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2018-01-09 01:45:44 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

I still have a few of them.

2018-01-09 01:46:38 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Not sure if I even have all the pieces.

2018-01-09 01:51:36 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

It’s a bit of a mess but I still have some stuff lying around.

2018-01-09 01:57:34 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

I used to have one of the big sets as well.

2018-01-09 01:57:36 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]

2018-01-09 01:57:38 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  


2018-01-09 01:59:38 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

It was my favorite one. There were a few variations of it as well in the instructions.

2018-01-09 02:56:40 UTC [Subverse #fake-news]  


2018-01-09 02:57:25 UTC [Subverse #fake-news]  

Definitely didn’t sound like booing. Also pretty sure I heard chants of “USA” near the end.

2018-01-09 03:05:49 UTC [Subverse #fake-news]  

I think I did hear some but nothing too crazy. Obviously there would be people there who would boo since America is still a very heavily divided country.

2018-01-09 03:06:20 UTC [Subverse #fake-news]  

Yeah. Most was cheering.

2018-01-09 03:07:24 UTC [Subverse #fake-news]  

That wasn’t an NFL game was it?

2018-01-09 03:08:02 UTC [Subverse #fake-news]  

If it was NFL I think most of the trump supporters wouldn’t have gone to the game.

2018-01-09 03:10:27 UTC [Subverse #fake-news]  

It’s a fun game but yeah maybe it would need to get switched up a bit to prevent it.

2018-01-09 03:16:09 UTC [Subverse #fake-news]  

Isn’t Trump having the fake news awards thing today?

2018-01-09 03:17:13 UTC [Subverse #fake-news]  

Oh it’s going to be Wednesday now.

2018-01-09 03:17:27 UTC [Subverse #fake-news]  

I don’t think it’s a joke.

2018-01-09 03:18:46 UTC [Subverse #fake-news]  

Yeah he needs to drop Fox. (although there are some decent people on the network)

2018-01-09 03:22:03 UTC [Subverse #fake-news]  

In the end though I’d just want to see news stations that report facts and not tell us what to think.

2018-01-09 03:22:30 UTC [Subverse #fake-news]  

News shouldn’t be opinionated.

2018-01-09 03:28:12 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Can’t let people hear what doesn’t fit the narrative.

2018-01-09 22:43:30 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

He says he supports it but not Obamacare. Dems won’t budge on the Obamacare issue.

2018-01-09 23:38:41 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I’m not surprised about this at all. Plus isn’t it pretty old news?

2018-01-09 23:40:15 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  


2018-01-09 23:56:07 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I switched about six months ago because of the fact checking and doctored search results but it’s good that they are bringing it up again.

2018-01-09 23:58:19 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  


2018-01-09 23:58:47 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Ditched most of google besides youtube.

2018-01-10 00:00:23 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Facebook I deleted a while back. Have twitter still but for non political stuff.

2018-01-10 00:14:51 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Won't be reformed so long as Dems are in charge there. Maybe when infastructure talks happen it will fix things but who knows?

2018-01-10 00:18:53 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Only giving welfare to people who work is a great start. (not that I like the idea of welfare really)

2018-01-10 00:19:39 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Yeah so they need to make new jobs.

2018-01-10 00:26:34 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

It is.

2018-01-10 00:27:01 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Will help for a bit but it's probably temporary until the next ban happens.

2018-01-10 00:30:32 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

We need more nuclear plants.

2018-01-10 00:32:59 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Yeah they are really safe.

2018-01-10 00:33:38 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Less pollution though.

2018-01-10 00:36:25 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Solar/wind is still too new. Needs to be improved more.

2018-01-10 00:41:43 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Electric cars are slightly better even with that factored in but the subsities make it not worthwhile.

2018-01-10 00:42:51 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Need better batteries.

2018-01-10 00:51:29 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Walls do work though.

2018-01-10 00:52:09 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

They aren't perfect but they have a huge impact.

2018-01-10 00:54:00 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Someone's been playing lots of KSP.

2018-01-10 00:54:25 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I've never played but I want to get it one day.

2018-01-10 01:01:19 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

You can build on the moon to eventually make it easier to get to mars.

2018-01-10 01:07:46 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I wonder if comets are a viable use for space travel. Just land on one and have it take you places.

