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Against my better judgement, I'm posting this article.

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Regarding IE:

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Keep in mind what I said in a fireside chat a couple months ago: this shit is written for two purposes only - to delegitimize our cause and to demoralize you.

Don't let it.

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@Conway - OK from the SPLC site so it doesn't bother me at all

2018-03-30 06:36:07 UTC  

a post and an angle we often take on our cyberstrike server:

*My research on Identity Europa lists them as a hate group according to the ADL + SPLC. Considering both the ADL and the SPLC have put peaceful pro-palestine student groups, anti-abortion lobbyists, sitting US Senators and Representatives as well as an Anti-Abortion African-American physician who almost became president (Ben Carson), The American Association of Pediatricians, The Remembrance Foundation and many others on hate lists , I would say that their claims don't hold much water.*

Citing the SPLC/ADL's overreach on "hate" especially when it concerns CAIR or Palestinian orgs (something the left cares about) or Anti-Abortion, Remembrance foundation (org honoring those killed by illegal immigrants, or Ben Carson (something conservatives & Christians care about) is a great way to crack consensus and delegitimize these absurd groups

2018-03-30 11:22:54 UTC  

@Deleted User Completely agree. What "chaps my hide" the most is their support for "Students for Justice in Palestine" student orgs at universities, which numerous colleges recognize as official student orgs on their campuses. They are a VERY anti-Jew and anti-Israel student org, and do not hide it...

2018-03-30 11:23:50 UTC  

...yet because they are pro-Palestinian, they're apparently *not a hate group*

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Not to mention that it fails to name similar ethno nationalist groups (Black Lives Matter) who have actually advocated and committed violence as hate groups.

2018-03-30 14:11:15 UTC  

As well as Antifa and other explicitly revolutionary groups.

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" does diversity in its broadest sense include white supremacists?

On the campus of Eastern Washington University in February this year, racist flyers appeared. A white supremacist group took credit. The university responded and students protested. Flyers from the same group now are appearing in the streets of Spokane and being put back up as fast as citizens can tear them down.

The group that posts these flyers, Identity Evropa, has propagandized Gonzaga University and University of Washington as well. It is making inroads in our campuses and towns. The Southern Poverty Law Center classifies Identity Evropa as a hate group. Washington is not the only state on the receiving end of such hateful attentions, and it’s not the only state where white nationalist groups are working to scatter seeds.

These groups operate from the shadows to perpetuate hate. They draw people in by deceitful means. Identity Evropa tries to make white supremacy an intellectual choice. The group pushes the bogus notion that white supremacy merits a space in civic discourse."

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@Niko - WA what’s that from?

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sorry, it's the article right above that Jacob posted.

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What a clumsy title.

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"Free speech has no room for espousing hatred." Yup. They were educated in America.

2018-04-02 04:39:22 UTC  

@Evan Thomas the writer is an award winning author and English professor too.

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Looks like we missed this. An entire series of letters to the editor about our posters. It's worth a read, though they start to repeat themselves after a while. This school really freaked out, I think we need to hit back with something creative.

2018-04-03 07:47:21 UTC  

Credit to @Temujen for helping me with this particular school.

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This is new

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We made Polish news last month. They called us "nationalists". Not bad.

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haha. Is that an Abo playing the digeree doo at her memorial?

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@Jacob we need to banner drop at Gonzaga now, it's our only option.

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Is this a haiku

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*A sticker is found,
Fervid hatred glows crimson,
Oy vey, oy gevalt*

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IE mentioned

2018-04-07 17:29:51 UTC  

we're on the stormer again

2018-04-07 17:32:40 UTC  

"Hats off to IE btw.

They went out to a place where many people would be sympathetic to their views. They didn’t sperg out. Instead, they simply gave a friendly a chance to push forward a pro-White talking point."

2018-04-07 17:32:58 UTC  

"This is really good stuff, fam. Simple and effective. Well done."

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@Brunswick with the post cuck of @Logan

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@Logan noice.

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wew I didn't notice that

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University of Washington article on our recent postering^

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Nice job, guys