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2018-09-25 23:58:31 UTC  

@Dunnski Not a big deal, we'll be asked to mute etc. to prevent hot mic'ing once it gets going, actually.

2018-09-25 23:58:39 UTC  

The mic button is to unmute and mute. @Tee-PA

2018-09-25 23:58:56 UTC  

But Patrick will be in a sec. Will be quiet until then.

2018-09-25 23:59:02 UTC  


2018-09-25 23:59:10 UTC  

alright, sounds good

2018-09-26 00:00:20 UTC  

Yeah check out the voice/sound tab under options

2018-09-26 00:00:47 UTC  

the cog wheel at bottom left of screen by your icon

2018-09-26 00:02:03 UTC  

How do I hear it on the phone app?

2018-09-26 00:02:26 UTC  

joining chat momentarily

2018-09-26 00:02:39 UTC  

Click "pledge hall" on the left

2018-09-26 00:03:08 UTC  

There's a voice channel that you can join simultaneously as reg./text

2018-09-26 00:03:09 UTC  

You'll see a bunch of names

2018-09-26 00:03:50 UTC  

I see that.

2018-09-26 00:03:59 UTC  

Sounds good

2018-09-26 00:04:26 UTC  

No trolls in this organization.

2018-09-26 00:10:12 UTC  

You deafened yourself @Belle Dobbs - FL \

2018-09-26 00:13:09 UTC  

You might want to click the headset button, otherwise you probably can't hear the orientation.

2018-09-26 00:13:13 UTC  
2018-09-26 00:22:37 UTC  

<@&488531212437159936> can you please note here if you are in the orientation meeting now? So we can keep track of which pledges have attended.

2018-09-26 00:22:53 UTC  


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2018-09-26 00:22:56 UTC  


2018-09-26 00:22:56 UTC  

@ThisIsChris present!

2018-09-26 00:22:57 UTC  

I'm happy to be here

2018-09-26 00:22:59 UTC  


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2018-09-26 00:23:04 UTC  


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2018-09-26 00:23:45 UTC  

Thanks Chris, I am marking them.

2018-09-26 00:23:58 UTC  


2018-09-26 00:25:08 UTC  

Beautiful, thanks <@&488531212437159936> , happy to have you guys here

2018-09-26 00:25:24 UTC  

Happy to be here

2018-09-26 00:25:35 UTC  

@ThisIsChris hey didn't you use to have the ZUCK icon?

2018-09-26 00:25:50 UTC  

or am I thinking of someone else haha

2018-09-26 00:26:27 UTC  

It was him

2018-09-26 00:28:10 UTC  


2018-09-26 00:44:09 UTC  

I could still hear it through the computer:)

2018-09-26 00:48:24 UTC  

You should also know that we keep records of infractions, so we don't forget things.

2018-09-26 01:05:11 UTC  

Our moderators delete first and ask questions later. Sometimes that upsets people, sometimes rightly so, but we put the order and protection of our server before not upsetting anyone ever. If you start onto a topic that we think might start a problem, we're going to shut it down. Even if you and your interlocutor are managing to do it with civility, maybe someone else will come in and start a problem. We're not having it. Don't be upset and definitely don't snark off about it.

2018-09-26 01:05:31 UTC  

It's never personal.