2018-01-10 01:09:01 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

It’s pretty logical. Also you could mine them and build ships out of it (maybe).

2018-01-10 01:14:43 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

We can combine stuff you know about with stuff you don’t know about. Nuclear powered rocket ships.

2018-01-10 01:17:16 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I know none of those things.

2018-01-10 01:27:19 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I dabble in UE4 a bit. Not coding or blueprints though.

2018-01-10 01:33:40 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Doesn’t Unity have a better road tool?

2018-01-10 01:35:21 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  


2018-01-10 01:36:05 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Blueprints are great because I can’t code. I can’t really blueprint either but that’s a different problem.

2018-01-10 01:52:31 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

There was a picture of him with no beanie.

2018-01-10 01:53:01 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Think it was in an ama on 4chan.

2018-01-10 02:56:39 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Yeah if everyone believes in individual freedoms you can collectively push for it.

2018-01-10 02:56:50 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Without being too specific.

2018-01-10 03:02:05 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

It’s not dtube.

2018-01-10 03:03:08 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]!/c/timcast

2018-01-10 03:08:37 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

New platforms need to distance themselves from YouTube if they want to succeed. Not become a near copy.

2018-01-10 14:08:22 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Don’t think you can. It’s just the Dems stonewalling again.

2018-01-10 14:11:00 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

It’s what they’ve been since the election..

2018-01-10 14:11:38 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

The “resist” movement. Not the work together with Trump for the American people movement.

2018-01-10 14:50:30 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

No surprise there.

2018-01-10 15:57:41 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I don’t think it should be replaced at all. DACA is just terrible.

2018-01-10 16:00:04 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

If people should be dreaming of anything it should be a better Mexico. Running away from the problem just prolongs it.

2018-01-10 16:00:20 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

And the US ends up picking up the bill.

2018-01-10 16:25:06 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Sounds like there was a misunderstanding that caused the entire thing in the first place. They were told they could build it and were later told they couldn’t.

2018-01-10 23:21:47 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

He’s working on both it seems.

2018-01-11 00:58:35 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Ever since Sweden most of Tim’s base has been Trump supporters and slight leftists so I’m not too surprised.

2018-01-11 01:02:11 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Maybe not leftists. Liberals but not the SJW liberals.

2018-01-11 01:03:33 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I found him through Reddit because of the Sweden thing. Watched every video since.

2018-01-11 01:04:02 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Regressive left.

2018-01-11 01:05:16 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I was one of those but always saw myself as republican.

2018-01-11 01:07:40 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Yeah you don’t sound left leaning.

2018-01-11 01:09:06 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

They will be calling gender studies essential.

2018-01-11 01:13:09 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Left/Right shouldn’t really be the main focus. It should be libertarianism/authoritarianism.

2018-01-11 01:13:33 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Left/right changes far too often to be accurate I think.

2018-01-11 01:17:32 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

3:15 here. Can’t sleep sadly.

2018-01-11 01:18:32 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Who needs sleep when there’s politics?

2018-01-11 01:32:39 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Well most of us here agree on nearly everything.

2018-01-11 01:33:00 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I’m in another political server that gets pretty toxic.

2018-01-11 01:33:58 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Not one but I think mainly republican now.

2018-01-11 01:35:31 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

See ya.

2018-01-11 02:44:46 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

There is.

2018-01-12 08:46:49 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Pretty much anyone the Dems are pushing would make for an easy win.

2018-01-12 17:36:16 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Well RIP Scotland I guess.

2018-01-12 17:56:25 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

SJWs have no logic. No point in ever trying to understand them.

2018-01-12 17:57:10 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I did hear that @Gaston Chambers.

2018-01-12 17:58:06 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

It’s amazing they survive as a movement because they should have torn themselves apart by now.

2018-01-12 18:19:09 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Sorry to butt in but I’m having an argument in a different Discord with someone who agrees with that article about refugees voting in Scotland. Sad that people actually think it’s a good thing. Might post the entire conversation in a bit if you guys want to see it lol.

2018-01-12 18:20:37 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I'm telling them that but they say it's "selfish".

2018-01-12 18:21:16 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Did that too.

2018-01-12 18:22:45 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Conversation thus far.

2018-01-12 18:23:40 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

You will rage yes.

2018-01-12 18:26:19 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

They gave up. Maybe had too much logic.

2018-01-12 18:26:58 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

The latter.

