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2018-05-21 01:18:59 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Random question: Has anyone heard of the Upjohn Institute? I was reading an opinion piece (which I happened to like part of due to it mentioning college degrees acting more like penalties against those without than boons for those with), and I found it odd that I couldn't find any commentary about the leanings of the think tank online other than being called moderate (I admit this was just a quick check though).

2018-05-23 20:44:53 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

lazy programmers who don't use comments are annoying

2018-05-23 20:48:03 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

//I say nothing, but somehow reading the code is easier to understand than the wiki instructions

2018-05-24 00:06:21 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Then countries would blame everything on lag

2018-05-24 00:10:10 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Don't cut down on the snacks, cut down on the meals... and make the snacks healthier

2018-05-24 00:17:09 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Not if the guilt-by-association mentality continues in congress. If Congress becomes ineffective, we'd only have one vote that matters.

2018-05-24 03:25:41 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

I'm no edgelord, just a safetyscissorslord

2018-05-24 05:02:11 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Twitter is id; expect nonsense

2018-05-24 05:09:05 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Question: Does free speech require being able to tie your speech as a response to the tweet you are tweeting about in this case?

2018-05-24 05:21:38 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I dunno. I could see the appeal of copulation in the oval office

2018-05-24 05:25:07 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

The differentiation is harder with Trump since he talks about government stuff a lot of the time. I doubt we would take Obama's March Madness brackets in any official capacity

2018-05-24 05:26:59 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  


2018-05-24 05:30:19 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Is there any history of moderation for public land? (And to what extent?)

2018-05-24 05:35:26 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

It's not a good sign when the heading says *and its demise*

2018-05-24 05:44:44 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Let's just call the government a legal person and be done with it πŸ˜›

2018-05-24 05:49:35 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

There's convoluted work related hypotheticals, but, in general, it's the right of being a property holder

2018-05-24 05:50:30 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Think of university presidents living in a house provided by the university

2018-05-24 05:53:38 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Or at least such land with postal service

2018-05-24 05:57:20 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

It's annoying anyway since blocking doesn't hinder public discussion, just easy the reference

2018-05-24 05:59:52 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Then it becomes the official form of communication, which makes it a problem

2018-05-24 15:02:35 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Litigation is what kills the masses, not the sentencing (for Sargon vs Akilah)

2018-05-24 15:03:44 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

AKA A narcissist arguing with a narcissist used to dealing with narcissists

2018-05-24 15:08:46 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I've had a friend who dealt with a patent law issue... it's been taking years. So, yeah, I know

2018-05-24 15:10:06 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

US politics: if you want a president who does Republican things, elect a Democrat. If you want a Republican acting one, elect a Democrat.

2018-05-24 15:18:51 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

The most potent weapon of WW3 will be memes

2018-05-25 02:48:43 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

How long until we see articles warning about the dangers of paper cut crimes?

2018-05-25 02:49:50 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Half of the country had "It's greener on the other side of the fence" jealousy

2018-05-25 02:52:13 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Education makes you more depressed; bring on the ignorance

2018-05-25 02:54:44 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

That's mean to say of the left

2018-05-25 03:02:02 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

That's why for any moral system you choose, you need to be clear about why you should value both truth and thriving separately for both you and others instead of conjoining the two

2018-05-25 03:06:07 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I don't follow her closely, but how long was she been publicly saying she's rightwing and has she been consistent in that time frame?

2018-05-25 03:24:01 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Whether she's serious about it or not, there is use for a young black woman conservative in this day of of identity politics in order to actually dismantle the idea

2018-05-25 03:25:39 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

My family used to joke that it'd be hilarious if Condeleeza Rice had somehow ended up as the opponent to Clinton or Obama in 2008

2018-05-25 03:44:04 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

From growing up in the South and going to uni outside of the South, and having had a lot of black friends in the past, when it hounded from media about why people look down on you, it takes a little bit to get past facing those expectations

2018-05-26 00:57:44 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

I actually used my completely unused Minds account to subscribe to Tim today... wrote a random blog post so my page wouldn't be empty... and it now has views.

2018-05-27 21:12:04 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Watching the podcast and getting distracted by how messy Tim's background looks compared to Emily's when they're sitting next to each other πŸ˜›

2018-05-28 15:24:25 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Ancient Egyptians were furries, and we all know not underestimate the thought processes of furries

2018-05-30 06:28:46 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

I can't believe I actually got myself to read it all:

2018-05-30 06:29:41 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

When you teach people to get upset about what they think are anthills, why are you surprised when they get upset at actual anthills?

