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God's patience has wore thin, he is now building a line...dare not cross it. He is coming at the darkness DO NOT GET IN HIS WAY. Repent and be saved, call out to Christ Jesus make him your lord and savior.

Not asleep, unions will not give up there power hold


Project mockingbird...not a sheep...independent thinker here

Trump is way ahead in Florida, not enough votes left for Biden to catch up

I wonder if they needed help voting? Fuckers

Trump has 269 Electoral College votes

they want total control of everything

A.P. is bought and paid for.... Operation Mockingbird

About 6-8 reporters I would get in a fox hole with and I am a combat vet. The rest needed a firing squad, treason carries the death penalty ๐Ÿ˜ณ

That poor guy M.K. Ultra has him all fucked up...

Treason and Sedition are serious crimes. Much like Satan/Baal/Lucifer they are proud of what they are doing.
The real "Hammer" will come down when GOD passes his judgment!!!

May it be swift and incapacitating to our enemies. Both foriegn and domestic

@Buffalo17 December 12 Electoral College meets

Not the first time, used PS4 platform in the past

N.S.A. Has a very nice computer as well.

Mysterious happenings may be reported on the news...."Helicopter Crash" has been used in Hawaii

They will be live targets...like that gunship video...

If you don't pray, today would be a good time to start.

May be my best twitter post yet!!

Yes welcome

I also live in a small town, actually outside if it. In Michigan though.

@amERIKA My oldest brother is in a veterans home in Wisconsin. Beautiful state as well.

New Covid-19 restrictions coming to Michigan...news conference at 6pm

Ours too, our governor is a crook...

Holy... Moly... THIS changes EVERYTHING

Scan for this video on Facebook

I believe "Space Force" may have wiped out that alledged energy weapon that may have been deployed in California wild fires ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Trump's E.O. on election fraud is quite extensive

@amERIKA Trump is anointed by GOD if you believe the prophets...I do whole-heartedly

Methods/Redpill 78 have a good show tonight

Google play, search for redpill78

Technically incorrect search play store for dlive. Search drive for redpill 78

Whitmer is under federal investigation

I took an oath many years ago, still holds true today

Military is saving children as well

Underground bunkers, cities

U.S.S COMFORT and MERCY helped as well

As I have said GOD picked Trump for a reason, zero doubt in my mind

January 1st an E.O. goes in to effect, Trump stated in a Michigan rally. No one can stop it !!!

Not disclosing....Just said " It's big...really big"

In 2018 he did an E.O. on election fraud...they are fooked

I am thinking repeal of the 1871

BardsFM Podcast is off the charts, loving it

We fight together, for the benefit of all

A slave to debt, act of 1871

And as JFK said about the C.I.A. we must smash them in to 1000 pieces

@msduncan9 it is all spelled out on the U.N. WEBSITE...careful you just may poop yourself...

GOD has told us TRUMP will have a second term ( via prophets)

This will redefine the term "Biblical"

Making it modern...set for our time

Big things are going to happen

We are living in the times many wanted to be in

Occupy until I come (Jesus), we are GODS stewards on this planet.

272 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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