2018-01-12 19:35:15 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  


2018-01-12 21:12:39 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Could be offline.

2018-01-13 09:55:44 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Not really but that's just because the system doesn't favor him.

2018-01-13 10:55:47 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Yes but the people with the most money always seem to win. Hopefully I'm wrong.

2018-01-13 20:56:13 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  


2018-01-13 20:56:20 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Probably wouldn't hurt.

2018-01-13 23:56:27 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I am in the middle of having the exact argument in the recent video about how Trump (allegedly) calling countries shitholes is somehow racist. People are so blinded by emotion that simple facts elude them. Very sad.

2018-01-14 00:01:00 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

No he's not wrong.

2018-01-14 00:01:48 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I ended up calling the guy a racist because he assumed people from those countries were shitholes instead of just the country being a shithole.

2018-01-14 00:02:14 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Already answered lol.

2018-01-14 00:02:25 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

That was basically my argument.

2018-01-14 00:02:50 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

He thought Trump mentioned Norway just because they are white.

2018-01-14 00:03:55 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

He also said the "Muslim ban" was racist because apparently muslims are a race now.

2018-01-14 00:04:36 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I'm really enjoying it because he keeps doubling down.

2018-01-14 00:05:23 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I talked to a guy today who thought illegals shouldn't be deported so yeah people like that exist.

2018-01-14 00:08:12 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

He says we can't send them back becauase they'd be killed.

2018-01-14 00:09:19 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

We weren't talking about the US.

2018-01-14 00:09:54 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

And yeah you can't fight emotions with logic sadly.

2018-01-14 00:10:25 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I said if people leave they lose the incentive to make their home countries better and it becomes an endless loop.

2018-01-14 00:11:16 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Well that argument doesn't work with illegals @JadenFrostwolf.

2018-01-14 00:11:32 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Because you don't vet illegals.

2018-01-14 00:11:38 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Could be getting anyone.

2018-01-14 00:12:11 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

That's more an argument against immigration in general.

2018-01-14 00:12:16 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Ah ok.

2018-01-14 00:15:43 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Probabaly but I didn't ask. The conversation is a bit of a shitstorm at the moment.

2018-01-14 00:16:53 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

He's going on about how the travel ban was unconstitutional and just because the 9th ruled it as such made it true.

2018-01-14 00:17:37 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Did that.

2018-01-14 00:17:56 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

He's not listening at this point so the whole debate is probably moot. Just fun to watch.

2018-01-14 00:20:50 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Yeah im sure some people jumped the fence after watching that.

2018-01-14 00:20:54 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Legally though.

2018-01-14 00:21:59 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Yeah that's true.

2018-01-14 00:22:10 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

It's important to keep peoples minds open.

2018-01-14 00:22:43 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Terrible debate but I did learn a lot from it @JadenFrostwolf.

2018-01-14 00:25:56 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Ok I brought it up and confirmed that he thinks Trump supporters hate immigrants.

2018-01-14 00:26:26 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Which obviously will need to be clarified as illegal immigrants.

2018-01-14 00:47:35 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

So now we are talking DACA which he thinks is constitutional and I posted a video of Obama admitting that what he did was unconstitutional. Probably didn't even watch it. <>

2018-01-14 00:53:22 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I used to live in Maryland. Glad I moved.

2018-01-14 00:55:36 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  


2018-01-14 00:58:10 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

People are afraid of things they don't understand.

2018-01-14 01:02:32 UTC [Subverse #fake-news]  

Personally the cigar.

2018-01-14 01:03:10 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

It's almost like guns don't kill people. People kill people.

2018-01-14 01:04:28 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  


2018-01-14 01:06:57 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Two scoops

2018-01-14 01:07:37 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Maybe we could get more anime if we bombed NK. 🤔

2018-01-14 01:08:51 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  


2018-01-14 01:08:59 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Bad idea then.

2018-01-14 01:12:05 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Love Trumps hate by attacking Trump supporters.

2018-01-14 01:13:00 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Also they can't meme because humor is not allowed.

2018-01-14 01:13:58 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Oh yeah. How have they not torn themselves apart from inner bickering yet?

2018-01-14 01:15:38 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

They added brown and black to the LGBT flag which annoyed a bunch of LGBT people.