2018-05-31 20:45:51 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I just want a shirt that says "Save our memes"

2018-06-02 20:17:59 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

About today's vid: Isn't it the same issue that led to conviction rates for rape/sexual harassment cases dropping in the UK? It's kinda disturbed how frequent this type of thing occurs

2018-06-10 19:17:22 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Reading the talk about the quality of news reporting a way back made me read up on the old Hawes Murders. I was about to say the reporting now wasn't as bad about sensationalism as back then, but then I actually thought about it.

2018-06-11 02:36:36 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

If there were a third brother what kind of hat would he wear?

2018-06-11 02:38:59 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Aw, I was hoping a bucket hat, decided in the '90s and regretted ever since

2018-06-12 20:24:08 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Got to go back to the fundamentals of what you believe and step back from the peripheries.

2018-06-12 20:30:04 UTC [Subverse #fake-news]  

I wouldn't be surprised if he was on good talking terms with Honey Badger Radio

2018-06-12 20:32:49 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

That moment when you realize you've been posting things online in layout of Aquinas, when you hate reading Aquinas... (talking about self here)

2018-06-12 21:18:34 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Tim needs to work on his beard to be Sargon 2.0

2018-06-12 23:21:22 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

These are the same people who think you motivate change by constantly shaming people

2018-06-12 23:25:00 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

actually, demoninizing is a better word

2018-06-13 04:11:10 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

The way it's set up, might actually make all three states more centralist. The northern-most counties are the most Republican (but unpopulated), but paired with Sacramento it can have more of a chance against San Francisco. Inland Empire is the most even to begin with. Orange county and land of Weird Al's college can be more noticeable on the coast.

2018-06-13 14:48:18 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

It's all the fluoridation of water

2018-06-13 18:20:06 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Ducks have rights, too

2018-06-13 18:20:48 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

The right to be served with a nice cranberry sauce

2018-06-13 20:49:50 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

She technically did make herself unemployable, but the question would more be whether the government will rule if the environment she wants to work in is acceptable if it considers her actions as cause to be unemployable.

2018-06-13 20:54:05 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Is it bad that I want to say, "It's the wrong hole to be considered shitposting" and then ask this question?

2018-06-13 21:33:22 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

About that merchandise, will there be T-shirts with just a picture of a beanie on them?

2018-06-13 21:35:41 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Legi mortuus linguis

2018-06-13 21:39:29 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Most of what I actually remember from Latin class is learning "quid facit?" And also learning infere, necare, etc before learning colors.

2018-06-13 22:51:38 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

He doesn't to me either, but my approach to transgenderism is: We can't completely change a person's gender. If we can find a way to make a person comfortable in their own body before transition, try it. If it doesn't work, go for transition, but watch out if the person gets the "uncanny valley" effect with that person's own body.

2018-06-14 05:12:11 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Can't be real; he didn't land on a porcupine

2018-06-14 14:23:22 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Uh, it's Polygon

2018-06-14 14:27:44 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

The pedophilia issue was only slightly brought up

2018-06-14 16:49:07 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

About that immigration article... If you told me the pictures were a summer camp, I would've believed it. It's the way that the situation is presented that is "sobering" not the photos themselves

2018-06-14 16:51:58 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Yeah, the Obama tenure immigration pictures on the other hand...

2018-06-14 20:03:20 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Whoa, I just subscribed to Desi-Rae Thinking on Youtube, and a recommended list of channels to subscribe to popped up

2018-06-15 01:45:59 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Give him a movie so he can work it out of his system

2018-06-15 06:02:53 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  
2018-06-15 06:06:47 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

I think you can buy Summoner Wars Master set for that. That's more fun out of the box

2018-06-15 06:08:18 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Oh wait, nope, you can't buy it for $50 anymore

2018-06-15 13:12:48 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

I think it becomes clear when the author makes excuses for not wanting a schedule. Kids are smart. If they see parents don't have power over themselves, why respect them trying to have power over you?

