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2019-02-06 04:03:21 UTC  

how brave

2019-02-06 04:03:22 UTC  

oh is that what that was supposed to be?

2019-02-06 04:03:26 UTC  

lmao no one cares

2019-02-06 04:05:58 UTC  

Sure loved how Trump shilled for Zion for a half hour of his speech tonight

2019-02-06 04:06:04 UTC  

Trust the plan!

2019-02-06 04:06:38 UTC  

@StevePines -WA
infanticide: about 30 seconds
anti-semitism: 15 minutes

2019-02-06 04:06:57 UTC  

Was it only 15?

2019-02-06 04:07:04 UTC  

Felt way longer

2019-02-06 04:07:14 UTC  


2019-02-06 04:07:16 UTC  

might have been more, i tuned out

2019-02-06 04:07:47 UTC  

I understand that kid

2019-02-06 04:07:49 UTC  

that kid has the right idea

2019-02-06 04:08:03 UTC  

“Wear suffragette white because uh trump is uh trying to disenfranchise women or whatever”

2019-02-06 04:08:45 UTC  

they aren't sending their best

2019-02-06 04:09:02 UTC  

or are they? 🤔 <:nervous:359009898115104770>

2019-02-06 04:09:22 UTC  

@ophiuchus >huge chunk of speech about wahmen

2019-02-06 04:11:20 UTC  

Whelp unless we get a wall built this term I'm not voting for Trump again

2019-02-06 04:11:46 UTC  

I’ll just write in Tucker Carlson

2019-02-06 04:12:11 UTC  

I'll write in Varg

2019-02-06 04:14:41 UTC  

I've been to 2 YR events and they want me to be a precinct committee member already

2019-02-06 04:16:21 UTC  

Who the heck is Varg?

2019-02-06 04:16:28 UTC  


2019-02-06 04:16:42 UTC  

An innocent man

2019-02-06 04:17:06 UTC  

yeah I dont know about that

2019-02-06 04:17:11 UTC  

@DixieBoy76 - KY think "revolt against the modern world" but irl

2019-02-06 04:17:44 UTC  

he's a good christian

2019-02-06 04:17:52 UTC  

Not like the unibomber, though, right?

2019-02-06 04:18:04 UTC  

That was too much of a revolt against the modern world

2019-02-06 04:18:23 UTC  

I haven't even done anything and they want me in a position lmao, if you're in a smaller area, legit just show up and they'll love ya

2019-02-06 04:18:23 UTC  

i know nothing of the unibomber tbh

2019-02-06 04:18:41 UTC  

Guy was an anarcho-primitivist

2019-02-06 04:18:43 UTC  

harvard grad moves to woods

2019-02-06 04:21:19 UTC  

I don't even know exactly what the position is and the chair is really pushing me, this is easier than I thought

2019-02-06 04:21:48 UTC  

looks like we really can take the GOP from the inside <:deye:359010025223618570>

2019-02-06 04:22:56 UTC  

In a business law class and being taken through how evil whitey was in the Dredd Scott case and with Plessey v. Ferguson. Can we please get to business law?

2019-02-06 04:25:42 UTC  

>class at 830

2019-02-06 04:25:51 UTC  

Just reading through the comments section of a zerohedge article on Tulsi Gabbard and the Bari Weiss Jew. The commenters are /woke/

2019-02-06 04:26:36 UTC  

The comments section Joe Rogan youtube video of that interview is extremely woke as well

2019-02-06 04:26:54 UTC  

Everyone calling out the J’s

2019-02-06 04:26:57 UTC