2018-01-14 01:18:58 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  


2018-01-14 01:20:16 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I heard something about how somewhere in Europe a woman got in trouble for using pepper spray on someone who was raping here.

2018-01-14 01:28:30 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Get the Trump .45

2018-01-14 06:39:03 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Think he said he’d be in Canada > Detroit > Chicago.

2018-01-14 09:31:06 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

There are far bigger discord servers with content that is really not PC that haven’t been removed.

2018-01-14 18:42:16 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I've heard a little about Q but never really followed much of it. Could be a LARP.

2018-01-14 19:29:33 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Wish there was a debate channel because then I'd have a better place to post this... Anyways apparently this poem (according to someone I just talked to) does not mean that free speech and speaking out against people is important but rather they think it means we should shut down Nazis and not allow them to talk (also to kill them).

2018-01-14 19:33:53 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

They dodged that question but said in their definition it's the people waving Nazi flags and yelling Nazi chants. But the problem is no one cares what one persons definition of Nazis are. The left blankets the right with "Nazi" and they become fair game.

2018-01-14 19:36:40 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Yeah I got into that discussion as well. People didn't like accepting the fact that both sides were in the wrong but had the right to speak.

2018-01-14 19:41:21 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

That's mob rule and it's why full democracy is terrible.

2018-01-14 19:42:34 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I'll post the conversation on my end.

2018-01-14 19:49:24 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Pretty much.

2018-01-14 19:51:57 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Not to mention how they lack self awareness. They are literally calling fo rthe death of people because of their ideology. Seems a bit Nazi-like. 🤔

2018-01-14 19:54:41 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Anyways apparently this poem (according to someone I just talked to) does not mean that free speech and speaking out against people is important but rather they think it means we should shut down Nazis and not allow them to talk (also to kill them). TL;DR

2018-01-14 19:55:28 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  


2018-01-16 06:50:34 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

The way I see it all the people with new “genders” are either mentally ill, making them up to play the victim card, or both. Since victimhood is so profitable now it doesn’t surprise me that people would try gaming the system to acquire victim status.

2018-01-16 07:27:01 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I think that’s more of a depression thing.

2018-01-16 08:36:24 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Thinking you’re in the wrong body and wanting to lop off your genitals seems pretty mental illness-y to me.

2018-01-16 20:24:11 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Yeah I posted about this earlier. Would take time to get used to but it would be good if it happens.

2018-01-16 20:25:12 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

New Cali might give use more electoral votes as well and take away from California’s.

2018-01-16 20:26:35 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

It wouldn’t change much but give us a boost.

2018-01-16 20:27:24 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

It would still be easy for them to win Cali.

2018-01-16 20:27:40 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Easier actually.

2018-01-16 20:28:08 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  


2018-01-16 20:29:46 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

If rural areas of dem states start breaking off it means we would have a lot less “wasted” votes.

2018-01-16 20:31:16 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Knowing the Dems they’d double down.

2018-01-16 20:34:47 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

“Trump is racist reee”

2018-01-16 20:35:20 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

They won’t talk about policy just about how terrible they think the republicans are.

2018-01-18 08:07:05 UTC [Subverse #fake-news]  

Or just have no moral integrity.

2018-01-19 19:25:44 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Would like to see things that the MSM refuses to cover. Could be interesting.

2018-01-21 12:14:27 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Love how Trump is still making ads.

2018-01-21 15:41:44 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

IGD is pretty bad. I think it was them who had articles about how to sabotage train tracks and lots of pro antifa stuff.

2018-01-21 15:43:59 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Those kinds of people shouldn’t be teachers.

2018-01-21 15:46:55 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I don’t know your teacher so I’ll take your word for it but I’m really wary of anyone who takes the far left seriously.

2018-01-21 15:48:51 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I’m wary of both. I don’t think you should shut down extreme views but also be careful to not cross the line of indoctrination.

2018-01-21 15:58:14 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I take them seriously in that way yes. As in they are a serious danger.

2018-01-21 19:28:22 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

It’s really sad that I’m able to say I’m not surprised.

2018-01-21 21:43:35 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Yup watching.

2018-01-22 23:09:44 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Let’s just say if Islam is the religion of peace than I really don’t want to know what the religion of war is.

2018-01-22 23:15:08 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

ISideWith is the most accurate in my opinion.

2018-01-22 23:15:44 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

It’s the only one that put me as republican.