2018-06-15 17:49:09 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Yup, but the top pick comments are actually refreshing after the noticeable tilt in the article (Nowhere near as bad as it could be, but the tilt is still there)

2018-06-15 18:09:25 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

It's politics; they go for showmanship over properly addressing issues

2018-06-15 22:08:14 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Huh, part of the decline looks to be just fewer people of that age group

2018-06-16 01:51:28 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I remember an argument I had with someone online. We both agreed that the whole value of a degree of essentially just the resume marker; it didn't really mark education that well. The argument was if the cost to have a marker was worth it if we have embedded paths for minorities to obtain said marker.

2018-06-16 01:58:40 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Essentially that it offered a recognizable reference on a resume for people from different backgrounds. It's harder to get jobs if recruiters have to frame of reference for the value of any of the things on the resume

2018-06-16 02:02:09 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Oh, since the degree doesn't really show any mastery to begin with, it's more that the person is willing to get it despite the costs because of the opportunities it provides

2018-06-16 02:04:01 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

We never came to an agreement

2018-06-16 02:08:07 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Part of it is assumed that the normal financial cost is harder to meet for the minority, so it'd be greater time effort to pay off

2018-06-16 02:12:16 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

That's giving up your potential for the idea of the offspring. A lot of people don't think like that

2018-06-16 02:13:51 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Again, that's thinking too far ahead for some people

2018-06-16 02:14:47 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

It was a frustrating argument.

2018-06-16 02:17:40 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

That's more my interpretation of what she said than what she probably actually said

2018-06-16 02:20:17 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I don't mind diversity as a tie breaker, but it shouldn't have any value unless in that final position.

2018-06-16 02:26:25 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

There are two main parts for hiring: qualifications and potential fit in the environment. Diversity shouldn't really be related to either.

2018-06-16 14:09:30 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

I always wanted a goat when I was younger:

2018-06-16 17:48:10 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Whoa, Dave Cullen got dropped

2018-06-16 17:52:47 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

His youtube ad management group

2018-06-16 21:52:07 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

With 17 is is of questionable consent so there must be 18

2018-06-16 21:54:57 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

reasonable as in logical or reasonable as in allowing them to function in the worldview they created?

2018-06-16 21:56:35 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Can we argue that singular they is offensive to schizophrenic people?

2018-06-16 21:59:15 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I pull the Nine of Swords (tarot card). It's all in the head

2018-06-16 23:04:45 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I heard Merkel's coalition is falling apart on the immigration issue, but that's all I heard

2018-06-16 23:40:02 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Anyone getting the greay shirt? πŸ˜›

2018-06-17 01:09:43 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Free us from the tyranny of undergarments!

2018-06-17 03:12:07 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

There's not even a fake news emote...

2018-06-17 03:12:41 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

That's the hazing process

2018-06-17 03:34:38 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Australia's what happens when you isolate some prisoners on the other side of the world for a hundred years or so

2018-06-17 17:22:39 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Baizuo Baak Gwai

2018-06-17 18:59:18 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

If people disagree with the means, it must mean they disagree with the goals. *flawless logic*

2018-06-17 19:47:16 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Murder ends the story. Rape makes it darker, but it still goes on

2018-06-17 19:55:06 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

You have the right to advocate for justice regarding the crime

2018-06-17 19:58:17 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I'm glad I don't live in the UK

2018-06-17 19:59:42 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

It's a harder question when you aren't sure your justice's system's purpose is justice

2018-06-17 20:04:53 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I hate doing this, but I recently wrote up some thoughts on the matter:

2018-06-17 20:46:12 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

You could use Bing

2018-06-17 20:46:16 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  


2018-06-17 21:12:18 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

...on the podcast talking about adding gibberish to instagram pictures: The adding gibberish is a commentary of the banality of selfie culture

2018-06-18 01:02:15 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Dangit, why are all the Gallup political topics about abortion right now? I wanna read something actually interesting

2018-06-18 01:07:02 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Anywho, we all know why Tim's angry right now: The beanie T-shirt is more popular than the pyramid T-Shirt

2018-06-18 15:34:15 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Dang, the board of directors looks majorly white

2018-06-18 15:57:41 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

The one the mainstream continuity abandoned because it makes no sense

2018-06-18 17:08:35 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

In 40 years, the navy will have more spaceships than the space force.

2018-06-18 20:19:56 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

...did Tim just say "and other activists" when describing his past situation with the SPLC?

