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Glad you made it out in one piece

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@Freiheit - CA Solzhenitsyn was a great man.

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Have the people who doxxed Julian Von Abele leaked his address?

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Most likely

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If you were planning on sending him something, I'd suggest not, if you want to support him, you could buy his books

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Gotcha 👌🏻 just ordered it

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Happening: Today, Wednesday, December 12th, from 1800-2000 hours (6pm-8pm), Theresa May will face a vote of "No Confidence"

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*Seeeee yaaaa*

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*Weeeewwwww lad, where'd this come from?*

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Brexit bites back

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Votes will be tallied and released same day.

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wow Europe is going crazy

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*MMMMM Soooo goooooddd*

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how far are we until a Europe-wide nationalist takeover?

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>inb4 it only means so much
-Let us have this

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Its a bit early to tell tbh. This seems to be a destructive force of people who hate Macron.

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To actually build something, idk.

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Globalists sure are shaking in their boots tho.

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Is it time for the UK to get MOGGed?

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Can't ZOG Rees-Mogg

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M O G G gang rise up

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What would happen if May were to resign? Would someone else from the Conservative party replace her?

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Dude the UK is boned

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There is no way the UK could do Brexit without A. Getting screwed economically or B. opening the door to other nations leaving the EU. Which would never happen.

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Plus Northern Ireland is enough of a problem to make Brexit difficult.

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Brexit is economically harmful as well.

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If the precedent is set that one can leave the EU and not get fucked economically, the whole bit is done for.

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I don’t really know what to make of the whole thing. I understand the feelings of the regular Britons who don’t like taking orders from Strasbourg, but yanking the country out of its economic integration with its neighbors is going to be pretty rough. I also don’t see a point in leaving the EU if you’re not going to actually address the reason who people voted to leave the EU- immigration. I’m completely unconvinced a non-EU UK would have a reasonable immigration policy, and I’m quite sure they’d just keep doing what they’re doing now, which is a disaster.

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Europeans are often either A. Monarchists and agree with the American WNs on some things. or B. Cowards who are racial nihilists.

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Europe is odd.

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I was in the UK last month and it was truly staggering how much London had changed between when I was there as a child and now. I went to a few museums, and every time I came across a group of school children on a field trip, maybe three out of fifteen or so were British (or white of another stripe.)

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Ironically. And hopefully, this plan to create a Pan Euro identity AND THEN adding in Third World people may create a Pan European Identity. Which would be nice. Given the stark contrast between Somalis and Brits vs Brits and other Europeans.

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Just an update on south africa before I go to sleep

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London is terrible dude. @ophiuchus