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Hello everyone, the name is Jeffrey and it's a pleasure to be here.

@Matthias excellent.

Gent's, who do I talk to about getting my dues fixed? I was told a coordinator, but I was never informed of who that might be? (Sorry this has nothing to do with the discussion).

@Deleted User Thank you.


hey, interesting we're using the chat box instead of the voice chat, despite being in the voice chat

alright, sounds good


@unclefesterr good to know, I'm also in the Mass area for most of the year, and I've noticed there is a few from Mass. I defiantly don't plan on leaving any time here soon.

@Matthias Good to know. Personally, I feel as though if more pressure was applied in a State like Maine, in the right areas, we might find more support. From what I understand, however, most people in Maine don't even know this organization exists.

@Matthias Oh most defiantly! I should state, however, I attend university in Mass. However, the location i'm at is in between 5 college campuses, including Umass: Amherst. I'd be more than willing to spread posters around, if by myself or with other Mass members. I could also try to talk to my friends back up North to help spread the message up there on UMaine campuses as well.

Anyone know when a new inductee is supposed to be approached by their regional coordinator? It's been almost a week. Haven't heard anything about a second interview and what not. Nothing about whose in my regional etc...

@Logan I'm speaking with Matt about it atm, thank you though


My word, another Mainer.

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN It's a truly beautiful state

@Asatru Artist - MD Yeah, that discussion isn't heard much in the state, its more of a southern Maine thing, and by that I mean Portland

@Selma why does everyone keep saying Aroostook, just the county if you're a real Mainer haha

@Selma On a side note, you're right. There isn't much for activity in the Pine state, but that makes our job, yours and mine, so much more important. I'm sure that Maine has the people we are looking for.

@Selma I know the feeling, but now's there's two of us! Progress is already under way. That being said, I'm having a shipment of fliers sent back home, while I'm away at school. Once it comes in and we both have some free time, we might be able to hit up say Orono, Portland, what have you, if you're up for it!


From the University of Massachusetts: Amherst.


Thank you!

@fire.within - FL watching it live. I guess I missed that though

hahaha exactly!

Certainly not @Singleton Mosby WV

"more entertaining question please"

Nice, guy!

Portland is the epicenter of liberalism in Maine. I can't speak on the amount of jews in the area though.

@ThisIsChris Yeah my guy!

@Selma Happy Veterans day, also you should check Slack, I sent a message regarding postering

yeah 22nd

@Reinhard Wolff any suggestions to cause more of a splash in upper New England? Especially in areas of high Liberal concentration?

@Reinhard Wolff Is our organization going to make some sort of statement / demonstration on the migrant caravan in the near future? Or, Have we made a statement / demonstration already?

@Reinhard Wolff What sort of connections / forms of communication do we have the Identity movement in Europe? I've read in the past that we don't have the best of connections, but that could be lies.

@Reinhard Wolff Any opinion on current US-Russian relations? In terms of an ethnic European standoff? (If you have any opinion on it)

@Reinhard Wolff Are we ever going to consider a organizational uniform? Or is that to militaristic?

@Reinhard Wolff What's your best argument to win people over to our side?

@Reinhard Wolff How do you suggest the United States act in regards to the Boer's in South Africa? All the Trump Administration has stated, to my knowledge, is that they will be keeping an eye on the situation.

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