2018-06-18 20:22:36 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I wouldn't think of it as an issue, but people bite at the smallest things these days

2018-06-18 21:01:12 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Typo, her last name is Lavin and her twitter is now private

2018-06-18 21:04:49 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Instead of quadrants, make an actual compass, with "Far right" wrapping around and ending up next to "Far left"

2018-06-18 21:23:12 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

If it's a red bathroom stick figure over a bunch of horizontal stick figures

2018-06-18 21:38:47 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Think of it as a call to try new microbreweries

2018-06-18 21:39:55 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

"Did you learn that in college?" ...

2018-06-18 21:42:13 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

If you gouge out your eyes, it puts you higher up the oppression totem pole

2018-06-18 21:43:23 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Claim it's Trump's fault

2018-06-18 23:35:08 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Change bike to byke

2018-06-18 23:35:58 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

also "2" instead of "too"

2018-06-18 23:39:20 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

The person I most associate with "lawful neutral" is Sessions. I've never seen someone so literally try to obey the letter of the law.

2018-06-18 23:40:58 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

true, just a statement I wanted to say that no one would actually listen to

2018-06-18 23:41:53 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I break my stuff, it's only fair I get to break yours

2018-06-18 23:43:39 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Equal Oppression For All!

2018-06-18 23:45:21 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

racist πŸ˜›

2018-06-18 23:46:14 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Ooo... a brown hand

2018-06-18 23:52:09 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Antigun: So I gotta bludgeon

2018-06-18 23:53:17 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

... beanie

2018-06-18 23:55:59 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

What about bumper stickers? I like posters less and less as I get older

2018-06-18 23:57:04 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

better sell to the collector habit

2018-06-18 23:58:53 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

If you start with limited edition stuff, start with a more ephemeral topic

2018-06-19 00:01:02 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

That sounds like high burnout possibility; try one a week

2018-06-19 00:05:12 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Two issues: flooding your own market; building expectation of a design-a-day

2018-06-19 00:09:07 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Get a queue of other letters trying to fill the spot

2018-06-19 00:10:46 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

That just makes me want to see a stick figure pic of someone trying to ride a bike while the bike lock's still on

2018-06-19 00:14:30 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

"Trust me, I'm a professor"

2018-06-19 00:16:50 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

The cross was an actual torture device; the most prominent idea about something tends to overwrite the others

2018-06-19 00:21:17 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

the OK hand gesture just became the confederate battle flag

2018-06-19 00:23:20 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

The US should hand over the symbol of the eagle and go with the second choice: the regal turkey

2018-06-19 00:24:19 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

at least about punching them

2018-06-19 00:25:52 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

That makes sense. Nothing happened before the white man's oppression of the rest of the world.

2018-06-19 00:29:24 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Romans had a fun sense of humor. Have any of you actually seen an eagle in the wild?

2018-06-19 00:33:06 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

The telecom one might give a different impression with LGBT

2018-06-19 00:58:09 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Unfortunately, on a trip to Iran, Tim had a head injury. The surgery left his brain exposed, so he must keep the hat on or risk infection. Taking off his hat is risking his life.

2018-06-19 01:33:38 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

You can re-insert "Why not keep families together as they await trial?"

2018-06-19 01:36:54 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

It's the same line, just in a different spot

2018-06-19 01:37:00 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

my bad

2018-06-19 01:39:38 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

The Biblical stuff would be pointless but fun. Half the Bible's stories are about situations that the "right thing" conflicts with the letter of the law. It has a big "Context is key" aspect to it.

2018-06-19 01:44:40 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Might want to mention how proper documentation allows for reuniting the family when things are cleared up

2018-06-19 01:53:39 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Typically, an argument goes over better if you can throne a bone to emotion if you can. It isn't necessary, but winning the argument isn't the point. Convincing the other person there's a reasonable way to think in the opposite way is.

2018-06-19 01:55:56 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

If one of those people is an unwilling participant, lax borders makes it that much harder to find the missing person

2018-06-19 01:57:31 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Being black without an owner wasn't necessarily illegal, just unlikely. Minor nitpick

2018-06-19 01:59:24 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

If you draw bad similarities, at least be accurate in what was wrong with your examples.

2018-06-19 02:02:36 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Half work ethically is understanding what you are capable of. If you take on all the world's problems, there's no way to address each one properly and you hold up the ones who can for the individual issues.

2018-06-19 02:06:01 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

legal/illegal doesn't make sense unless everyone involved is under the same law.

