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broad northern male voice here!

I fookin hope so! Johnson has to go!

might not happen right away!

are military across world united?

i think eveything is in order the house of cards is built - tomorrow the first card can be pulled! ... but who?

would love biden arrested on stage

ive just found this! how many can you have on a sever and with video? i have just set up a server ?

i have just set one with video up

in still here shows u connecting

giys this is FRICKEN nervous for us and im in UK!!!

lol i know! lol its like watching your fav scarey movie! u know the ending but the rise is still shit ur pants! lol

so hypotetically, its called bidens way...

warroom and golden state times

whos the first arrest and when?

buying yuan might be good now

lol ohhh! yeah i have bought some!

thats more tense than the elections! up n down

if it matching bitcoin! ill buy bidens island!

Everyone take a deep breathe. Ask yourself, why is Antifa staging in D.C. if Biden was going to win?

They know POTUS has the pathway to victory. Flag of United States

About 1 hour now. Red Wave is coming.

hi not been on here for ages!

wasnt ecpecting that! but i reckon, biden will be arrested by ukraine!

i fucking love tis journey but after all this is over if i every hear "the best is yet to come" again ill scream! lol

waiting is such sweet sorrow!

next 2 weeks starting tomorrow always a friday!

whit paler blocking people why not push this playform?

OMG I soooo hope this is right!

how many users on free server?

i rally point - soicla network - Q aimed - facebook sytle


The embedded criminal communist establishment that has been matastacizing under the surface and covertly dismantling their resistance for decades have just left the shadows and are about to mount their last stand.

oneone a link to the broadcast for uK

vatican dark? first arrest POPE?

no Q is miiatry and a group

bannon sorted China but was also dropped by Kappy

not speaking out, but being out!

ones the new flag ont the NEW usnited states not the Corp

might not have all 50 states? democatates might go on own?

new automous zones all the democates will want to live somewhere not in trumptopia

so do i! i dont want to built it up to much lol just in case!

prediction - trump roles out nesara steps down with the new party UPofA

lol no tehy will still stand and fall and a new party will need to be built


130 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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