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Is there a Southern Virginia BBJ group?


Is there a southern virginia group going. I know northern virginia has a couple meet ups.

What if someone decides to "Punch a Nazi"

Its all that soy


Whats the deal with our wikipedia page?

I can tell yall that theres a lot of people taking the red pill in gen Z

Theres a lot of gen Z that doesnt even realize that they agree with use until they hear what we're about.

Someone Said my voice thing was on for over a day?

whats that supposed to mean

I always forget this shit

so you probably heard me sing panzerlied like 14 times.

yeah thats were the baritone really shines.

Pretty bitchin posters

Seen alot of people make the mistake of taking the black pill and succumbing to the idea of inevitable annihilation

I think we all already love guns

Which is bad optics

@ThisIsChris very true that's just the one that came to mind

@ThisIsChris optics are the first reason that came to mind although I know there are quite a few others

@Deleted User are you hampton roads

@Deleted User hampton roads virginia. Your pic and name related

@Brunswick norfolk identitarians uss wisconsin. Navy gang gang gang. #does-this-count-as-weapons-posting @Sam Anderson

Lord fairfax Community college with @Sam Anderson @Deleted User

The above are from the automotive campus

This is virginia beach campus

We slammed a bunch of campuses really hard and used up a bunch of materials

long ago polish immigrants were viewed as trusting that combined with their accent made them sound foolish

due to their culture they are percieved as gullible

also poles arent white. and que the purity spiral

what about castizos

@ThisIsChris well identity is most of the battle were fighting. on the off chance they consider themself white and can acclimate then by all means

are yall guys pro european immigration?

but not immigration from africa and mexico? that sounds pretty racist.

we need to cede california

actually i think turning california into an ethnostate would be the cure @Freiheit - CA

@ophiuchus yes this is your punishment for being a racist!

Does anyone know if we have new norfolk people

anyone wanna hop on voice chat?

sorry m8s

thankful for norfolk chapter gang gang. @Sam Anderson

pure degeneracy

this is a great idea. IE frat houses across the nation

I was planning to buy propertys anyway. it would be awesome having a whole bunch of IE, gang gang guys there.

Iota Epsilon and a big ole dragons eye. @Wood-Ape - OK/MN

if we have another home crash... before housing prices are all driven down by the sort of people we are trying to save america from @Bogl - CA

the fuck is this

toms diner @alex_w

@Reinhard Wolff we had an issue with a company threatening to fire one of out members unless he left awhile ago.

We need these sweaters

i would wear that sweater every day for winter

what did gills do?

@Deleted User yes gen Z is largly doomers. thats why we have so many people say fuck it and become identitarian.

do we have any IE vegetarians?

why vegan

152 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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