2018-06-19 02:10:22 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

I liked the capital letters. The B looked like a butt.

2018-06-19 02:12:40 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Acts are illegal. Not people, and at the very least documentation needs to be done to resolve it.

2018-06-19 02:15:30 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

L and G being separate implies only two genders

2018-06-19 02:20:20 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Can HoPT stand for anything problematic?

2018-06-19 02:24:52 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

I tried to make PT Cruiser Bruiser a thing, but it didn't work

2018-06-19 02:28:01 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Make sure to put LMNOPQRS at the end of the letter string

2018-06-19 02:43:04 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

The letter G (instead of a face)

2018-06-19 02:48:52 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Imply Google, but since Google's symbol is a G, it's easier to tweak away from being sueable.

2018-06-19 03:51:09 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Slightly. I'd also want to say whenever a law is put in place, people will try to game the system. It's Occam's razor to say those who try to game the system are the ones who can most gain from it. In this case, that would be traffickers.

2018-06-19 04:11:59 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

I'm going to assume I didn't read the name Te***. @RyeNorth

2018-06-19 04:21:02 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Uh, Trump hasn't been opposed to the idea of Mexican or Muslims in the US. Just particular ones who would violate law. It doesn't extend to the entire groups.

2018-06-19 04:21:34 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

I don't even like Trump, why do I have to defend him?

2018-06-19 14:24:17 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Heh, I've got the opposite problem. White people think I'm white, but surprisingly, most nonwhite people can tell I'm only half

2018-06-19 14:24:37 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

It's actually nice

2018-06-19 14:25:37 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Let's just call them far off

2018-06-19 14:32:38 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

It's just weird how the left fills the conservative role nowadays. It's supposed to be the liberal tries to expand possibilities, while the conservative ensures the ability to keep gains from those expansions. (Er, a rough idea of what I think of the roles of conservative/liberal)

2018-06-19 14:35:24 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I think in this case, orders doesn't necessarily mean national borders, but borders of conceptual ideas

2018-06-19 14:36:34 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I'm actually normally apolitical, but have this innate need to hear all stories

2018-06-19 14:37:30 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I just got made when it started affecting the quality of stories we tell

2018-06-19 14:39:21 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

When you tell me there's only one proper way to view an event, that cuts the number of stories at least by half

2018-06-19 14:40:23 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

It's so boring

2018-06-19 14:42:35 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

There's a reason most religions use stories. It's because stories allow for different interpretations and lessons over time. Assigning a definitive moral to each story limits its usefulness

2018-06-19 14:44:57 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Limit the interpretations, limit the ability to think

2018-06-19 14:48:40 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

If you run out of food from the outside, you start eating yourself

2018-06-19 14:52:14 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Mistaken? It is

2018-06-19 21:07:15 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

There's a reason why I don't get cars with a lot of horsepower. It's easier to restrict oneself when you don't have the ability.

2018-06-19 22:12:35 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Hopefully trying the same trick twice will wake companies up on dumb it is to acquiesce

2018-06-20 02:18:31 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Just tape a butter knife to it. THat's weaponized enough for London

2018-06-20 02:24:46 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

To be frank, it's probably easiest to do under current conditions when the laws are more strictly enforced

2018-06-20 02:25:18 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Then tell people to start throwing pants

2018-06-20 02:29:17 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I think harder enforcement gives more incentive to legalize. If it's haphazardly enforced, it would just stay on the books

2018-06-20 02:30:39 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

He let the states decide to enforce

2018-06-20 02:33:31 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

It's the one aspect I appreciate Sessions; his actions actually require Congress and government to function the way its supposed to on reform

2018-06-20 02:33:58 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Instead of stamping over it with an executive order

2018-06-20 02:40:20 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

That's a lot to ask of a politician at the moment.

2018-06-20 02:40:25 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Baby steps

2018-06-20 02:44:37 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

What? When did they leave? I don't keep up with those things

2018-06-20 02:47:09 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Yeah, GoPro footage was some of the best footage on Youtube when I got "homesick" of my old haunts

2018-06-20 12:40:54 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

What ever happened to asking nicely first?

2018-06-20 19:42:25 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

5/5, 5/5: It doesn't matter if I believe the facts or opinions are true, but anything value based is opinion and anything fact based has defined ways of measuring

2018-06-20 19:46:07 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Hint: pew's pretty good at not assuming the internet population is representative of the whole population

2018-06-20 19:56:34 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

That's the point of asking the question

2018-06-20 20:16:27 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

You sunk my battleship

2018-06-20 20:29:35 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I didn't like a bunch of the questions. What I personally think doesn't necessarily mean I think the government should enforce it.

