas voting for Trump

Thing is that hotline trump has(phone, email, text) isn't just for the "battleground" states

its for fraud reports period

True. Remember we have Thomas and Alito as well ๐Ÿ™‚

Yeah they are going to go nuclear on this whole thing

How unconstitutional it is. Especially in light of the media "appointing" biden president

Thomas will tell Biden: Hey, if you say your the POTUS, but you didn't win with a legit election, than you ain't President

Supreme Court rules Trump the winner, looking at the electorial evidence. Libs go NUTS, riot, mass arrests, More elections to replace arrested conspirators, then we close 2020 with a happy ending

Oh, and Get Bill Gates, Soros, zuckerberg etc too

Give them a risk game to play, then they can at least PRETEND on their meglomaniac fantasies lol

Good. Seems the dem strategy though has been to put forth the victory narrative despite the monsterious sized fraud, and stall the attempts at looking into it

That will change with a SC ruling

There has been thousands of thousands alerting the President

Rudy said he has a fantastic case now thanks to the thousands of patriots that helped

And its getting better since the hotlines are still up

How convenient, just happens to be a Coronavirus too....

There are many Coronaviruses, before 2020 we ignored them, don't forget that

So unless its something Bill Gates related hes going to unleash I wouldn't worry

I don't think Gates will be able to unleash another engineered monster

Was wondering people's opinions. I wonder though how long the recount/audit circus is going to last because its clear they have been doing everything to slow or stop it in all those states

I agree. I just think a SC victory before then would help. They can actually disqualify a presidential candidate. If they find fraud in even ONE state. They have ruled like that in the past(not the BUsh vs Gore another case).

Release the Kraken. I wonder what this means.

Something big being announced next week By the President as well. He said its HUGE

The Supreme Court can, with fraud evidence on the part of one candaudate, disqualify them and award the victory to the opponent. Its been done before.

I don't trust congress, and I think letting this drag on much longer is unwise

They won't be able to Democratic Party is going to be gone soon. They are all part of this coup

Guilty of Sedition and Insurrection

Some are guilty of crimes against humanity

The most obvious are Cuomo, Whitmer and the others but yeah...its massive

I think the Fraud will be the key to the undoing of this entire Deep State

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