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I wish I could’ve seen when she questioned him about Q I cut the tv on right after

I saw someone tweeted it. That made me so happy 😁

They wouldn’t be attacking a certain letter unless there is something to hide

It’s all coming out a little at a time but I think it’s fixing to come down like a storm

Look what twitter has been doing and they haven’t answered for it

It’s a start the more voices the more attention it will gain

@Qrabitt i gotcha now it’s been a hectic day 😆

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is having a good one!

I’m doing well thanks!

Maybe they had to make sure they got all their ducks in a row make sure it would stick? There’s always an underlying reason I’m sure we’ll know soon I hope.

It’s a possibility. Maybe this was needed to try to start waking the ones who are blind up

Trump is too smart and has too many people backing him up. He knows how to play his cards

Every morning I wake up and my first thought is what’s gonna happen today lol it is working I hope more people wake up

Me too I’m a little confused as to if maybe he is dark or he could be playing the dark

This is true and that’s probably why it’s taken this long just to get to where we are today

Maybe he’s scared of the repercussions that could come from it but either way she is long overdue for it.

West Alabama now/SE Louisiana born and raised lol I’m back and forth between the two. Air Force vet that won’t give in ❤️🇺🇸 @Nikiek2020 on Twitter

Good to have you!

Just keep praying

I went around 12, I was number 548 and there was no line everyone was in and out thankfully no problems in Northport al so far

It’s the same as you Leo a small town in the middle of nowhere I rode the four wheeler to the polling place 😂

I’ve been watching the news I’m back and forth but I’ll be dropping in ❤️🇺🇸

Lol I’ve got some whiskey here who wants some 😂

I also have grass 😂

Lol I love y’all ❤️🇺🇸

It sure is I never felt this good about anything in a long time like I do this.

😂 I’ve got a mix of Alabama and New Orleans

Alabama rubbed off on me 😂

I feel it’s gonna happen but it’s all about timing too soon and it can all fall apart

I was just checking someone mentioned Florida in the news in Nola I just missed it.

I don’t know how he’s been hanging in there like that. The numbers are gonna change though

I’m noticing that trend 😐

Lol it sounds cool though 😂

Each channel is saying something different flipped to cnn and it’s 89 for Biden and 72 for trump on EC

Thank God 🇺🇸💥🇺🇸💥💥

Lol there’s a bunch of em it’s gonna be epic

2 hours of sleep isn’t enough to get ready for what’s gonna happen today. Lord please be with us.

Trumps gonna win this. He’s too smart not to.

Lol yes and no I know we’re all ready for this to be over with

There ain’t very many of those out there left

Lol it’s wishful thinking on their part

Does anyone know what’s going on with Homeland Security speaking of which I’ve had to bounce between a couple of things.

I’m a little behind someone mentioned something about maybe them stepping in I didn’t get to catch the whole thing

I thought so because really and truly they don’t that’s what I thought was odd when I heard that.

I’ve been tryna check things before posting them it’s just been a day lol

I’m following you now Buffalo

How’s everyone holding up?

The media is not helping either though but we got this

No earlobes don’t just detach and unattach

I’m trusting the plan but I can’t help but still be a little nervous.

To all my fellow vets on here I’m wishing y’all a safe and happy Veterans Day and thanks for everything ❤️🇺🇸 love to all my fellow patriots!

Thank you!! ❤️🇺🇸✌️

Welcome to the group, we’re very happy to have you!!

Went from LA to AL it’s not as bad thankfully lol prayers your way @Ligg_Stephs

She’s been a powerhouse through all of this

Trump knew what was going to happen before it did sweetie I know it’s taking a toll on us but we’re gonna make it through together

This means we’re getting closer 🤔

Hey darlin lol well I know I’ve been doing research and backing everything I got offline, service sucks where I live 😂

Yeah that pissed me off too!!! I’ve been following him for awhile 😡

This epic, our world is about to change.

I’m so happy and proud to be a part of it with all my fellow patriots. I wish in a way I was back in the military right now, kinda feel useless sometimes lol

Means a lot to hear, thanks sweetie ❤️🙏

I’ve seen this floating around I always get a good feeling when I do 😂

Welcome, we’re happy to have you darlin!!

Idk if y’all remember these books or not but they were kids books and I remember reading them years ago.

It’s pretty interesting considering the circumstances lol

Don’t forget how they have rewritten history either.

I wish I was I’m picking up my puppy from the vet he got a hold of a chipmunk that are rat poison so glad he’s doing better though! I’ll be praying for you Qrabbit!

Me too I just hate there wasn’t a way to prevent it.

Lol my problem is keeping the dogs from going on it 🤣🤣

Lol well just get better we’ll miss you!

We love you too!

My little sister was sent to the Persian gulf and I received a notice of possible reactivation last month and have not heard anything yet. We are witnessing the most important war in history hang in there we’re gonna get through this 🙏

Too soon and the momentum won’t be there too late and it’s over

We’re getting closer and closer

Lol Merry Christmas darlin!! Hope everyone has a good one and stays safe!

I’ve always wondered what what’s in that soccer ball

I keep blocking the fact checkers and they still keep taking down posts on my FB

Has anyone heard anything on Pelosi?

I thought so

We broke down earlier watching it I thought I heard gunshot in the background on OAN at one point on the tv

We can’t let it be in vain

And all the other fake news is swearing it’s maga supporters fault

That’s the ridiculous part

@Lori you couldn’t have said it better

We need to see who’s behind the gas mask

I’ve missed you guys my Twitter was suspended today I have a backup account NWiQer2021

These are my accounts I hope to see y’all there!!!

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