2018-06-20 20:34:52 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Economic Left/Right: -0.63
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -3.23

2018-06-21 05:23:25 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

What is the picture trying to convey under that headline? Is Trudeau jealous of Merkel's Starburst? I guess it was strawberry

2018-06-21 14:06:28 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

You would hope the number of children that were separated would give a sense of how much illegal immigration there is, but people only focused on the act of separation.

2018-06-21 15:30:18 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Fahrenheit 451 should be required reading

2018-06-21 23:12:24 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

The women would be shirtless on a Dutch airline

2018-06-21 23:33:49 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Sometimes, you gotta love De Franco stories

2018-06-22 02:58:18 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Not the best idea in general to get shit faced and shoot something

2018-06-22 03:00:04 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Oh, no gun land. I don't have any experience with guns, but being in America, I've used the ability to pretend I have a gun to get out of situations a couple of times

2018-06-22 03:01:30 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I mean a place where you can assume no one has a gun

2018-06-22 03:01:56 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

bluffing is useless when the ability to have it is small

2018-06-22 03:03:48 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Being a zombie is fun at times, but I guess sleep's okay

2018-06-22 13:08:40 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Wow, a well structured argument in a news article, I had almost given up hope.

2018-06-22 13:11:28 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

It's also sad how it hints at the ways media steers the conversation away because it's not what the public thinks about in terms of mass shooting

2018-06-22 14:09:40 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

It's hard to build things via chaos

2018-06-22 14:12:30 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I'd add: "Entropy is the future"

2018-06-22 14:14:45 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Then keep up a public stat tracker on the shirt sales

2018-06-22 14:20:29 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I almost want to see a button down with the symbols in the designer logo spot

2018-06-22 14:21:12 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Just to sell to the corporate Commies

2018-06-22 16:20:23 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Contact Congress to put SJW as a race on FAFSA

2018-06-22 16:21:19 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

It can join the ranks of white male

2018-06-22 16:21:55 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

More of a cream

2018-06-22 16:26:10 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

If you're using triple protection, I hope you somehow don't end up with a baby

2018-06-22 16:30:02 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I've been waiting for episode 8. When does it come out?

2018-06-22 16:35:21 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I've actually not seen TLJ yet. I've been waiting until I can see it while giving platelets. That way, I have to force myself through all the cringe and not stop it. Easiest way to get over and done with at once.

2018-06-22 16:36:31 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

There are things we should not subject the world to.

2018-06-22 16:37:01 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Would it count as a human rights violation?

2018-06-22 16:40:18 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

There are more beneficial trolls for the long term health of humanity. For example, electing Trump

2018-06-22 16:40:36 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

It's done a lot to wake people up about the media

2018-06-22 16:41:09 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

...which one?

2018-06-22 16:41:31 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I've heard about it

2018-06-22 16:41:56 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Lucas's ex-wife is the real hero of Star Wars

2018-06-22 19:57:55 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Rain down arrows on the right or left?

2018-06-22 20:04:42 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Merit Badge

2018-06-22 20:29:57 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Roads are like from Roman times. That's like ancieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeent

2018-06-22 20:31:28 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Are Canadians allowed to fight without saying "please" first?

2018-06-22 20:49:05 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Are the creeping children's videos in the suggestions again?

2018-06-22 20:50:08 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

How have the SPLC videos doing?

2018-06-22 20:55:19 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

It feels like Youtube's been doing some calibrations lately. Just from some anecdotal experience

2018-06-22 21:46:49 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I think it'd be better to try to talk to the memo leaker if anyone

2018-06-22 21:49:01 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Everyone know things come in trilogies. We got a part I and a part II. Now we just need a part III

2018-06-22 21:59:28 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

If the name is "Universal..." I don't have much hope

2018-06-22 22:00:49 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

The average donation was about $70. Considering the opportunity to showboat by the big names....

2018-06-22 22:02:22 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

The way it was cast, there are a lot of Republicans too on this topic

2018-06-22 22:02:53 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Don't mess with the family unit and not expect conservatives to get pissed off

2018-06-22 22:16:04 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Lax policy

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