Message from BryceB-ND in Nice Respectable People Group #cyberstrike

2017-12-29 21:46:41 UTC  

yeah, I made some phone calls last time too. I'm guessing fewer people do it, so it gets more attention.

2017-12-29 21:47:47 UTC  

i call my cable provider when im bored, this is my hobby

2017-12-29 21:48:37 UTC  

952-946-5767 fox 9

2017-12-29 21:50:37 UTC  

anyone have star trib tip email

2017-12-29 21:50:45 UTC  

i can only find there phone number

2017-12-29 21:51:41 UTC  

is it wrong to fib a lil and say some representatives were going to comment on the vigil to get the news station to bite?

2017-12-29 21:52:16 UTC  

I'll leave that to you.

2017-12-29 21:52:28 UTC  

i'm sure someone would be willing to give a sound

2017-12-29 21:52:30 UTC  


2017-12-29 21:52:42 UTC  

maybe just say some were planning on talking back to frey?

2017-12-29 21:52:43 UTC  

i mean i did "hear" that they might comment lol

2017-12-29 21:53:00 UTC  

say frey's starting off his term badly

2017-12-29 21:53:06 UTC  


2017-12-29 21:53:14 UTC  

"lost confidence of the people"

2017-12-29 21:53:26 UTC  

other aussie sites: sbs and networkten

2017-12-29 21:53:41 UTC  

that's good. not reassuring to his citizens.

2017-12-29 21:53:54 UTC  

helps to leave the emojis up there too once you shill to a source.

2017-12-29 21:55:23 UTC  

Razza lovecraft claims that other account is Antifa apparently

2017-12-29 21:55:26 UTC  

racheal maddow has been alerted 😃

2017-12-29 21:55:45 UTC  

Sending it to Paul Nehlen

2017-12-29 21:55:57 UTC  

I've done 3 locals so far.

2017-12-29 21:57:05 UTC  

it could make the 6 o'clock news here in minnesota

2017-12-29 22:01:23 UTC  

@PicBoyreported and tweeted its a fake acct too

2017-12-29 22:02:22 UTC  

He's changed his profile it seems

2017-12-29 22:02:54 UTC  

I reported it and just retweeted that its a fake acct

2017-12-29 22:06:19 UTC  


2017-12-29 22:06:43 UTC  

Might hit this guy up too. He reported on the original memorial

2017-12-29 22:08:03 UTC  

^^that guy only made that article of dubious veracity after getting BTFO in his own comments section

2017-12-29 22:08:16 UTC  

I love how instead of reaching out to IE and asking for an interview they just find some random comments and make an article on that

2017-12-29 22:08:37 UTC  

anyone get a response from any news outlets

2017-12-29 22:11:10 UTC  

🚨 BREAKING NEWS 🚨 : People are rude in comment sections

2017-12-29 22:11:35 UTC  


2017-12-29 22:15:12 UTC  

In a perfect world we would make it on Tucker Carlson

2017-12-29 22:15:22 UTC  

I've emailed fox news a half dozen times

2017-12-29 22:15:32 UTC  

boomer normies must be awoken

2017-12-29 22:22:00 UTC  

They value keeping america and union united over saving its people...

2017-12-29 23:06:28 UTC  

Whats are muslim salamis doin reporting on current events, let alone policing Minnesotian's anyhu? Ungrateful.

2017-12-30 02:04:51 UTC  

razzamn is a member's account, but not the group's account. razzaminnesota is fake, suspicous.

2017-12-30 02:50:15 UTC  

I knew this could have gone either way, not surprised it's not picking up steam as much. First time I got a couple local stations to carry it, then others saw it and realized they needed to show it too, and it snowballed from there. This time they said: we don't need to give them any more attention.

2017-12-30 02:50:47 UTC  

That's cool, I have a plan. I wanted to get local politicians to speak about Frey's comments, but no one's biting. To use a highly inappropriate phrase: the mountain will go to muhamed.

2017-12-30 02:51:38 UTC  

I want to go to a governor candidate's event and ask them there, on video. Not sure if I can pull this off, but it could get things rolling again.