2018-01-22 23:16:16 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Political compass had me at extreme centrist.

2018-01-22 23:18:11 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I have my right wing bias but I can understand why the left and extreme right think the way they do so it’s easy to debate them.

2018-01-22 23:20:42 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Yeah I like debating anyone to improve my own views by either strengthening them or adapting them to encompass new facts.

2018-01-22 23:25:47 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Found some old poll results of mine

2018-01-22 23:27:35 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I just say I don’t know enough about a topic and don’t debate it or ask people to explain their views to me.

2018-01-22 23:33:46 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

The left lose most debates because it’s all fueled by emotion.

2018-01-22 23:34:44 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

@Enigmus destiny is a YouTuber.

2018-01-22 23:35:48 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

He debated Sargon.

2018-01-22 23:37:06 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Destiny vs Jontron was interesting.

2018-01-22 23:37:15 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

In a bad way.

2018-01-22 23:37:30 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  


2018-01-22 23:39:01 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I don’t think he fully understood what the alt-right is.

2018-01-22 23:39:17 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  


2018-01-22 23:40:08 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Sargon sort of backed him up by saying he doesn’t know how to present his views properly.

2018-01-22 23:40:19 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

But also called him an idiot lol.

2018-01-22 23:42:08 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Can always use VC but most of us probably agree with each other on a lot of topics.

2018-01-22 23:43:07 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

It’s both convincing yourself and others.

2018-01-22 23:46:03 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Life experiences.

2018-01-26 14:38:57 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I didn’t hear anything about that but I assume you’ll make a video on it?

2018-01-26 15:06:20 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

She retweeted something from It’s Going Down so I guess I’m not surprised if that’s true.

2018-01-26 15:13:13 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Apparently it makes them run for senate. Who knew?

2018-01-26 15:16:34 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Hillary was able to run for president so I guess yes but only if you’re a democrat.

2018-01-26 15:18:41 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

She’s trans.

2018-01-26 15:20:08 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

It’s a weird leftist thing to intentionally make yourself look terrible. Never understood why they do it.

2018-01-26 15:21:55 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Yeah that makes sense.

2018-01-26 15:23:02 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

It is but it’s the first I found in search.

2018-01-26 15:25:49 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I’d say it’s worse than emo.

2018-01-26 15:36:26 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

The people in the thing I posted not all are trans.

2018-01-26 15:48:48 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Their feelings are the defining factor of their reasoning. Not facts.

2018-01-26 15:52:18 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I’m not sure it’s possible to classify those people.

2018-01-26 15:59:34 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

They are trying to be unique by acting the way they do so expecting us to define them as something specific is near impossible. Most we can do is group them by the tendencies most of them have.

2018-01-26 16:03:00 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I’m not sure it’s possible to explain using logic.

2018-01-27 00:05:11 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

It shouldn’t.

2018-01-27 00:07:32 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Some of the left wants to tear down statues of the founding fathers because they owned slaves.

2018-01-27 00:11:47 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Guess the left takes going to a party with some people as actions that define manning. Which I find funny but am not surprised by.

2018-01-27 00:13:18 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Regressive left.

2018-01-27 00:13:50 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Yeah pretty much.

2018-01-27 00:14:00 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

We all know who’s being referred to.

2018-01-27 00:17:15 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  


2018-01-27 00:19:59 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

More like “the right to not be offended”.

2018-01-27 00:27:38 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  


2018-01-27 00:28:16 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Then it’s not so free.

2018-01-27 00:28:36 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

That’s market freedom but without enough anti-trust laws.

2018-01-27 00:29:25 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Rules for thee and not for me.

2018-01-27 00:31:57 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I think everyone should have to follow FoS laws not just the government. It would be very beneficial to the country.

2018-01-27 00:34:39 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Free market of ideas.

2018-01-27 00:35:45 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

You make new services.

2018-01-27 00:36:22 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

It’s important that monopolies are broken up though.

2018-01-27 00:41:02 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Part of the problem is most people don’t care about politics and their rights.

2018-01-27 00:41:22 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

So many still use the platforms and don’t make a fuss.

2018-01-27 00:42:34 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Well yeah.

2018-01-27 00:44:37 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Personally I love politics.

2018-01-27 00:44:59 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Would never get into politics but I like discussing it.

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