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2021-01-10 16:17:06 UTC  

Oh ok. I just thought she was doing something slimy as always.

2021-01-10 16:17:21 UTC  

She is. But it wont work.

2021-01-10 16:17:31 UTC  

Nothing can stop...

2021-01-10 16:18:31 UTC  

Thanks. I know things are moving. But they have to know that this gig is Over!!!

2021-01-10 16:19:56 UTC  

There is no point in it trying to impeach him thereโ€™s too much on them now. Trumps way ahead of the game.

2021-01-10 16:20:10 UTC  

Waiting for the first arrest is better than waiting for the kickoff of the superbowl when sports still mattered. And im from New england. We won a few

2021-01-10 16:20:43 UTC  

Lol you got your popcorn stocked up?

2021-01-10 16:21:12 UTC  

I have.

2021-01-10 16:21:45 UTC  

And moonshine as well might have to go either way. Or both.

2021-01-10 16:21:55 UTC  

Youโ€™re good to go then lol you run out run down the road

2021-01-10 16:22:16 UTC  

I have a five pound bag of swedish fish.

2021-01-10 16:22:30 UTC  

I will. I can walk to your house.

2021-01-10 16:23:03 UTC  

Oooo that does sound good, I got a dozen pack of pralines you saying that ๐Ÿ˜‚

2021-01-10 17:33:08 UTC  

anonup is good!

2021-01-10 17:38:10 UTC  

The above is from Robert Steele, former CIA

2021-01-10 17:38:55 UTC  

Says Biden will not be one of first arrested amongst other interesting things

2021-01-10 17:47:38 UTC  

Just got mine opened up same name as I have on here.

2021-01-10 19:34:18 UTC

2021-01-10 19:34:25 UTC

2021-01-10 19:34:36 UTC  

Handing out weapons from inside the building

2021-01-10 19:43:14 UTC

2021-01-10 19:43:54 UTC  

Washington DC Today

2021-01-10 19:44:22 UTC  


2021-01-10 19:56:23 UTC  

Wow Rudy said it

2021-01-10 19:56:51 UTC  

Nice indeed

2021-01-10 19:57:34 UTC  

It's not on his official page when i go look

2021-01-10 20:03:39 UTC  

thats not his real account

2021-01-10 20:04:04 UTC  

Yeah. I saw that. ๐Ÿ˜Š

2021-01-10 20:07:01 UTC  

just an FYI

2021-01-10 20:29:26 UTC  

Fake Rudy deleting sorry

2021-01-10 20:48:02 UTC

2021-01-10 20:48:10 UTC  


2021-01-10 20:49:43 UTC  

Posted the day after the election.

2021-01-10 20:58:01 UTC  

Just this acted I saw your post

2021-01-10 20:58:12 UTC  

They want right speech obliterated

2021-01-10 21:01:30 UTC  

My point exactly. So much for unity.