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2018-06-19 15:03:15 UTC  

The one that says Liberty Guns Beer and Trump

2018-06-19 15:03:18 UTC  

I would agree with you, where it not that antifa people are insulted even if you compliment them

2018-06-19 15:03:36 UTC  

Lets not take any bikelocks to the head here

2018-06-19 15:03:53 UTC  

tim made a shirt of the bikelock guy

2018-06-19 15:04:05 UTC  

"Liberals get the bikelock too"

2018-06-19 15:04:53 UTC  

Hmm you could do without the background right?

2018-06-19 15:05:04 UTC  

no idea, it aint my tee

2018-06-19 15:05:18 UTC

2018-06-19 15:06:07 UTC  

"My gender is imaginary"

2018-06-19 15:06:09 UTC  


2018-06-19 15:06:22 UTC  

"Politics is a Spectrum"

2018-06-19 15:07:26 UTC  

"Politically non-binary"

2018-06-19 15:07:47 UTC  

"Some people say gender is a spectrum."
"There's definitely a spectrum involved in that"

2018-06-19 15:07:56 UTC  

Oh, I like that one, Politically non-binary.

2018-06-19 15:10:01 UTC  

"Ain't no party like the Nazi party" superimposed on the American flag

2018-06-19 15:16:14 UTC  

Opinions are a spectrum

2018-06-19 16:33:12 UTC  

Aw, cat cuteness doesn't cure death tho dumb cat.

2018-06-19 16:35:38 UTC

2018-06-19 16:37:22 UTC

2018-06-19 19:04:54 UTC  

This can't go wrong.

2018-06-19 20:33:44 UTC  

as long as it's being used by a professional it should be fine, however I want a drone with a flame thrower now.

2018-06-19 21:07:15 UTC  

There's a reason why I don't get cars with a lot of horsepower. It's easier to restrict oneself when you don't have the ability.

2018-06-19 23:12:34 UTC  

1984 VW Rabbit, you can drive that thing at 100% all day everyday and cops won't even notice.

2018-06-20 01:48:12 UTC  

As the resident FAA licensed Drone Pilot

2018-06-20 01:48:18 UTC  

I want one.

2018-06-20 01:48:19 UTC  


2018-06-20 02:17:35 UTC  

I'm getting a drone tomorrow. Maybe I can weaponize it. 🤔

2018-06-20 02:18:31 UTC  

Just tape a butter knife to it. THat's weaponized enough for London

2018-06-20 02:24:44 UTC  

I wonder if after knives are banned, people start using stones in crimes, andthen they'll try to ban stones.

2018-06-20 02:25:18 UTC  

Then tell people to start throwing pants

2018-06-20 02:34:42 UTC  

What kind are you getting?

2018-06-20 02:36:09 UTC  

can I offer you some advice?

2018-06-20 02:36:15 UTC  


2018-06-20 02:36:17 UTC  


2018-06-20 02:37:05 UTC  

It was bought already. Parent's decided to get it for their trip to Alaska. Will be giving it to me when they get back.

2018-06-20 02:37:21 UTC  

Ah. huh.

2018-06-20 02:37:52 UTC  

Bebop 2 is a potato painted white, with propellers.