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Hey guys I’m over in Jackson

Anybody know a good AK mag conversion kit for my yugo sks?

I can be there around midnight. I’ll stand by for updates.

> Anyone in South Wyoming squading up?
@GorgeousGeorgeus I’m in northern WY. Can be there in 7 hours if shit really goes down.

Gents. In NW Wyoming.

How you doing bois. In Jackson area.

Lower I’m looking at buying. Aero lower and BCM parts kit. What do y’all think?

Cool. My neighbor is a shooting instructor and he said it would be a good buy as well. I’m poor but I want to buy decent gear.

I’ve also been experimenting with home made armor. Saving up for RMA or Hoplite stuff but wanted to learn how to make halfway decent shit for if shit really really goes down. Pretty happy with this first plate. Gonna wack it with a 12ga magnum slug and a SKS this weekend. Happy with it so far.

Why are you mad lol?

I build a lot of crazy shit. I watched the one vid of the dude that made the home made plate, and did it better. I used a fiberglass microfiber and a fiberglass bonding agent and used more layers+ had consistent pressure over the entire product, and used a garage to keep a more consistent temperature to cure it.

I’m gonna order some dirt cheap steel plates to be able to make them curved.

Im also currently working on building a candlepic bowling ball cannon.

Idaho falls/twin falls here.

@MrCaviar 5.56 went straight through. I’m gonna test a magnum slug and 7.62 this weekend.

That’s the vid I based it off of. I used more layers, fiberglass microfiber and a different bonding agent. I also used a better compression so there were no bubbles and it was consistent all the way through. Mine cost close to $45.

@Sparrow that’s mostly likely going into “gen II”. This was 30 layers combined. I’m thinking maybe 2 pieces, 5 normal layers, plate, 10 layers, plate, 5more layers. I’ll most likely leave 1/4 inch of material round the outsides of the plates so it binds nicely. Then sprayed with bedliner as a last little bit of binding.

One of my best friends back home has an AR with an Anderson lower and PSA upper. Holy shit does that thing suck. He’s had to replace so much shit on that gun and still touts it like it’s king.

Jesus Christ I’m pissed. I’ve been pulled over 6 times in the last two days because I still have the dealer plates on my car. Where I’m at you can’t go into the DMV to get plates, you have to call, pay you taxes and registration fees and then then send the plates in the mail. That was two weeks ago. My dealer plates expired yesterday. I can’t make the mail come faster you dumb pigs

Ima mail them a pic of my big white hairy ass

If it pleases the crown, I would like to drive my legally purchased vehicle, on roads I pay for, must I pay tax on a car that the tax has been collected on twice before?

Yeah I’m pretty sure my town uses carrier slugs

@Anonymoose thats exactly why we need to keep it down on mainstream social. These articles makes us look insane. Now that we’ve made a more mainstream impact, we need to be approachable. We may be right but people will never rally behind the image that we are now. We need more public outreach.

Of course they see us as a threat. We literally are threatening them. But our public perception is “racist armed extremists” and that is not an image that people will follow and identify with.

It’s probably the most critical component to change in our image. We HAVE to be more vocal about our support of minorities and LGBT, while still denouncing the rampant pedophilia and abuse in said community. Support their rights does not mean supporting everything they do. It’s a fine line, but we need to be able to find it and walk it.

@John Public that’s a fantastic way of doing it. This is something that needs to be widely adopted across the liberty movement.

We also have to do more than flip the script. Our words, actions, and ideals HAVE to match up. We also have to show that we’re invested in our communities.

Honestly something simple like what @flyingwolf said would be perfect. Approachable, not hateful, and inclusive.

Seriously 👆

Meme based insurgency is a real thing

Seriously though, didn’t a lot of this start because a bunch of dudes started shitposting about the gvmt on FB?

> Anyone used a life straw?
@GRANITE I have. They work very well for what they do. I used it when I was riding motorcycles in Madagascar, and in Cali, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado rivers.

Hailey, best girl nominee

What do you guys think of ballistic advantage uppers? Looking at their .223 Wylde 1:7 uppers for my AR.

@RooftopKorean it’s in the meme channel

Roast me. Bought because .380 is one of the only calibers easily found where I’m at. Bought for 150

Roast my new lower

Thanks king

@Potatoes O'Reilly it’s got BCM internals and a magpul grip

@Recon_5.11 probably ballistic advantage.223 Wylde. Heard good stuff about them, and they’re a sister company to Aero.

@Cannibalistic69th yeah they seemed like a decent mid tier upper. My landlord is a firearms instructor and he runs BA in a couple of his ARs. He recommended them to me. Will get one of their uppers until I can save for something top tier.

My girl hailey trying to get me to play fetch

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