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The Hill confirmed fake news

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Also posting screencaps of the WSJ and Hill articles in case anyone wants them in pic form

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This had the intended response lol

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👍 👍 👍

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Could any of you post the wall Street journal article from today

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Whew lads WSJ and NYT in one day. WSJ contacted the White House for comment with no response

2018-08-01 01:35:07 UTC  

She’s a candidate for Attorney General

2018-08-01 01:35:48 UTC  

Haha of course it’s some (poc) that wants diversity

2018-08-01 01:36:05 UTC  

Only those brainless idiots on the left with elect her

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Open for comments!

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Use your sockbook accounts tho.

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It was an honor making national news with you gentlemen

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Whoa! Excellently done gents.....applause all around.

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(((Abigail Weinberg))). Every. Single. Time.

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This story is literally in the bodegas here lmao

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Frame it. 😃

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This is how we run things. We make moves and they react. They are in constant reaction mode when it comes to us. That means we are on offense. We are moving the ball across the field. We are beyond driven and the only thing these people can do is go on defense or make crude sexual jokes that fall flat on exhausted ears. We are not going to stop and we are only going to get better. We are only going to continue to gather resources and inspire our people by taking a stand and saying what needs to be said. These moves are forcing them to show their hand. From the simple leftist to the high level politicians they are being exposed and we will continue to do so. The party is only getting started.

2018-08-01 16:26:26 UTC  

This is only the beginning!

2018-08-01 16:29:07 UTC  

The right has always been on the defense with charges of "racism", "sexism",'s about time WE are on the offense.

2018-08-01 16:29:34 UTC  

The more the left is on defense, the more they sperge out and show their anti-white hands.

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Abigail Weinberg

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2018-08-03 22:07:51 UTC  

"The consultants in early July independently named the three men, all in their early 20s, as members of American Heritage Initiative, a splinter of Identity Evropa, which the Southern Poverty Law Center describes as as a campus-based white supremacy group that builds community from shared racial identity."

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Literally never heard of this

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So guilt by association...of the 2nd degree? 🤔 Impressive!

2018-08-04 00:46:07 UTC  

Wait we have splinter groups now?

2018-08-04 00:46:13 UTC  

We big time.