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2018-06-30 07:36:00 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Can a moderator please change my nickname to "Joseph Grant" ? Thanks

Is there any exceptions if you cant make it on one of those day?

Alright sounds good, my work schedule may interfere

Do we need to get in contact with a coordinator before we take the next step in membership?

Danimal876 reached out to me and we are in the process of scheduling the second interview

Anyone know why Greg Johnson and Richard Spencer have animosity towards eachother?

@Deleted User Yeah I heard that distinction yesterday on heelturn but there seems to be more to it

Greg Johnson seems like the one to purity spiral as well, dont know much of his work, only his few apperances on podcats and shows

His reaction when JF asked his he was a homo was great

But all jokes aside, I view Greg as a natural ally and his work with his publishing company is very good

Arktos is also good from what i've seen

Thoughts on Eric Striker?

Striker is a good man, shame to see him and Jochim split

Didnt Striker disavow his communist begginings \

@Nemets I dont think so, He identifies as a NatSoc

@Krypto- OH NatSoc and Fascism and general fall into third positionist

When cultured Thug was on he confronted Striker about his NatSoc identity

@Krypto- OH Can you explain?

NatSoc is a form of fascism, it was Germany's unique form of it

Third Position isnt only economical

What are your guys thoughts on the whole Venezuela situation that Jochim and Striker broke ties over?

@Krypto- OH It got deleted, Ill try and get you the bitchute link

@TMatthews Capitalism is a tool, the people currently using it are using it for evil intent.

@Krypto- OH Let it load, it takes a few mins for the play button to show up

@Selma That's fair πŸ˜„

@Krypto- OH Let me know your thoughts on the subject they end up debating, curious of what others think

@Deleted User If the government is for sale then in a capitalist state the people with the most capital will buy up the most influence and evetually usher in corporatism

Thats why you need a strong state

@The Eternal Anglo Right, the corporation need to serve the needs of the state and the people it represents.

Yup, Marx and engles said capitalism is the prequel to communism

Its people that have no interst in the Nation as a whole, the people, its traditions and the well being of its societal fabric, a plus from Monarchy is that the King had a personal stake in the land he ruled over, not just in office for 4 years and thats it, not actual long term planning can be done.

@Reinhard Wolff did you read Ian Fletcher's book?

@Reinhard Wolff Its interesting, He talks about the folly of free trade, I beleive the honorable Dr. Fuentes had him on his show not too long ago.

@Logan My apologies

Fascism in general is alien to the american political culture, more broadly any anglo country and for that reason alone it will never be realized

a fools errand

@VinceChaos very true, take a look at this pictorial I have

@Reinhard Wolff Because of my work schedule i have only Wednesday and Thursday's off as of now, I work nights also (water line broke today thats why im home) . Ill be much more free in the coming months though

The Fasces is a great symbol with deep and important meaning, together we are stronger,

@Gumbo - AZ "america" financed many revolutions and movements including the bolshevik overthrow of russia

I would appreciate that, Thank you!

what a mess, good lord

Now is not the time for violence, as we can see

obviously that only applies to people on our side of course

As long as the power structure persists then that will always be, might makes right and the people in power know that

Then the question is how do we change the power structure

I hear ya

@ThisIsChris and culture is downstream from Power

Check out truediltoms videos on that

I thought he was always pagan, goes to show my dissconnect with him and TWP

@Krypto- OH yea, sadly

Nerv, you have to let it load for a few mins

@Krypto- OH Thoughts tho

Did you side with Joachim or Striker

@Krypto- OH I agree 100%

The notion of sending young american men to die for the interest of oil company's that dont pay tax is baffling, Joachim sounded like a bonafide neocon

right, also Joachim wanted war because the chinese were in the area but had no problem with there interests and investments in our country

Sad to see Striker pretty much deplatformed.


Yea for sure

Ive always wondered if Strikers name is a nod to Julius Streicher

I lean towards yes


kryptonian is slacking

Goodfellas is a good one aswell

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